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youseff 5 years, 10 months ago on Brent Boyer: The importance of tone and word choice

@ybb - am I the only one here tired of your rants about the biking community on these boards? I respect that this forum gives us all the freedom to speak our minds and express our views, but the sheer anger that you show is pretty interesting. How do you suggest that bikers use the roads for "free?" Do we not pay the same taxes that you do? Do those taxes specify that they only pertain to us using our cars on the road and no other alternate means of transportation? And what "increased signage for city streets" are you referring to? The ones that my family uses to navigate around town when we go out and ride, as do lots of other Steamboat families? The ones that allow us to enjoy the quality of life that brought most of us here from other places? And weren't you the one who repeatedly threatened to run us down if we got in your way?

The last line is of particular interest as well - "pay your way bikers, or go away!" How close to reality do you live in here? Biking is as much a part of our fabric as snowmobiling, ranching, skiing or hiking, and these folks are trying to use the resources that we have to bring in more tourist $$'s while helping to improve our quality of life. Voice your opposition to it, show up at the City Council meetings and use the open time to express your position, or schedule a meeting with the BTUSA folks to talk through these things. Just do us all a favor and move past the empty threats and inflammatory words - it's gotten old and does nothing but make you look bad.

Maybe it's time you find another small mountain town that isn't being overrun by people who enjoy being outdoors and use all of the resources available to do that. And if you feel that strongly about the bikers getting all of this "free" money, then maybe you should put in half the effort that you put into ranting here into identifying a cause that you feel passionate about and putting in the time to see that it is recognized and funded - much like the BTUSA folks have done.


youseff 5 years, 11 months ago on 2 teens arrested in connection with downtown Steamboat burglaries

Have to agree with @thalgard and require something come from these parents. It seems like too often the parents blame everything but themselves for their kid's actions, when in fact they and they alone control how these kids grow up and the values that they have. In this case, they seem to have absolutely no values and could care less who they hurt or what they take from people. Ironically, all concern that we had for them in the library incident is gone and we actually feel for the guy charged now - have to assume that these kids pushed him past a breaking point (the knife can't be excused, but we now see how he got to that point).

And I would love to see a stipulation in their Habitat agreement that requires them to give up this home if they are found guilty of multiple crimes. There are alot of good families that deserve this chance, and this one has given up that chance as far as I am concerned. Sorry mom - I don't know your circumstances or what you've been through, but I've worked with plenty of families who have alot less and have children who don't steal and terrorize a neighborhood. Time for a change of zip code.


youseff 6 years, 1 month ago on Police: Steamboat man confesses to shooting dog

Obviously innocent until proven guilty, but if these are the facts, then have to say it doesn't look good for him. And how does someone in a town as small as ours think he/she can commit an act like this and assume that no one will find out? Baffles me...and if he is in fact guilty, then he deserves whatever is handed down to him along with the image of that young girl haunting him for a long time.


youseff 6 years, 2 months ago on Sweetwood Ranch plan draws crowd in Routt County

So what the county is saying is that you can buy your land, put together a cohesive proposal that takes into account all restrictions and adheres to all of the local rules, and then still face the potential that you will not be granted the permissions needed to carry out that plan? This county needs to decided what it is going to be - a backer of smart growth that attracts people like Ryan who want to build a business and bring people to Steamboat (because those same people that come here for weddings and events will also fill beds and restaurants while they are here), or a true set of NIMBY residents that want to keep things the status quo. Either will work here - both sides present valid arguments, but we need to decide where we as a county stand and let everyone know before they invest here.


youseff 6 years, 3 months ago on Forest Service reminds snowmobilers about rules

Agree with @jsr57 - I know alot of ATV and snowmobilers, and while I don't like them, I do know that most of them are by-the-book and advocates for the rules. Even us non-motorized folks have a small few who decide that boundaries are just "suggestions" (how many snowboarders/skiers are pulled out every year?). Bottom line - we are all out there and almost all of us respect the rules and each other. There will always be a few on all sides who like to ignore the rules - that is what big fines and/or jail time is for!!


youseff 6 years, 3 months ago on YVMC pays for a newborn's flight from Denver hospital back to Steamboat

Our son recently spent 3 days at YVMC and they couldn't not have taken better care of us. The staff was incredible and the care and compassion that they showed us was amazing. Every great community needs a place like this where we can feel safe and secure knowing that is there whenever we need it. Thank you YVMC!


youseff 6 years, 3 months ago on Steamboat man steals truck, tries to break into house

Sorry @myself - while I am sympathetic to anyone that needs help, my compassion stops when they try and hurt someone else. The credit here goes to Tim for showing restraint, because most men would not have reacted the same way if their wife and children were being threatened.


youseff 6 years, 4 months ago on Search and Rescue finds lost snowmobiler

Lets get an address where we can send his bill. Why do people still go into the backcountry without the right equipment?


youseff 6 years, 4 months ago on Eateries close at Yampa Valley Regional Airport

As I sit here waiting for my delayed flight (3 hours now), I have to really question the timing of this decision. There are a lot of people here who are hungry, tired and more than upset at the fact that an airport has nothing for them to eat. One can only eat so much trail mix and those little wrapped marshmallow balls from the vending machine.

Great timing guys - let's try and plan this a bit better next time. Makes the drive to Denver seem like a nice option right now.....


youseff 6 years, 8 months ago on Robin Craigen: Back to school with new priorities

It is great to see the emphasis put on having kids bike to school when they can, and doing it safely and in a way that puts parents at ease. Some of my best memories of grade school were my father and I biking in together (needless to say, I don't remember the actual school part). Coming from the East Coast, it is such a rarity to be able to even consider this much less see it as a reality. Steamboat is a unique town and, while it it not completely there, is definitely on the right track to get more kids safely on bikes as a way of life vs. a luxury.

Thanks again to RCR and especially Robin for pushing ahead with these initiatives!