Ray Serna

Ray Serna 5 years, 2 months ago on Retiring Steamboat police Chief Hays put ‘community 1st’

Hi J.D.

This is your old partner from LAPD West L.A. Division. I ran across your retirement write up on the internet and thought I'd post a comment. Congratulation on your retirement. It's hard to believe its been over thirty years since we worked together. I remembered working with you and Connie very well. We made a good team. I was sorry to see you leave but I can see it was all for the best. LAPD's loss was Steamboat Springs gain. Looking at the photos I must say you haven't changed much.

I retired from LAPD 19 years ago. I'll be running for the retired team in the up coming Baker to Vegas race. Look me up on Facebook if you get a chance.

Ray Serna