John F. Russell: Feeling lucky in Steamboat Springs |

John F. Russell: Feeling lucky in Steamboat Springs

— It's easy to forget how lucky we are.

There are those days when you get out of bed a little later than you wanted, the blizzard outside your window makes you want to climb back under the covers and the county snow plow truck has pushed a foot of hard snow and ice at the end of your driveway.

There are those days when the busy lifestyle we all moved to Steamboat Springs to avoid becomes overwhelming, the traffic downtown is unbearable and trying to fit all of you children's activities into one week seems nearly impossible.

It's on those days that I dream of living in a place that's a little warmer, a place were the cost of living is a little more reasonable and a place where the pace of life is just a tad slower.

It's easy, on those days, to forget just how lucky we are to live in the mountains of Colorado and in a town like Steamboat Springs. But we shouldn't.

I've lived in Greeley, I've lived in south Denver and I've lived in Boulder. I learned to love those communities while I was living there, but they can’t stand up to this town.

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Steamboat has so much to offer.

There are running races just about every week, a mountain bike race series that would make any town proud and a full menu of youth and adult recreational activities that includes well-established adult softball and soccer leagues.

We have three world-class golf courses to choose from in the summer, Steamboat Lake is just up the road for fishing, and who doesn't want to spend the day hiking on Rabbit Ears Pass?

Sure, maybe we need an Olympic-sized pool with one of those really cool 10-meter diving platforms, but the Old Town Hot Springs is there if you want a good workout or want to swim a couple of laps. It's also a great place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

Steamboat has a community that gives when people are hurting, a community that supports its children and supports their dreams. It's a place that thrives on making it to the top, whether that's on the ski slopes or at the high school.

When the snow is coming down sideways, or when you are standing outside cold and soaked by the elements, it’s easy to forget just how great this place is and what a great place this is to grow up in.

There have been times when the thought of leaving briefly has crossed my mind, especially when I'm standing outside freezing my backside off or pushing my snow blower through the ridge at the end of my driveway to get my children to school.

But then I remember I don't live here for the winters. I live here because this is a place with a great community. This is a place full of opportunities.

All you have to do is take a look at the views and never forget just how lucky we are.

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