Zac Brennan

Zac Brennan 6 months, 3 weeks ago on Patti and Tom Zehner: Don't gouge seniors

Thank you Patti for taking the time to crunch the numbers. Unfortunately your efforts will no doubt fall on deaf ears at the ski resort because they couldn't care less about loyal seniors. The bean-counters are all twenty-somethings.


Zac Brennan 8 months ago on City: Water issue posed no immediate health risk

Isn't Steamboat II Water District buying water from the city? That is a greater distance than the airport, I believe. Are they flushing their water mains?


Zac Brennan 11 months ago on Steamboat Ski Area will offer top-to-bottom skiing on Scholarship Day

"The ski area is currently reporting an 18-inch base at mid mountain and a 240-inch base at the summit." 240 inches at the top??!! THAT'S CRAZY..........