Doug Matthews

Doug Matthews 3 years, 10 months ago on Our View: Yampa project needs better name

You're kidding, right? This is how you spend your "thinking time?" Looks like someone needs a hobby....


Doug Matthews 4 years, 9 months ago on Group comes forward against proposed Hayden casino

So is Mr Cousins simply opposed to everything?

I love the idea of the "secret" committee, the gang of six.

How does his logic move from from bringing increased revenue and a larger tax base to the community to requiring "new and increased taxes" for everyone? I'm looking forward to seeing his logic chain on that one.

Even if "all the jobs would be low paying," according to Cousins, new jobs are new jobs, and these would definitely be new jobs. New jobs and new money creating a new economic driver for our community, increasing the total local economy. It's a good thing Cousins wasn't around when Jim Temple wanted to open a ski area....

Personally, I don't gamble, don't go to Vegas, don't go to Blackhawk, don't go to Ignacio, but I have seen the economic benefits to the local communities that result from the increased revenue.


Doug Matthews 4 years, 11 months ago on Johnny Spillane and Steve Hofman: Douglas got it wrong

JLC, do you actually anticipate rampant crime as a result of having a gambling venue located in Routt County? Everywhere has increased pressure from higher populations, more people in a smaller space, and personal acts of desperation from the current economic conditions. Except for the armed robbery a few days ago, we have had the crimes you listed in this community for a very long time. I never "forgot" the casino component, but I did ask if that was the part of the proposal that bothered you. Apparently it is. I have no financial stake in this business, and it may actually take away some of my own business. I just don't see anything inherently wrong with someone operating a legal business that may be out of the current mainstream of businesses in Routt County. When I lived in La Plata County and they opened the casinos in Ignacio and Montezuma County, there was no increase in crime in the surrounding communities. Just more revenue from people responding to the attractions and spending additional vacation time there. Sorry if you find that pathetic.... :)


Doug Matthews 4 years, 11 months ago on Johnny Spillane and Steve Hofman: Douglas got it wrong

JLC, there is no reason why it would be valid for the general population of the county to vote on what a private group of investors want to legally do on private property. Something like Steamboat 700 was a vast departure from conventional land use, but simply having a resort/hotel complex built next to an airport is "business as usual" in the world today. Is it the "sin" aspect of the gambling component that you have an issue with? How about having a countywide vote on all new liquor outlets?


Doug Matthews 5 years, 3 months ago on Walk-up lift ticket prices increase at Steamboat Ski Area

SURPRISE PRICE GOUGING AT STEAMBOAT! You have got to be kidding me! If I had planned a trip to Steamboat for the long weekend, and when I arrived found out that they had just changed the ticket prices for that 3 day ticket I was going to buy, I'd turn around and drive home. Or go pay the same amount somewhere else just for the principle of the thing. It's one thing if you announce that your ticket prices will be increasing, or will be set at a certain price, but to change them just before the busy time when people have already made their lodging reservations (13,000+ for the weekend) smacks of price gouging.


Doug Matthews 5 years, 3 months ago on Naked man shot with Taser, hospitalized

Why'd they have to Taser him? Surely they didn't think he had a concealed weapon. If it was zero degrees I'm sure the weapon he was threatening them with couldn't have looked too dangerous....


Doug Matthews 5 years, 7 months ago on Dispensary owners help boost number of county’s registered voters

"Dr. Kelly Victory, who co-founded a group that opposes medical marijuana businesses, previously said the organization didn’t actively encourage people to become registered voters.

“We did not launch any effort or in any way attempt to interfere with the voting process,” she said."

ummm.... helping people get registered to vote for or against something they feel strongly about is "interfering" with an election?

Wow. Just wow. I don't smoke pot, but I believe it should be legalized and controlled. This ballot issue is about taking away oversight and control of raising and distribution of pot. Do it right, monitor the process and make sure legal protocols are followed, rather than exhibit knee-jerk reactions to perceived incidents of abuse.

Approach the issue with intelligence and reason. Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado. Don't have pot plants growing in everyone's back yards if you want to limit illicit usage.


Doug Matthews 5 years, 10 months ago on Our View: Call of the Wild

Sooooo..... one and a quarter calls per day about dangerous animals in the city is overwhelming the 911 system? It's better to not have on duty police officers know where potential bear/human interaction problems might arise? Get a grip. Also, given the natural size of a bear's territory that it roams on a daily basis, Steamboat Springs has not "encroached on traditional bear habitat" in the past 20 years. Rather there has been a dramatic increase in the bear population, which puts pressure on historic ranges (over the past 100 years) and forced them into the city by bear population pressures. Enough of the "feel good" ecobabble. The fact is that there are more bears, so there are more bears in the city. Police need to be made aware of where they are so they can look out for the safety of the residents they are sworn to protect. One or two calls a day, on the average, is certainly not excessive.