Sound Off for June 12 |

Sound Off for June 12

No thanks

I will never shop at any store in the Wildhorse Marketplace. To build a shop like Gart Brothers and compare it to what Rod Schrage did at Ski Haus, it’s a night-and-day difference. It’s the difference between someone who is attuned to the community and a part of the community, and someone who wants to just take from the community.

Fix the sidewalk

I checked out the new Gart Brothers last winter. The real question is when are they going to replace the sidewalk?

Befriend the Harbor

It would be nice if the Friends of the Justice Center would morph into Friends of the Harbor and try to preserve a piece of Steamboat Springs history.

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Historic? No way

The Harbor Hotel a historic building? You’ve got to be kidding. Please let the developer raze it so we can have something other than a big, ugly shell in the middle of downtown.

If the city makes it too difficult, this buyer will move on and we’ll be stuck with it for another few years.

Obviously, it would be impossible to correct all the structural problems, renovate the building, and make any money on it.

I stayed there once and it’s narrow, sloping hallways and tiny rooms did not impress me with any historical charm.

Council in the pits

I guess we’ve found the price of the City Council. It’s being bought off by Ed MacArthur, and the money isn’t even coming from his own pocket, it’s coming from his customers. I think City Council is selling itself cheap.

Center an eyesore

Wildhorse Market is an eyesore.t looks like an industrial site instead of a retail complex.ince when did rusty, corrugated sheet metal become an acceptable exterior material?ven the windows make the buildings look more like warehouses than shops.s individuals or collective citizen groups, we may not have any input into architectural decisions made by our city, but we can vote with our wallets.
Check the facts

Would the Pilot & Today please go back in its article archive and get information about when it was first developed? As a longtime resident, I think Lockhart is totally correct in saying those fields were always in the plans and buyers beware. Let’s look in the archives and see.

Support local shops

No, and I never will shop at Wildhorse. I believe in supporting the local community shops, the people who actually have and do live here, and require the support of the community, unlike the developer who reeled us in for a quick buck.

State Patrol wrong

This is Bill Schurman, commenting on Thursday’s article regarding no ticket for the trooper in Moffat County. First of all, this matter should be investigated by the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office, and not by the Colorado State Patrol.

As far as the sergeant’s comments, what do you mean it’s none of our business? Aren’t these people responsible to the public? We pay their salaries and they are responsible to the public.

I shop downtown

I don’t believe in the franchise businesses. I would rather spend my money with the downtown businesses, and I’m also a mobile-home owner, and I think that would be good for them to remember.

Encourage responsibility

On two occasions in the past week, the Steamboat Pilot & Today has published action pictures of people in the skate park, and in neither case was the person wearing a helmet. Why don’t you guys encourage more responsible behavior and not publish pictures of people doing these things without proper safety equipment?

Ski Tin, USA

The tin roofs of Steamboat Springs are functional and even distinctive. But now the tin has moved down to the walls of our buildings, and we are fast becoming a heavy-metal community.

First it was the silver Sinclair station on U.S. Highway 40. Then it was the shiny shanties near Butcherknife creek. Now it is the rusty retail complex called Wildhorse Marketplace. It’s time to change our city’s nickname to “Ski Tin USA.”