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Dagny McKinley: Any help for mothers?

The story of Megan McKeon has been haunting me. I feel sick when I think about that child left alone, scared, hurt.

Thinking about this tragedy made me wonder about what help was available to Megan or mothers like her. I'm not a mother, so I'm not aware of what is available for mothers, but I think it might be helpful to post some information about the following:

Is there affordable or free daycare for mothers who have to work (and can only get minimum or low-wage jobs to pay bills) but can't afford to pay someone to look after their children?

Is there a hotline or somewhere mothers can call when they feel overwhelmed or scared or have questions about child care?

Is there a place mothers can call for emotional support raising their children?

If a mother can't take care of her child, is there somewhere she can take the child if she needs to give up the child? (Most mothers won't go to the police station, so maybe Advocates Building Peaceful Communities or the hospital or a church?)

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Does Advocates or any other organization offer services or care for mothers to help prevent instances of abuse?

I think this information would be good for everyone in Steamboat to have, parent or not, as we all know people with children.


Dagny McKinley

Steamboat Springs