Paul Timmons

Paul Timmons 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat chief says more officers needed

Mr Eric Morris, I am not professing to have read every comment you have ever written, but I certainly am coming away with the perception that you only bitch about anything concerning your local law enforcement . Do you ever support their doings. You tend to lose credibility when all you do is complain. Paul Timmons


Paul Timmons 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Justice for Lori Lyn Bases

I hope somebody cuts his testicals off and shoves them down his throat until he chokes to death. Sincerely Paul Timmons


Paul Timmons 7 months ago on Woman suspected of burglary, drug possession

Mr Peter Arnold, I whole heartedly disagree with you. It is not the duty or responsibility of the police to seek alternative options. They could make the decision not to arrest, however then that would be a dis-service to the victim/home owner in this case .

What you are referring to should be a part of her sentencing or probation. Maybe the district attorney can offer a charge dismissal if certain things are complied with.

But if you think that this person deserved anything less then an arrest you are sadly mistaken ( in my opinion)

She was given an opportunity to come clean and not introduce contraband into the jail, but she wasn't even smart enough to keep herself out of trouble then.

And it is a bunch of B.S to think that she was just seeking shelter. She was in the city limits, not stranded up on some mountain.

The cops are damned if they do and damned if they don't . If they would have handled this in the manner you suggested, there would have been a number of people who would bust their balls about that as well. The people deserve their police to be law enforcement and not some social experiment

Respectfully Paul Timmons


Paul Timmons 4 years, 10 months ago on wogtimmons

Color me crazy, but as an outsider with not much information about the current politics and budget of Oak Creek or the Sheriff's Office, it seems to make sense that the SO and Oak Creek enter into a contract situation. This is being done all over the Country, specifically in California. Clearly the past ten years prove that in today’s life, trying to maintain a Police department is a difficult task. Unfortunately with this kind of turnover, it makes progressive advancement of that department nonexistent.

I am sure many people will have a handful of reasons as to why this is not a good idea, but maybe it’s time that a serious detailed look goes into contracting with the Sheriff’s office.


Paul Timmons 5 years, 3 months ago on Joel Rae promoted to Steamboat police chief

Loosing JD as the leader of that Department could have been a setback. He really was a dedicated professional. Joel Rae, can certainly fill those shoes, and the community really is lucky to have two chiefs of their caliber throughout the past and future years. Whoever made the choice to select J RAE did a solid to that Department.............


Paul Timmons 6 years, 1 month ago on Routt law enforcement agencies try new tactic with SWAT

While on the surface, the previous comment by "mmjPatient22" seems to be a good point, I see it very different. The physical test the Officers and Deputies participated in is only one ingredient of the overall recipe. As with the entrance physical to all of the Military branches (INCLUDING the Navy, which he refers too,) it is only a weeding out process. You are simply getting rid of the folks who have not prepared themselves for this task.
It is not intended to find the most absolute athlete of the mountains. It however does not prohibit someone from exceeding those minimum standards if the Officer/Deputy can do so.
There is so much more that comes into play when selecting a SWAT member. You are looking for a certain passion, a mindset of team commitment as well as being able to work alone. A discipline to stay on a perimeter securing the back of a scene while all of the action is going on elsewhere. The integrity of the mission and team is what make it successful to provide the best tactical workings for all involved directly or indirectly.
I’m sure that mmjpatient22 could pass the entrance physical portion with no problem. But I’ll bet there is somebody out there who can do a little better. That is why the other portions of the selection process are as important. mmjpatient22 may have come up 3 pushups less than a competitor, but his marksmanship may always be in the 90 percentile. It would only make sense that mmjpatient22 gets to be graded on all of his knowledge skills and abilities, not just on his ability to pass the ironman physical fitness championship.
I applaud both departments for their teamwork together and that the leaders of the departments recognize the value of a combined team. KUDOS. PAUL TIMMONS


Paul Timmons 6 years, 4 months ago on Kindness, integrity defined Dale Coyner

Dale was a special person. We are better just because we knew him and were able to spend time with a man of his caliber. Dale had a "can do attitude". Its people like Dale that makes Steamboat Springs such a good place. Dale , you rest in peace and thank you for your service.


Paul Timmons 6 years, 7 months ago on wogtimmons

Steamboat Please step up and respond to this in the fashion that you are so good at. DALE is a great man and a devoted officer. Please show everyone why it is so good to live in a community like Steamboat. A Community that will take care of their own. Find a way to support this charity event. Steamboat Springs is the one city that will do what needs to be done. Help Dale and his family.


Paul Timmons 6 years, 8 months ago on Who do you plan to vote for in this year’s sheriff’s race?

Why in the world would someone vote for WALL. What in the hell has he done to improve that County. What has he done to improve that Department.