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That was the most accurate comment of the week! Nice work exduffer!


surf4life 4 years, 8 months ago on Our View: Medical marijuana centers should be banned

hi yampavalleyboy, nope I'm not connected to the pharmaceutical business in any shape or form. Is there anything else in my post that needs clarification amigo? Those of us that want the dispensaries to go are not your enemy. We all live here and want what's best for our community. Don't blame me, blame the poor decisions made by the dispensary operators in this county.


surf4life 4 years, 9 months ago on Our View: Medical marijuana centers should be banned

Howdy, I'm a resident of Routt County and I support the use of medical marijuana to treat patients with a valid medical issue. A few years back when Steamboat allowed the first dispensary to open I was kind of optimistic. It seemed to me that one dispensary might be ok. It was just one business, kind of a test run for this sort of thing. From my perspective all was well for a while, but somehow one business grew to 5 now I think with more and more people wanting to get “into it”. Kind of the marijuana version of the gold rush or the wine country in California. The kicker for me was when we began to see aggressive full page ads in the pilot, radio spots complete with impersonations of some of our favorite stoners. What happened? I was a supporter until I felt it was out of control. You guys lost my trust and I don’t see any turning back now. I’m now convinced that the dispensary model does not work here, not in Routt County. Too much of a good thing seems to have backfired in this case. I’ve followed the news and read the facts on both sides and it’s been very interesting. I actually can’t believe I live in a town that has been a part of this process. So now after watching, reading and listening for years I still support medical marijuana as a treatment, but I for one believe we need to shut down the dispensaries in Routt County as soon as legally possible. It’s clear to me that in order for medical marijuana to be distributed to its intended recipients it should only be dispensed by a licensed pharmacy/licensed pharmacist. I wish the dispensary owners well, but we managed here just fine before you came and I’m sure well be just fine without you if the voters so choose in November.