Joe Roberts: Brust letter prompts questions |

Joe Roberts: Brust letter prompts questions

Mr. Brust, I read your letter to the editor of March 4, and I have a couple of questions.

a. You mention "fake news and lies." Please define "fake news." Is it the same as "lies?" If they're the same, why are there two names? For example, if President Trump "lies," is he a "fake" president? Please give a real world example of each. Pick a real newspaper, for example, the Steamboat Today, and list an article (date, page) that contains "fake news" or "lies." Or, perhaps you could read every article in, say, The Denver Post, decide if each article is "fake", "lies” or true, then convert your result into a statistic: The Denver Post is x% "fake," y% "lies," or z% true. This would be very helpful to me in understanding "fake news and lies."

b. You said in your letter to the editor, "We need to hold our Congress and president accountable but give them a chance to succeed." Who should hold the Congress and president "accountable?" Is the press a part of that group? Is giving the Congress and president "a chance" a timed affair? For example, do they have 100 days or six months of a "chance?" During this "chance" period, should they be held "accountable" or is it a grace period when no one holds them "accountable?" After the "chance" or grace period ends, would accountability kick back in? Any help you can give me clarifying this I would appreciate.

c. You mentioned "the media, many liberal TV networks, liberal talk radio." What do you mean by "the media?" Print news? TV news? Radio news? Blogs? When you said "the media," that seemed very general. "Liberal" seemed more specific. Did you mean to suggest "the media" in general is working to "stop our president's agenda," or just "liberal" TV and radio? Are "liberal" TV and radio news part of the free press or does the designation "liberal" mean they are not free? Perhaps you could define free press for me. Thanks.

Thanks for providing us with the information in your letter. If you can answer my questions, I would be very appreciative.

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Joe Roberts

South Routt County