yeahbo 9 years, 4 months ago on Moratorium up for debate

Come one, come all to public comment and air your problems to council. Remember last week they immediately tried to solve the liquor license revocation issue of one citizen, so now you too should expect them to help you solve your personal injustices and neighborhood squabbles right there at council meetings.... Johhny on the spot! instant resolution.


yeahbo 9 years, 7 months ago on Salazar encourages Brenner bid

Al White supports any kind of oil and gas drilling on the pristine Roan Plateau. Energy at all costs. Congressman Salazar is more protective of the environment and supports people with conservationist views.Here in Steamboat we value our land and seek to preserve our water and land. Our most precious resources.! Above all else that's what Brenner does best. Think about that before casting any stones here.


yeahbo 10 years ago on Ken Brenner: Protect our water, land

Thank you,good work Ken. But should we be demanding more??? Ken, do we really prefer the "preferred alternative"? Does it do enough to reduce wildlife habitat disturbance in critical sagebrush communities by offering incentives for oil and gas operators to leave larger blocks of habitat undisturbed?

For additional information or to receive copies of the Draft RMP, visit the Little Snake Field Office web site at or contact Jeremy Casterson, BLM Little Snake Field Office, at 970-826-5071. BLM will accept public comment on the Draft EIS/RMP through May 16, 2007.


yeahbo 10 years, 1 month ago on Brenner gives up ski pass

to clarify: Towny Anderson asked for the golf course pass and the
Colorado statutes require reporting of items received as part of the city council job. Read the statutes before you comment. Clearly ammendment 41 will impose a much stricter standard,(probably unreasonable) so watch out for more witch hunts. Bob must have an ax to grind.


yeahbo 10 years, 1 month ago on Scott L. Ford: Before it's too late

I totally agree with Scott Ford.I think most people who voted against the tax misunderstand the concept of affordable housing. Especially as it pertains to Steamboat. Most see it as charity and "why should the "lower class" have the privilege of living in a resort town if they can't afford it. That's not the case at all, in Steamboat, affordable housing seeks to PRESERVE the middle class and affordable housing is a necessary public INVESTMENT in the essential infrastructure, ie hospital employees, teachers. If we don't want gov't to participate, than I CHALLENGE the free market, and the public community to pick up the gauntlet and produce! We cannot be this community that we are today with only one elite class able to afford to live within the city 30 years from now! See you wayyyy down valley while we teachers, therapists, hospital xray techs, computer techs, dental hygenists,firefighters, all commute one and a half hours in a steady stream of traffic ....... just the way it's done in Aspen, Vail and Telluride. Wake up Steamboat, we have a chance to be smarter and take action before it's too late. A small tax is a small price to pay for preserving our way of life! And I don't care if it's from gov't or private enterprise, but I want action, not talk!


yeahbo 10 years, 3 months ago on Base area, housing back on table

This is the most qualified person for the job: Melanie Rees has headed her own consulting firm since 1991, specializing in the preparation of housing market studies and needs assessments. She is a recognized expert in the problems of affordable housing in high-cost resort communities. In recent years, she has focused her skills on urban redevelopment projects and housing for seniors. Generating recommendations for mixed-use projects, public/private partnerships, and innovative housing design is one of her strong interests.

Prior to forming her own business, Ms. Rees was an economist for the State of Colorado for five years, and worked in the City of Flagstaff Community Development Department where she administered a housing rehabilitation program and coordinated both Section 8 new construction and HUD 202 congregate care projects.

Ms. Rees holds a Masters in Business Administration and undergraduate degrees in economics and political science. She is often a featured speaker at state and national conferences including Colorado Housing NOW, APP, and NAHRO. She got her start in the housing industry through her father, a residential contractor.


yeahbo 10 years, 4 months ago on Council may ask county for help

Kenny voted against the community center, too bad you didn't get it right, getitright. Now he's trying to save the city $500,000 by not losing the energy grant money which has a time restriction on it. He's trying to make routt co. accept responsibility for their share of this building, he didn't want at that location or for that tariff in the first place.


yeahbo 10 years, 5 months ago on Our View: Council must adopt rules and play by them

The inclusionary zoning is not an "either affordable housing or fee-in-lieu proposition". The ordnance states that the fee-in lieu can be used if the developer proves it cannot provide the affordable housing. The developers of 1 Steamboat Place, in an article in this paper in January, proffered to include affordable housing and when push came to shove...they reneged on their commitment..... And, you're blasting the City Council.....the City Council is standing firm for what they think is best for Steamboat and for the intent of the Inclusionary Zoning Ordnance and they should be commended.