Zac Brennan

Zac Brennan 4 days, 20 hours ago on Larry Moore: Puzzling poop bags

The city needs to hire a consulting firm from say... Boulder to come up with a course dog owners could attend to learn how to find a trash can. This is a YUGE problem that needs a solution. And form some more committees!


Zac Brennan 1 month, 4 weeks ago on From the editor: Sidestepping the spin

Robert, I was once told the difference between politicians is one is a black skunk with a white stripe and the other is a white skunk with a black stripe.


Zac Brennan 2 months ago on From the editor: Sidestepping the spin

Harvey, I think you could be a Great Alt Right PR person and get paid by the liberals on city council to help present a 'balanced' set of alternative facts. You know, level out the playing field and all that rot.


Zac Brennan 5 months ago on City of Steamboat Springs might sue property owner, developer over neglect of iconic Arnold Barn

"The company that owns the land the barn sits on, and the development company that had plans to build homes at the site in the Wildhorse Meadows development, recently denied responsibility for maintaining the structure." Developers denying responsibility?! Who'd a thunk it?