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David Ihde: Trump is helping Americans, not hurting them

In response to the letter written by Tom Zehner in last Thursday’s Steamboat Today about why does Trump hurt rather than help, Trump was elected as all the Republicans were to do just what you are complaining about.

That is, to dismantle the Obama legacy that has actually hurt many people including real livable wage jobs in the coal industry as well as those who lost their affordable healthcare, their doctors, hospitals and the assault on our constitution by his end runs around Congress including the illegal payments to the insurance companies not approved by Congress where all spending must originate.

The unconstitutional intrusion into our healthcare by the federal government with the ACA, better known as Obamacare, and by extension the crony capitalism that comes with it, has triggered the laws of the unintended consequence that always demands ever more government to fix the problems they caused and all logical thinking goes right out the window.

In this case, the ACA exploded premiums at the same time raising deductibles beyond what the consumer can afford to use the actual insurance. So to offset the high premiums for those qualified to receive it, the government has been helping in paying those premiums, which have required ever higher subsidies.

In addition, if the insurance companies lost money or didn't make the money they think they should of, the government has been subsidizing them, essentially bailing them out or enriching them. Liberal hypocrisy here is deafening.

You complain about insurance executive compensation and now you are complaining they aren’t getting the largess on the U.S. Treasury to enrich them even more that was promised by Obama and the Democrats who also are complicit in big pharma’s windfall from Obamacare.

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So now America has gone from a single bailout of Chrysler in 1980 to a constant set of bailouts and subsidies of big corporations today. This is totally un-American and also in this case, illegal and unconstitutional as well, as those subsidies were not approved by the House of Representatives.

Instead, Obama illegally raided the Treasury to make those subsidies and Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer agreed. Had the judge stopped those subsidies with her ruling as she should have instead of putting them on hold pending appeal, there wouldn’t be an argument about how cruel the President is or isn’t.

You may think Trump is hurting people by stopping those subsidies, but he’s actually helping everyone by restoring constitutional order which is the beacon of freedom, both here and around the world.

All of this is why our healthcare should never be left to politicians and their political games — why our healthcare is none of their business for a good reason and not mentioned as a power or function of the federal government in the Constitution. Instead, we should be demanding a return to the free market that made our country great and consistent with the meaning of freedom, not government interference and tyranny.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs