Tom Willman

Routt County

  • Gender: M
  • Hometown: Routt County
  • Location: Routt County
  • Occupation: watching the wheels go round and round


Tom Willman 1 year, 1 month ago

Next thing ya know "Di-Mi-Bush" et al will try to make it a law that everyone must own a Subaru S/W! Ha!

This unnecessary potential piece of legislation is... "Slip Sliding Away"

If "Di-Mi-Bush" wants to do something actually productive about the "Traction" issue...she should attempt to amend the "chain law"to allow "the police powers" to actually "ticket" blatant situations during the winter driving months and NOT just during "chain law" declarations. This "recommendation" of mine above really flies in the face of my "Libertarian" soul...but I realize that "Di-Mi-Bush" is a "Statist" and as such she loves to rule over others, and just can't help herself...she knows better than we do...and she must interfere in our lives. That's her mission, so I thought I'd give her an idea. Be careful out there!



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