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tom bedell 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Becoming Rita Valentine Park: How a failed subdivision turned into one of Steamboat's most coveted and controversial playgrounds

I think that its important for us as a community to identify and take measures to preserve some of our few remaining undeveloped open-spaces for fututre generations to enjoy. A big part of what sets us apart from other ski towns is our wide open spaces and western heritage. If we lose that we're gonna look like every other cookie cutter resort town. I'm not anti development I just think that there is good responsible development i.e....the bear river park and the BMX track. Built on unused land with infrastructure concerns met (access, parking, restrooms...) those two are a example of recent development done in a professional and resposible way. I'm afraid if we don't work to preserve some of our open-spaces now in a few more years we're gonna look like disneyland (nothing against disneyland I just wouldn't want to live there). Thanks.


tom bedell 4 months, 2 weeks ago on City of Steamboat to revisit what types of recreation should be allowed in Rita Valentine Park

The city of Steamboat Springs has in excess of 20 developed parks (with more coming on Yampa st.) many of which sit almost unused yet cost taxpayers to maintain. Numerous surveys have shown that open-space preservation is supported by a majority of citizens. The parks and rec master plan itself mentions open-space preservation as a high priority by citizens at least a dozen times throughout the document. Yet this information seems largely ignored by council. I contend that in its current state RVP is one of the most utilized parks in Steamboat year round. To change RVP from a popular highly utilized open-space park to another developed park that costs taxpayers additional money to maintain doesn't make sense. I think its time for the city to adopt a long term open-space management plan in regards to not just RVP but all our remaining undeveloped open-spaces.


tom bedell 8 months, 3 weeks ago on 9-year-old boy dies in North Routt snowmobile accident

I'm so sorry. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben a couple Summers ago. His cheerful disposition and fun loving manner left a lasting impression. Heartfelt condolences to all the family.


tom bedell 9 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat Springs City Council will not back Routt County Riders loan

I'm supportive of 2A but the idea of a singletrack building machine has me shaking my head a little. I contend that a skilled, highly motivated crew of trailbuilders (lets say 10 men and women) could keep up with or even beat a machine over the long haul. We should have a trail building competition, humans vs. machine, it could be called 'The John Henry Challenge'.


tom bedell 1 year ago on City of Steamboat Springs working to finalize four possible building sites for new police station

Sigh, the bull dookies getting deep on this issue. If it was my money I'd upgrade the current facility then take the money saved and give the underpaid police and fire men and women a raise. I also feel strongly that the only thing that should ever be built in RVP should be a monument to Rita.


tom bedell 1 year, 5 months ago on Steamboat Springs cyclist Charity returns from 1st race

All things considered, thats an impressive result. Looking forward to seeing that smile on the podium this season. Best of luck and continued success to Amy.