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Tom Willman 9 hours, 24 minutes ago on LiveWell's Northwest Colorado Food Coalition brings change to local food landscape

Hello all... Isn't it strange that in this land of plenty that anyone goes hungry!?! When I consider just how much perfectly "edible food" goes OUT the back door into the dumpsters of Safeway and City Market, it makes me sick!

Don't give me this garbage about "it's to protect us". It's wasteful in the first degree! WASTEFUL!
your article states... "One finding of the coalition was that Routt County's food costs are 34 percent higher than the national average" I would suspect they meant to say "STEAMBOAT'S" food costs. If that's true, and I believe it...let's get to the sales tax on food. 8.4%!?! Subtract that and now Steamboat's standing goes to 25.6% higher than the national average. Why? Because of GREED! Face it, the food corporations are robbing us, and not by a little, but by alot!

Did you know that here in Colorado, Cities and counties have the option of taxing food? TRUE! Don't believe me? Check it out...

Why do we allow this to happen here? GREED! Our so-called local "Gub-ment Leaders" want the $$ and they don't care about how much we pay for our food! Period. Also there's the not so secret feeling amongst those so-called leaders that the "Tourists" should pay into their local EXTORTION at a higher price. Now that's total proof of "bad governance" running amuck!

Be aware if the local taxing body exempts "FOOD" for "household consumption" from sales tax, that local taxing body must use the same criteria as the state in determining which items are taxable and which are exempt. This includes home-rule cities that administer their own sales tax. Localities that elect to tax food still must exempt purchases made with food stamps or WIC vouchers.

If someone can suggest "turning off the lights" for an hour to show just how much they care about the "environment", what say we, yes you and I get together and push our so-called leaders to change their taxing rules on household food? In conjunction with that...what say we, yes you and I put together a "BOYCOTT" of the local groceries for an hour or two or three...hey what about a half day, heck let's make it a FULL day to protest their GREED! 34% higher...indeed! Contact me if you want to join in! Cheers!


Tom Willman 5 days, 7 hours ago on The Foundry, voted down by Routt County commissioners, would have treated addiction

Oh My! Again for all of you that still "buy into" the "HALLUCINATION" of government having any right to "tell others what to do" thru the "Sovereigns" VOTED into place by the sheeple to rule over is another PERFECT example of that very same government doing what it does with total precision... Screwing Up!! What a terrible ruling.

Work it out "Sovereigns"! This is not rocket science...if I thought you actually had authority or legitimacy...I would beg the question...what as so-called leaders are you doing to solve "the problem"? NOTHING, that's what! Work it out for gosh sakes. Be creative. Support the private risk takers, who are actually attempting to help those in need. Take your bureaucratic noses out of your government "rule" books. Cheers!


Tom Willman 5 days, 9 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

Tim... I (WE) HAD TOO! Do some started in 1846!

Comply Citizen. It's all "Pavlovian Human Training". Tim, our natural "BIRTH" should be the ONLY time that we Americans are truly "Victims of Circumstances", brother. Cheers!


Tom Willman 6 days, 3 hours ago on Green teams: Turn out the lights!

These “Students” are NOT to blame…however the “results” are stunning!

The “public” (STATE) school system is in fact based on the “Prussian Three Tier” system, and has been in practice ever since 1846.

So…we and these students can thank people like “Johann Gottlieb Fichte”, who wrote… “The school must fashion the person, and fashion him in such a way, that he simply CANNOT will otherwise than what you wish him to will”

And…”Horace Mann” (the so-called father of public education) who wrote… “The STATE is the Father of the child”

And who could forget…”Elizabeth Peabody”? She was the “Mother of Kindergartin” here in America! Yep, she poisoned the well and their little brains with the “Prussian System” from the very start!

Don’t you understand, it’s always been about “CONTROL”? No critical thought here, just “parrot” whatever new social agenda is in fashion…oh there’s that word “fashion” again! Follow commands, worship authority and government and be “good citizens”.

A final question…If the entire student population of America is raised and educated in a system that was adopted in “pre-nazi” Germany…what are we setting ourselves up for?

Just gotta LOVE the 1st amendment!!