Ulrich Salzgeber

Lakewood, Colorado

Ulrich Salzgeber 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs' Parks and Recreation director resigns

I agree totally with Jerry. why bring in someone who does not understand and appreciate Steamboat and spend time and money trying to educate them. Many qualified people from within.


Ulrich Salzgeber 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Jake Miller: A place to play

Although I appreciate your frustrations on the lack of basketball courts I have an issue with your one statement that "the city owes the youths in this community a place play". If you feel this strongly about a rec center than start doing something about it! How do you think the Ice rink or the tennis center or Haymaker golf course or the core trail happened? It was the community as a whole who saw a need and came together collaboratively to accomplish these goals. If this is a hot ticket item for you then start doing the research from other like communities who have rec centers. What are the costs, the economic impacts, the useage, etc. Figure out how to pay for this without coming back to the citizens for more taxes (yes there are ways) and begin the process of identifying locations and what the Rec center should look like and include. This is your opportunity to get together with like minded peers and accomplish something that you can have pride in for decades to come just as we have with the amenities mentioned above. Its time for new leadership to step up. is that you? I hope so.
As an intermediate step why does the school need a full time gym supervisor? Get a group together and approach the School District about the possibility of using one of the gyms, Volunteer to open, close, clean up and even gather funds to pay for electricity useage.

I look forward to seeing what you have been able to accomplish in a few years.


Ulrich Salzgeber 9 months, 2 weeks ago on Joe Meglen: Celebrating the 4th

Joe, Thank you for your well thought out letter to the Editor. I agree with virtually everything that you state with one small exception. Your statement that "for the first time in history a country was founded on moral principle". In 1192 a confederation was formed that eventually led to the country of Switzerland or Confederation Helvatica. this new land was specifically and precisely formed on moral principal and, for the most part, has remained true to it's original pledge. Thanks again for your passion.


Ulrich Salzgeber 11 months ago on Our View: Keep it rolling, Steamboat

Although I agree with the opinion stated, I am a bit dismayed that the powers that be in the cycling world have not done a better job in educating their constituents in safety measures and road etiquette. .


Ulrich Salzgeber 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Brian Berkelbach: Farewell, Steamboat

Congratulations and best of luck in all of your pursuits Brian. I am struck by your awareness and appreciation of Steamboat at such a young age. We look forward to the day that you will once again make Steamboat your home. If that day is delayed or perhaps never arrives we trust that you will take the spirit of Steamboat with you wherever you go and help to make this earth a better place. If the rest of this planet were as respectful and friendly as Steamboat we truly would live in a better world.


Ulrich Salzgeber 1 year ago on Routt County commissioners hear complaint about transportation at airport

I have to take issue with Mr. St. Pierre's statement. Competition in the transportation realm can mean less service. currently Go-Alpine is a "regulated monopoly" under the Colorado PUC rules. that requires them to provide all types of transportation to retain that monopoly. Much of that transportation is not profitable. Should they lose that monopoly they will have to only be able to provide the services that are profitable. Whereas Storm Mountain Express has no State authority and can shut down at this time of year since it is not profitable and only provide those services that are profitable.


Ulrich Salzgeber 1 year, 1 month ago on Joel Reichenberger: Five years in and I'm in

Joel, you are indeed a local and congratulations. Along with what Jeremy Johnston says being a local is an appreciation of the heritage and the beauty of the valley. Respect of your surroundings and your fellow man and enjoying all that Steamboat has to offer. This is one of the few places on earth where we WANT to live as opposed to NEED to live because of careers, etc. Our glasses always seem to be 3/4 full. You bring all those qualities with you so congrats and don't whup me at trivia night!


Ulrich Salzgeber 1 year, 2 months ago on Joe Cashen: Paper's poor impression

I think some of you might be missing Joe's point of not being objectionable to the article but having it on the front page. I just returned from a Real Estate conference in Savannah and one of the speakers on marketing again said that newspapers are a dying breed and not to advertise in them. She sited the number of newspapers that have gone out of business in the United States just in the past two years and the number was staggering. We are fortunate to have a vibrant newspaper that can put out six daily free editions funded by advertisers. Yes the Pilot and Today have to be sensitive to their paying clientele but at the same time have a responsibility to report the news in a fair and balanced procedure. I agree with Melanie's pondering of the positioning of Mr. Douglas's articles but disagree with Joe Cashen that Colorado's voter decision to allow personal marijuana usage will deter tourist and skiers from coming to Steamboat and enjoying everything we have to offer. Everyone in the United States and other parts of the world know about Colorado and Washington States voter decision. .


Ulrich Salzgeber 1 year, 2 months ago on King Coal: The underground economic engine that is Routt County’s Twentymile Coal Co.

Matt Stensland and Laura Mazade should be congratulated for this simply outstanding article. A multifaceted look at an important and yet oft forgotten piece of our economy. Congrats to the Pilot and Today for this first rate edition.