thinkpeople 9 years, 1 month ago on Cutting back base plans

It seems to me that the city has being lead astray by Joe Kracum. The fact is the pomenade and improving pedestrian traffic flow at the base WAS the main objective of the URA. Here's the problem, the Coordinator's job wasn't done correctly from the beginning.

The first thing that needed to be done was to arrive at an agreement with all of the property owners on where the promenade was going to be built. The next job was to then get them to agree on how to pay for Operations and Maintainence.

Kracum couldn't get either of those accomplished easily, so he went to the easiest place... city land. No owners to have to deal with and NO one on Council that would stand up and say NO!! And remember how he and Duckels get paid.

And I agree, this Apres Ski trurn around is not needed today. More importantly has anyone noticed that there is a huge construction site right there... that concrete trucks and supply trucks feeding the One Steamboat Place construction project use that intersection all day long. So right in the middle of it Kracum wants to tear up the intersection? How do they get paid again?

It is no different than him spending 4 million dollars to build the Ski Time Square turn around one year before the demolition begins at Ski Time Sq. What type of impact will all of the semi's hauling away all of the debry have on that investment? Not to mention all of the concrete trucks that will be in and out of there for the next 3 to 4 years. My bet is that 4 million dollar investment will already be beginning to look beat up by the end of next summer. Maybe Kracum and Duckels can get the contract to RE-DO it.

We have a NEW City Council. It is time for them to say NO. Go back and get the promenade figured out. That is your first and only objective. And if Kracum and Duckels don't make money by spending the time necessary to acheive the promenade agreements and they leave... so be it. Go back and open up the original Base Area Study done by Clausen... GET THE PROMENDAE BUILT and when the dust settles, rebuild the raods then.

Call your Council members... tell them it's about time the CITY starts running the Base Area Redevelopment instead of Kracum.


thinkpeople 10 years, 5 months ago on Officials look ahead

Typical for this paper as well as this county... Does anyone know how to do math??? 35 voting machines at $2500 equals $87,500 Add 35 printers at $1,000 equal $35, 000 then add the 8 "Judge's booth controlers at $3,500 each, equals $28,000. Here's the hard part add those three figures together and the sum is $150,500 for everything mentioned in this article.

The problem is the same article says the County spent $142,250 and received $140, 750 for a total of $283,000. What happened to the rest of the money??

I would expect the Pilot and Today to demand an investigation... FIRST of the reporter... that didn't think through what he was reporting... SECOND of Commisioner Stahoviak for complaining of "an unfunded mandate"... looks to me like the county should have only paid $10,000 to cover the shortfall from the federal grant. And THIRD, the office of the Clerk and Recorder's office to see where the EXTRA $130,000 was spent.

That $130,000 should have represented an additional 36 voting machines...

So, in closing... we need better reporters that think through the story they are reporting on... to get all of the facts and then determine if they make sense, and not stop asking questions until the facts make sense. We need County Commisioners that provide oversight, leadership and quit complaining about the Federal Government when the County officials they represent, fall down on the job. And we should demand that the Clerk and Recorder's office provide a complete explanation where the money went.

Come on... Think People...