trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on Brent Boyer: Eliminating online anonymity

I can assure you that I have spent my last advertising dollar with this publication. As of Tuesday, trump_suit will be signing off and will no longer visit this web site.


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on David Moss: Birth control 'dust-up'

You know See, if you read the comment forum underneath your posted article at, you will find that the large majority of those comments think that your inflammatory argument is BS. Did you read the prevailing opinions? Or did you just read that article with venom and hatred?


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on The Record for Feb. 17

Yes, I applaud making EVERY single article about Dr. Victory until the Pilot is forced to either close all comment blogs, or bring about a moderated forum.

How about it Brent, your current approach smells. When Dr. Victory has made such a public statement about the dangers of certain activities, do you not believe that the shoe might possibly fit on the other foot.


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on Steve Lewis: Is fracking safe?

Gotta Agree with RWD. What about it Fred? Do you support pre-drilling, pre-fracking baseline testing of water wells? Who should pay for that?

There is simply no way we should allow the O/G companies to inject unknown chemicals into their wells. IT is standard industry practice to deny all claims of contamination and to claim that the water was already contaminated before they started drilling. Unless we know what those chemicals are, the O/G corporation will deny they caused the problem them when they show up in your water well.

I support the drilling efforts in Routt County, but I darn well DEMAND that water and air quality testing is done first. That way if anyone has water or air problems the pre-drilling tests should tell us right away if the drilling/fracking caused it.

If the process is so safe, then why are the corporations so opposed to the testing. Seems to me we have another 1960 era tobacco company scientist here.


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on Tina Kyprios announces candidacy for District 2 commissioner

After communicating with Doug Monger via email about two distinctly different and separate issues, I will be voting for anyone but Mr. Monger. His responses to me reflect zero concern for the views of his consituents, and he went out of his way to make sure that I understood my point of view did not have merit and that he was not listening to my concerns.

Mr Monger, in your response to my inquiries this year, you have managed to completely alienate me as a voter, and your opponent will be receiving my vote. Rest assured that I will vote.


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on US Congressional candidate offers ideas for job creation

" economically illiterate lemmings " Yes, that sounds like me, a successful business owner for almost 20 years now. I am sure that I know absolutely nothing about economics after having met payroll since 1993....

See, just pointing out how often your right wing extremism is wrong. I am sure you have a different opinion. Good luck with that in November.


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on Chuck Abbott: Quacks like a duck

I support the right of the Steamboat Institute to have anyone they want to speak at their events.


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on Brent Boyer: What's in a name?

Trump is not gone yet......

I call for the pilot to allow anonymity to continue. What say you Brent?

Having control over the sheer volume of anonymous postings would surely give the Pilot some assurance of limiting the most unruly users. There have been many examples where a limitation of one post per day per article would have the immediate effect of controlling the worst offenders. Many of these individuals choose to flood every article on the site with their particular belief of the day. We would still see the personal attacks but at a much more acceptable level.

Limiting anonymous users would stop the worst offenders while still allowing the community to speak. Check out the comment boards on any national publication (CNN, USATODAY, NYTIMES, WASHINGTON POST, FOX) and you will find much the same conversation taking place including everything that is offensive on our local paper. Why does the Pilot feel the need to try and control our local conversation?

In closing, I am a business owner also and purchase several thousand dollars per year in advertising with this publication. Does my opinion count as much as those business owners that found time to attend your coffee meeting?

Brent, your information tells you who I am. What say you?


trump_suit 5 years, 2 months ago on Brent Boyer: What's in a name?

I value my anonymity, and would probably quit posting if required to use my real name. In general, I feel that my economic health would be threatened if my customers view was different than my own. The forums allow us to put forth opinions and views that may not be popular or well received. I do however have some suggestions.

  1. Anonymous posters should be limited in both characters and number of posts per day. If you choose not to reveal your name there should be limitations on the volume of words allowed.

  2. If you have posts removed from the site there should be a three strike policy. Third post removed gets you removed also. Time frame determined by editorial board or citizen community representatives.

  3. If your post uses personal attacks or slander the three strike rule is super seeded and you can be banned from posting for just one personal attack. The committee in charge should have the leeway to choose a time frame from several weeks to forever. It could be the online community that gets to vote up or down on these postings. (No real opinion about who, this is a private business and the Pilot should decide/control this)

  4. Being as the Pilot knows who the anonymous posters are, they do in fact have control over your posting future. Even if anonymous posts are allowed, the Pilot does not have to allow the over the top attacks and completely personal slander that innundate the boards. We all know who those posters are.

Finally, I believe that we all know how to place a value on the words that we read. If an individuals post offends you then each of us will make a value judgement about that persons opinions in the future. I wold put forth that it is not the different ideas but the personal attacks and slander that most of us disagree with.

There is value in being anonymous and even the founding fathers engaged in anonymous posts in the publications of their day. It was the only way they could present their radical ideas to the population without being arrested by British troops. That same risk may not apply today but tomorrow? I personally value my anonymity.