Paul Timmons


Paul Timmons 6 years, 6 months ago

Steamboat Please step up and respond to this in the fashion that you are so good at. DALE is a great man and a devoted officer. Please show everyone why it is so good to live in a community like Steamboat. A Community that will take care of their own. Find a way to support this charity event. Steamboat Springs is the one city that will do what needs to be done. Help Dale and his family.


Paul Timmons 4 years, 9 months ago

Color me crazy, but as an outsider with not much information about the current politics and budget of Oak Creek or the Sheriff's Office, it seems to make sense that the SO and Oak Creek enter into a contract situation. This is being done all over the Country, specifically in California. Clearly the past ten years prove that in today’s life, trying to maintain a Police department is a difficult task. Unfortunately with this kind of turnover, it makes progressive advancement of that department nonexistent.

I am sure many people will have a handful of reasons as to why this is not a good idea, but maybe it’s time that a serious detailed look goes into contracting with the Sheriff’s office.


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