Beth Melton and Bob Weiss: Editorial Board experience was ‘awesome’ |

Beth Melton and Bob Weiss: Editorial Board experience was ‘awesome’

We just completed our four-month term as community members of the Editorial Board for the Steamboat Pilot & Today. In one word, the experience was "awesome."

Here is how it works. The board consists of Publisher Suzanne Schlicht, Editor Lisa Schlichtman, veteran staff reporter Tom Ross, and during our term, Night Editor Jim Patterson and the two community members. It meets every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. for an hour at the newspaper offices.

At the meeting, the board selects a topic for the "Our View" editorials that appear in the paper on Wednesday and Sunday and collectively develops an editorial position and supporting arguments, which are then reflected in a draft prepared by newspaper staff. The draft is distributed to each editorial board member with an opportunity to comment and suggest revisions before final publication.

The meetings are efficient and collaborative in nature. No one pulls rank. The editorial position is developed by consensus. It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about and give thoughtful consideration to important community issues.

We were consistently impressed with the depth of local knowledge and integrity of the newspaper's professional staff and their unfailing commitment to inform the public.

Without exception, they sought to tackle every issue fairly and to never sensationalize. On those occasions where criticism was warranted, it was always constructive and appreciative of the institutions and individuals that make up our extraordinary community.

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It was truly an honor to serve on the board. We encourage everyone with an interest in community affairs to apply. It is a great way to give back to this community and learn more about our local news team.

Beth Melton and Bob Weiss

Steamboat Springs