michelle stillman

michelle stillman 3 years, 5 months ago on Steamboat dog recovering after 'bad trip' from eating pot

Very sad, indeed. Not confident that Colorado thought this through thoroughly and completely, voting for the legalization of marijuana. Sounds benign to those in favor of this law, yet I witnessed first hand the danger our children are facing, when I went to the movies with my family this summer. A row of teenage boys struggled to sit through the movie, restless, giggling, unable to sit still, talking, roaming the aisles, not able to control their physical or emotional beings, after returning to the theater having just smoked weed. Disruptive at best they were. Even more sorrowful if their parents thought they were safely being entertained. Benign, I hardly think so. Living life alongside a cousin who started with marijuana I know, without a doubt, the dangers the young brain will encounter when introduced so early to marijuana, and now to see the threat it poses to our pets is all the more disturbing. How much confirmation does one need to realize that a mistake was made, and it would be in our best interest to protect our children and pets by repealing this vote. Maturity can often be measured by how easily one puts his own desires behind the desires of another, in an effort to better and strengthen the other.