Madison, WI

  • Gender: M
  • Hometown: Madison, WI
  • Location: Burlington, VT
  • Occupation: retired


Burlington. VT is a Livable City for Dogs (LC4D) and we love our dogs! We have several dog parks, a wonderful animal awareness network, probably more dog-walkers than anywhere else in a town this size -- because we treat our dogs like the beloved family members they are. We have dogs in nursing homes, in doctors' offices, in reading programs and elsewhere in the schools.

My husband listens to Harvey's Huddle on the internet, and subscribes to the Pilot because we plan to buy property in Steamboat to be near our granddog and grandson. We are learning about the community by reading the Pilot. Not a day goes by that we don't comment on the Steamboat weather, or a news report, sports event, or real estate issue. So imagine our horror when we heard about the family pet that was shot and killed! We looked at homes that that area! I want to comment, but first I had to register, and now I'm waiting for a phone call. Wish I was at Johnny B's where I could commiserate with others in Steamboat who are heartsick over this tragedy. I mean, it's not a tsunami in Japan, but the way we love our dogs and grand dogs, it is earthshaking for us.


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