sunflowergirl9999 8 years ago on Steamboat lacrosse team breezes past Aspen, 15-5

The program is great because of you Bob!! You bring such class and high expectations to your teams. Hope you go to the end! Awesome job!! Susie Ritter


sunflowergirl9999 8 years ago on Our View: Curb underage drinking

If parents did their job, 150 minors would not have been cited. What happens when a kid dies at your house as you are "supervising?" I have heard from kids what "supervising" means. I applaud that someone is trying to help the situation. We have been real lucky so far that no one has died. What is it going to take for kids to wake up? The last "ER" addressed this very thing. Interesting.

I guess I am just glad people are still trying to combat underage drinking. If it's


sunflowergirl9999 8 years, 3 months ago on Our View: Lunch money lessons

Really Popcan?? The free lunch and reduced lunch program are for familes who have verified they don't make enough money to pay. They are poor and can't pay. They don't have parents that forget. Let's put this on parents forgetting and not blame the poor families or other kids "who see a friend getting a free lunch". Really??? Do I even have to write this?


sunflowergirl9999 8 years, 3 months ago on Adele Dombrowski memorial tournament returns to the ice

I will always remember what a blessing Adele was to my life. Thanks for keeping her spirit alive. I think of her often.

Susie Ritter


sunflowergirl9999 8 years, 3 months ago on Lunch policy pays off

Unbelievable that I haven't read anything about the parents not keeping track. I can see a lunch lady looking at a 6 year old kid with no money (because their parent didn't take care of them) and give them a lunch. I am sure she said, "Make sure you pay it tomorrow" Then, of course as a 6 year old does, forgets. It is not their responsibility to remember to give themselves money. Parents are at fault here. Yes the school turned their head for a while to FEED KIDS whose PARENTS FORGOT. YES?


sunflowergirl9999 8 years, 3 months ago on Schools not giving hot lunches to students with unpaid accounts

Mrs. Morrison, What did you want them to do? How could they punish you as a parent? With most of the accounts paid off by Wednesday, it looks like it worked. Made you pay didn't it? Your child didn't go hungry Tuesday did they. I would get over it. Maybe the "fathers" should pay their bills. I know parents get sick and are out of town, but you still have to be a parent. Don't you feed your kids when you're sick and out of town. You don't forget. Right? Food for thought!