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Michelle Dover: Vote ‘yes’ on 3C, 3D

Be on the lookout for your mail-in ballot. I will be voting "yes" on 3C and 3D to ensure the safety of our children, while also being a responsible steward of our community properties.

It is important to note that Colorado spends about 25 percent less than the national average on pupil funding. In addition, Colorado state legislators in 2009 instituted the Negative Factor (SB 15-267) in reaction to the recession. They balanced the state budget using money promised to schools in a time of need.

The recession is over. The legislature has continued the process of the pilfering of education funds and now refers to it as the budget stabilization factor. This legislative maneuver has allowed the state to balance the budget off the backs of Colorado children and it has cost Steamboat $19 million thus far.

When you approve 3C and 3D, a seven-year, $12.9 million bond and an approximately $1 million ongoing mill levy, it will cost residential homeowners $3.25 per month for a $500,000 property. Commercial property owners will pay $36 per month for $500,000 of commercial property.

This smaller-than-expected ask of the voters is to address the district’s most pressing needs was determined with the input of the CC4E, the Steamboat Springs Board of Education (I am a member of the board) and the school district. The ultimate decision for this modest ask to the voters was evaluated using four core values: safety, student success, transparency and longevity.

Schools are going through fiscally challenging times and the character of our community is one that responds because we care. Vote "yes" on 3C, 3D.

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