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valerie jarvis 4 years, 9 months ago

The school board makes it's decision in regards to the proposed bike skills park tommorrow night. I wonder if they know that Mt. Werner has 74 signatures from concerned neighbors, that are against the bike skills park at this location. The majority of people that stood up in favor of this park were mostly people that had something to gain from it, SSWSC coaches and staff, bike trail designers, etc. I hope the school board members take the time to drive out to this location, and re-think being a party to such an unreasonable request, for the benefit of a few, with such large impact on this neighborhood. I too think Blair Seymour should put this "much needed ?????" bike skills park in her back yard. vkj


valerie jarvis 4 years, 8 months ago

I wonder how many of you know that Blair Seymour is a SSWSC mountain bike coach, I wonder how many people know that Bob Vanderbeek is Directional Development Foundation, a very big donator to SSWSC. This has SSWSC written all over it, and bike park + SSWSC = $$$$ for the club. No longer just winter programs but summer programs too. I also wonder if very many people know how opposed to this Don Valentine is, he donated the land to the school and to the city, and this is not what he wants to happen, I have spoken to him, maybe Steamboat Today should call him and ask him for an interview. Also the one neighbor that stood up at a meeting and said this did not impact her, works for SSWSC in administration. Are we really going to destroy open space because SSWCS wants this, no matter the impact on neighbors, wildlife, traffic, dirt infiltration from the park into our drinking water, and into the Yampa. Shouldn't there be some environmental studies, before you dump a bunch of dirt close to Walton Creek???


valerie jarvis 4 years, 8 months ago

1999 All very good questions on your part. I too think there is something shady about the whole deal and it's been that way from the start. Bob Vanderbeek has 2 kids in SSWSC and ALOT of money. I can't answer to why they need more bike parks or why they hare so set on destroying this property.


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