Steamboat company aids efforts to stop distracted driving |

Steamboat company aids efforts to stop distracted driving

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — A Steamboat Springs marketing company is using its creative muscles to help promote a new device that aims to reduce the number of crashes caused by distracted drivers.

305 Spin's Steamboat office created the website and marketing strategies for the Ready Mobile Katasi Groove, a new cloud-based device that prevents a driver from sending or receiving calls and texts while they are behind the wheel.

When someone who is driving receives a call or text in a Groove-equipped vehicle that is moving, an automated message can be sent to the person trying to reach them letting them know they're currently driving.

"We do a lot of websites and (application) building, but this one had more meaning to it," 305 Spin President John Moore said. "It's a really neat solution to prevent distracted driving."

Moore said the Groove, which is currently being offered to Ready Mobile customers, is unique because it doesn't allow the user to opt out and turn it off.

If the Groove is disconnected from a vehicle, an alert is sent out to the owner of the module, which plugs into a car's data port.

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The device would be especially useful in the case of a parent who wants to ensure their children who are new to driving can't use their phones while the vehicle is in motion.

The device does not block music and navigation systems and is smart enough to resume the messaging on the phone seconds after the vehicle is no longer being driven.

Moore said though the Groove is currently available from only one cell phone service provider, it could gain traction in the future. Boulder-based Katasi is trying to market the device to other providers.

Moore suggested the tool could have applications for trucking companies and others with an interest in keeping their drivers safe and free of distractions.

According to the National Safety Council, there are 1.6 million crashes annually that can be attributed to cell phone use and 1 million caused by texting and driving.

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