District 2 county commissioner candidates

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District 2 county commissioner candidates Tina Kyprios and Doug Monger

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Candidates for county commissioner, statehouse spar over government's role

House District 26 candidate Diane Mitsch Bush said she felt vindicated upon learning that the state is considering new rules on water quality testing for oil wells. Her opponent, Republican Chuck McConnell, argued that developing the state's many natural resources without burdensome regulations is the quickest way to boost the economy.


John Weibel 4 years, 6 months ago

A good question for Commisioner Monger would be why as opposed to a public - private partnership for the airport restaurant was it decided that the county would be the employer there.

Thinking outside the box and taking bids on how much it would cost to have a caterer operate there business in the restaurant and provide meals for travelers would have been good.

His comment about rules were put in place for a reason even though they should be reviewed. Reviewing what constitutes the need for a firewall might be nice. Processing food does not necessarilly qualify as needing fire separation based upon risk of fire. Doug seemed agitated on the issue and steadfast in his stance that a firewall is needed between an ag operation and a food processing facility. FOOD PROCESSING can simply be the washing of lettuce. That is not a fire risk, a fire risk would come from a fire source, ie a boiler, a stove, if those or similar features are not present then such use would be a low risk of fire.

Review those regulations that are imposed by the building department as it told me that I was okay to build my facility verbally and yet failed to give adequate guidance as I later suggested it should, in a written document so that there is no question.

I guess only elected officials are able to question wether rules go too far or not far enough and not individuals who feel there may be rules which are unnecessary. As when directly asked to answer why this is needed I get zero response a simple letter stating that the commisioners are unable to review individual building permits. I have asked why in general a firewall is needed.


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