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Tom Willman 2 days, 20 hours ago on Crime Stoppers Tip: Citizens urged to 'bear' responsibility

Scott says..."The bears in SB are not being forced out of the woods by stronger bears and are stuck foraging for human food. What? Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing!! Who said that? Not me! That sounds like some kind of "where the wild things go" story. Are they being chased away from from their "porridge"? Oh my. Oh I know...gather up the Bears and put them in the "FEMA-Re-education Camps" that DHS has ready for us!

None of the "bleeding hearts" , or "PETA" freaks want to talk about the real issue...the Bear Population has been changed because of the "Spring Season" going away.

Of course, this right now, is about "garbage" and "property damage"... NOTHING will happen till someone (a kid...maybe) gets killed. NOTHING will happen to change the fact that "the Bears" that have been "conditioned" to raid your trash..."REPRODUCE"!! Here's a "news flash"...the Bears that live outside the "Human Browse Line" "REPRODUCE" too! Get it? Momma Bears give birth to 1 to 6 cubs a year! Do the math, and "hug a Hunter today".



Tom Willman 2 days, 21 hours ago on County Commissioners put pedal down on plan to shave Yellowjacket's crown

The "shoulders" have always been the problem ever since the county "paved that road.

If 131 to 14/16 (from Oak Creek) to Stagecoach or 14/16 (to Oak Creek) from Stagecoach to 131 is such a wonderful "alternative" route during construction...why not close 14 from 131 to everything other than "local traffic" as far as Hibbert Lane or Henderson Park, (no thru access) and prohibit access to Stagecoach (just past Henderson Park) from that direction? (Not that I would like to actually see that implemented, but that's how silly it can get)

Simply "widen" the road to have proper (reinforced) shoulders...and what about those "switch-backs"? Oh my. We're in the Rockies...we have "topographical reasons" why roads are curvy and why there are grades on those roads!

What is the intention, to straighten and flatten all the roads? ... ahhh...the mountains win again.



Tom Willman 3 days, 8 hours ago on Colorado weighs the best means of sharing the water

James, simply haven't been around long enough to understand this problem. You are naive to say the may think I'm be are naive.

It's too late! For California...for Las Vegas and for vast majority of the South West. It's just too late. The "water" mismanagement here in the South West has been brewing for 50+ years...there is only so much in the drainage. California and those deviants in Las Vegas only have themselves to blame for this terrible that's it! It's too late! Roll up the the movers and the worst is yet to come. No 25% so-called conservation effect will save those people. They are lost. They did not make the right decisions in years past always expecting the water from the basin to be there...well guess what? There's only so much.

Now watch as the politicians sell us out. Watch it...there it goes. The truth is very painful and the Californians and the greedy "s-o-b's" in Las Vegas dug their own graves...HA! Hey, here's an idea...lets open the border and let millions in and at the same time let's have an out of control metro-plex called Las Vegas suck up water like there's no it comes...ready...IN THE DESERT! There is NO TOMORROW for those poor sods...sorry they screwed up! It's too late for them!



Tom Willman 3 days, 9 hours ago on County Commissioners put pedal down on plan to shave Yellowjacket's crown

Face it...this is all about the "cyclists"...I've driven that road for 30 years and NEVER had a problem except for hitting a deer. Dang "Kamikaze" critter! Unbelievable.

Well ya know ya can't "protect" everyone from themselves. These bureaucrats think they can!

Just be careful out there! Kinda makes ya wonder what that money could do in the hands of "other" leaders! Maybe some real good.



Tom Willman 3 days, 9 hours ago on Crime Stoppers Tip: Citizens urged to 'bear' responsibility

Scott says... "20 years ago there was no bear problem." Do the math!

Once again I am going to state the "FACTS"...Bear hunting is ONLY allowed from Sept. 2 through mid-November. This is a problem. Why is it a PROBLEM? Because Bears, must be "culled". Without the spring hunt, the population exploded! (the very same thing is happening to the Moose population) Now we see the results of "poor wildlife management" dictated by "the mob", it was largely a "front range mob" that "voted" the Spring Hunt down. All so they could see more "Yogi's and Boo-Boo's. SAD!

Well as a result of that stupid "anti-hunting" move back in the 90's we have all this! Reestablish the "spring hunt" and in about 15 to 20 years we could reverse the over-population that is in fact causing your trash problems. In the meantime...get a "bear-proof" container, and follow the advise in the "TIP". The other thing you could do is "get the spring hunt" going again!

Think about nothing to cull the Bear fast forward the tape let's say 5 or 10 years...look at the it any better? NO! Momma Bears give birth to 1 to 6 cubs a year! Do the math!



Tom Willman 3 days, 20 hours ago on Colorado weighs the best means of sharing the water

Being one of the few "River Guides" that voted "YES" on the Stagecoach damn/project, back in the day...I can tell ya..."they" will come for our water!

Remember, this WILL be about the "COLLECTIVE"...not just here in Colorado, but all over the west. THEY WILL COME TO GET IT! Anyone that thinks that Cali DIDN"T make a mistake by NOT building damns over the last 50 years is crazy! Mead and Powell are filling up with silt and both "buckets" are subject to the issue of their "evaporative climates" ...But it's all 20/20 hindsight now. James Patterson says "Some very smart folks have been working on the issue for a long, long time. Pat Mulroy, former water "Czar" of Las Vegas, may some day be credited for saving the west because of her work over the last 25 yrs." RIGHT?!? What? Yep...these are the people that allow millions of gallons of water to vaporize in the air, just to have some "water feature" on the strip! FACE IT...Las Vegas only "TAKES" and "GIVES NOTHING BACK". Are you blind?

Get ready for "politicians" like "Di-Mi_Bush" to do just what Harvey Lyon said...SHE will sell us out for her own gain!

I've always said..."If we ever have a bloody revolution here in the will be over "Garbage" or Water"...

Cheers...but hold the ice...someone downstream or on the front range needs it to water their lawn!


Tom Willman 4 days, 10 hours ago on New Colorado rules will complicate immunization exemptions for students

Hold on there....what ever happened to "informed consent"? Now they are "marching" all the little guys into "forced vaccinations"?

Until somebody...anybody...can tell me why there are sooooo many "Autistic Kids" today, compared to years past...I would just say...don't "stick" my kid! Just had another friend the other day tell me her 2 yr old (who had ALL vaccinations) was tagged as "Autistic"! ENOUGH!

Read the "insert"...get informed and NOT just from the "compliant health care" peeps. They really have no answers to my question...why there are sooooo many "Autistic Kids" today?

Why is there a "Vaccine Court"? doesn't that question make you wonder?? Not even a little bit?

Big Pharma controls our lives...wake up! Read The Insert (if you can get your hands on one) insist on it! Many of these "required" vaccines contain include mercury, aluminum, MSG, antibiotics and even formaldehyde.



Tom Willman 4 days, 11 hours ago on Excessive force, excessive lawsuits

Yes Dan K...welcome to the "NEW AMERICA" more 4th amendment !!

The problem of course is that the sheeple are just that..."people that are asleep" politically.

Worst of all...because the elites control the "alpha-bit" and "faux news" most of this stuff is largely hidden from the public eye. Just as it is now on this blog...hidden from the public eye! You and I access this thread...but most peeps are either disinterested in our point of view, or have no way of knowing how to access this tread after it's no longer a top or popular story. Thanks for the link!



Tom Willman 4 days, 11 hours ago on Snow tire legislation loses traction in Colorado Senate

Thanks Jerry...we did have fun back in the day! I (and my family members) was being threatened around I asked Brent to "disappear me" (Yampa Valley Boy) from ALL posts from the beginning. He said.."ya know Tom, you and I DON"T see eye to eye with each other politically...but that's not right...I will grant your request, and as you say...disappear you". Thanks Brent! Things have since been good...I will "TRY" to behave. HA! Now, that's rich!

and Tim...sometimes ya gotta hit the mule over the head with a 2X4 to get it's attention! It's just the "human condition". Oh now I'm gonna hear from all of the "animal rights" peeps! Jeeeezzzzzz! Aren't we a bunch?!?



Tom Willman 4 days, 11 hours ago on Our view: Cameras don't change their stories

Best tasting? OMG! What water have you tasted in your lifetime? Tim, let me tell ya a little story ... 20 some years ago...yep our daughter Sarah was 8. We all came into town for the Balloon Rodeo. Stopped at the Holiday Inn to have breakfast. Sarah takes one sip out of her water glass...looks around and unceremoniously "spits" her water out and proclaims... "Daddy they made a mistake...THEY PUT THE POOL WATER IN MY GLASS"! Yikes!

She was too used to drinking our wonderful water at the ranch. You can't taste the chlorine? Oh my!

What needs to be filtered? I assume your referring to Mt. Werner...well let's just start with "Hydrofluorosilicic Acid" for one.