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Mark Traum 1 year, 7 months ago on Former Steamboat detective criticizes police department leadership

Way to go Dave. I can vouch for your honesty and integrity. You are an outstanding person, cop, veteran. May you always seek the truth.


Mark Traum 1 year, 9 months ago on Nordic skiing helps Steamboat doctor with Parkinson's disease

As for the Event:

The Silent Auction items include such items as a thre night stay at the Ranch ; season ski passes at a few of our XC centers in town; and Original Artwork by the likes of such accomplished artists as Lance Whitner and ,More!! If you have eaten at Freshies then you know Lances' paintings.
We will be posting a website to register online, or if you wish to just come out to Haymaker for a fantastic lunch and participate in the Auction: We are inviting the entire community to attend!!!


Mark Traum 1 year, 9 months ago on Nordic skiing helps Steamboat doctor with Parkinson's disease

Way to go Don!, ( and a Hearty thanks to Tom Ross)

Yes indeed, we are truly fortunate to have a facility like Haymaker Nordic Center providing the incentive and opportunity to People with Parkinson's ( PWP's) aka Parkie Slyders, to get out and enjoy our wonderful winters. This January event -Open to the Public- will help kick-off the Skiing With Parkinson's teaching program. We have developed a learning program that has already allowed people like Don, the ability to ski. Increasing his balance, rythm and overall enjoyment of the sport. We believe as a first Nordic skiing group in the nation, that this Event will not only encourage, but engage, PWP's nationally to get more active and perhaps even visit our town to participate in the joys of the sport.


Mark Traum 2 years, 4 months ago on Steamboat man regains 'Concentration,' invests in industrial glue

Minor clarification: Tim was/is not a TIC Worker, I was… Patron might be a better word for resident. Short for Patron Saint? We are all patrons of the planet, true?

Still no pink flamingos…


Mark Traum 2 years, 5 months ago on Steamboat man regains 'Concentration,' invests in industrial glue

OUTSTANDING! Congratulations Tim! As I commented when I first read Tom's article, April 29th, I can empathize with you disillusionment with the Steamboat Springs of old... relatively speaking of course. I too lost some keepsakes earlier this spring: 2 Pink Flamingo lawn/snow ornaments were heisted from a snow bank out front of my house. While the perpetrators have not been found, nor the originals returned, a lot of friends have been asking me if I had them returned. And, immediately upon hearing of the loss, the original benefactor quickly bequeathed me with a new set of birds. As Tom wrote in his column pertaining to my fowl, perhaps I had brought the bad Karma on myself: By not supplanting them on to another's local. Yee should be wary, those owners of various Sundry items (the Sinclair Dino's, the Yogi Bear at the defunct Preschool,, etc...) A special Note to Tom: Regarding the poaching of dumpsters in town, their seems to be an underground occupation to not only leave but recover heirlooms from these necessary vessels of society. Karma indeed!


Mark Traum 2 years, 5 months ago on Tom Ross: Vintage ski trail sign disappears from an Old Town storage shed

Wow Tom! First my Flamingos and now this sign... My heart goes out to Tim. What is next, the Sinclair Dino, the Yogi Bear across from Soda Creek Elementary School. I have locked the Bike in my Fence just a a precautionary measure. I have not had my Flamingos returned. But in good karma, there was a "Free"pile of merchandise down the street where I was able to pick-up a Hoola Hoop! May the thief blow out a knee on Conci' next season.


Mark Traum 5 years, 6 months ago on Groups seek $12,000 for cycling-themed mural in Steamboat

All anti-cyclist: it's da law in CO - just like for tractors & roadgraders. Move if U don't like slower vehicles on YOUR roads.

Anybody seen her mural on the bike path btwn modal centre & the JBSCOTU BRIDGE??? Or the older mural "discovered" when Cook demo'd da Harbor? Hooray fo Chula!!!


Mark Traum 7 years, 7 months ago on 2 cyclists hurt this month

Duuudes: Da facts! From CDOT

Bicycles & Traffic In Colorado, motorists and bicyclists share the road. Both have equal rights and responsibilities to obey all traffic laws. Bicycle drivers who violate traffic laws will be subject to the same penalties as drivers of motor vehicles, except that no penalty points shall be assessed against the bicyclist's driver's license. If a bicycle rider is stopped for a traffic violation and the officer has reason to believe that the bicyclist will not appear in court or the officer is unsure of the bicyclist's identity, the officer may arrest the bicyclist and require the bicyclist to post bond.

Motor vehicle driving tips and Laws : • Allow at least three feet between your vehicle and the bicycle to avoid blowing the bicyclist out of control or off the road. • Be patient and wait until it is safe to pass, as you would any other slow-moving vehicle. Be aware that when a road is too narrow for cars and bikes to ride safely side by side, bicyclists can legally ride in or near the center of the lane for more visibility and safety. • Please don't honk your horn. You could startle the cyclist into an accident. • Look to your right before turning to avoid cutting off a cyclist.

99.99% of cyclists have motor vehicles and pay taxes too...


Mark Traum 7 years, 7 months ago on Obama retools campaign tactics


Back on Topic:


"We need to remember by hoping for failure nobody wins we all lose." I agree whole heartedly: the problem seems to be the angry republican right that continues to be in denial. The CBO, correction, our CBO illustrates the facts. As for a $3T debt on a $16T USA economy; that is 19% correct? If I had to spend 19% of my income on helping an ailing spouse, per se, for one year, with the dividends being a resuscitation of life, I would. Isn't this scenario happening now? Can we not afford to do more than what we tried to do during the Great Depression?

Persistence usually yields positive results, doesn't it? That is what Hope is all about! Won't some of our local excavation companies benefit from shovel ready projects?

60 days does not 8 years make!!!