Ann Trout

Ann Trout 4 years, 1 month ago on Rob Douglas: State gun laws miss the mark

Good job Rob! I am certainly glad I made the effort to be at this coffee...7 am is early! I was encouraged to see so many other people from the community put in the time and effort to participate in real, honest and open dialogue about a societal issue that is so horrific. I can see the local community is "taking steps".


Ann Trout 7 years ago on Wood pellet plant in Kremmling on the ropes after dwindling demand

We have two pellet stoves and are out of pellets. We were told that confluence energy was out of pellets?! I know another family that is out of pellets too and is looking for some.
When I called around yesterday, I was told the only place to get pellets was in Craig. What is going on? We sure could use another ton of pellets to get us through this spring. How about getting a shipment to Flat Tops Ranch Supply?