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Election 2017: Q & A with Loren “Lance” Miles, South Routt School District School Board candidate

Hayden school bond recount scheduled to begin Nov. 30.

Why are you qualified to serve on the school board?

I'm a native to Routt County; my family history goes back to when they rode horses to school.  My wife and I have lived in the South Routt district for nearly 25 years. We have had three beautiful children graduate from South Routt District and continue on to college. This experience provided me firsthand knowledge of the many benefits and challenges facing the district and our community. I have a diverse background and skill set that includes multiple managerial roles and responsibilities on large scale complex projects and programs. Many of which require coordination between multiple federal, state and local government agencies. 

What do you think is the most important issue facing the South Routt School District and what can be done to address it?

Social economics indicates that any state, county or school district would rely heavily on its economy for a healthy and stable community. Multiple factors contribute to or diminish the strength of any given district and its long term vitality. Identifying and evaluating state standard programs, internal curriculum and community activities, which either contributes or harms the overall social economic health of the entire district, is crucial. Input from business owners, government officials, teachers, students, and an involved community will provide direction and recourse to those issues.

What strategies would you suggest for the South Routt School District to address declining enrollment?

Every district must provide high quality academic programs and activities with measurable, quantifiable, and progressive results. The state standardized testing results are published for each district. This data provides information to parents to make choices based on the each districts results. A fair amount of debate continues over the accuracy of these results, but they are the current standards and guidelines. The South Routt District needs to identify areas that are within their control and focus resources on those elements that are deficient. Improving enrollment numbers are based off better academic results along with educating the community and parents, to some of the unique benefits and programs already in place within the district.  The high student participation ratio in FFA, athletics, band and art needs to be emphasized.

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Would you support putting a mill levy override to support salary increases for teachers and staff back on the ballot in 2018? Why or why not?

I do support the mill levy increase for our teachers and staff.  The cost of living and economic climate would dictate the need for the increase.  I do take tax increases seriously and will work diligently to ensure those resources are well spent.

What role do you think the South Routt School District and/or school board plays or should play in the overall South Routt community?

The overall health and vitality of any community should revolve around its public schools.  Certainly it functions as an academic learning center for the district but additionally as a place for events, celebrations and as a community. Board members, teachers and administrative staff, all participate as stewards to the institution. Each with its own roles and responsibility to the school and community they serve.


I count myself blessed to live in Routt County with its exceptional beauty and heritage. As a board member, I offer my skills and experience to give back that which was given to me and my family. "Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education." — Martin Luther King, Jr.

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