Franco Funicello: $1 lift tickets would have brought people to Howelsen |

Franco Funicello: $1 lift tickets would have brought people to Howelsen

On Tuesday, Oct. 24, the entire City Council determined how millions of dollars are not going to be showing up in Steamboat's economy this 2017-18 ski season.

After a devastating blow and what seemed to be complete and total disregard for what most of the people in this town actually wanted (68 percent of a poll on read that 292 citizens voted “yes” they would ski Howelsen Hill more if tickets were $1), we lost.

The City Council's own President Walter Magill went against his initial push for $1 lift tickets at Howelsen Hill, Councilwoman Robin Crossan who was for $1 lift tickets was defeated and Jason Lacy had just told the fire chief and the room that the city does not have the $3 million dollars plus that it is going to take to build a new fire station from the ground up near Steamboat II but then said, "the city needed to balance making Howelsen more affordable with the city's fiscal reality.”

The crazy thing is $1 lift tickets would have brought people from all over that have never been to Steamboat and were never going to come to Steamboat, bringing with them millions of revenue for the town. They actually feared that they would create too much traffic at the hill … the hill that doesn’t even pay for itself.

The City Council wants Howelsen Hill to be more utilized but dollar lift tickets could cost the city too much although the coveted hill is currently losing $800,000 plus (that's right) per year!

One dollar lift tickets would have brought Howelsen and almost every single business in this town more income this winter, but the City Council voted against what the people wanted, and they are instead going to add more free Sundays for those that actually have a Sunday off … just thought I would let you know if you weren't at the meeting and how it all went down.

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