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Folks are also fond of saying, "That's BS." With all do respect, taking the single most appealing element of Lil' Johnny McCain's resume and comparing it to one of the least (though, ironically, more widely shared) element of Obama's is ...disingenuous spin.

One could just as easily frame the same logic utilizing Obama's rejection of a "silk stocking" law career in favor of community service, as compared to McCain's troubles in the infamous Keating 5 scandal.

Now, lets talk Character.

McCain roils in the muck with the rest of the swine, while Obama is doing some of hardest, least glamorous, thankless, essential volunteer work that one can do.



At this point, after 8 years of W, and near unanimity on the fact that Obama is an extremely sharp speaker, can you really be serious? Can we officially declare this bizarre claim "The Kitchen Sink?"


suckerfreeforlife 7 years, 2 months ago on Conservative commentary: Sovereignty - bye bye?

More desperate, baseless drivel from the GOP. The bottom line is that there is not one iota of merit to any element of Gary's paranoid rant. Lets take 'em as he said 'em. Regarding Saddam, Kim, and Machmoud, while W did manage to remove the cancer of Hussein (with all the aplomb of a bull in a china shop, and the maturity of spoiled child), Kim and Machmouds clout has only increased, along with their ability to build nukes. W has had to completely flip-flop on his approach to Iran and N. Korea (to a more reasonable, Obama-esque approach) to get even the most minimal traction toward achieving our goals. Regarding having the respect of our allies, we don't. Its not that they just don't like us, the don't RESPECT us. Why should they? When we act dismissive and arrogant toward them (recall rummies "old europe" comment), we're disrespecting them. We brazenly make claims that aren't true, then expect the world to tow our company line. You can't treat your friends like crap and expect them to respect you. Now we get to the delusional spin the Obama is somehow willing to sell out America because he said he's a citizen of the world. Allow me to quote the esteemed former prez Ronald Reagan during a speech to the UN in 1982 " I speak today as both a citizen of the US and of the world." Did that give you shivers too, Gary? How about JFK's similar statement? How about when GHW Bush used the phrase to praise an award winner he was exalting? The fact is, the GOP is a wounded animal lashing out desperately to survive. I don't blame them considering their most recent incarnation was on watch for: 9/11, the purge of the EPA, Cheney's energy cabal (i.e. "task force" who first met when oil was less that $30 per barrel), the most inept occupation plan in the history of American warfare (Mission Accomplished!?!), Katrina, Plame-gate, Walter Reed scandal, political purge of US Atty's, Huge surplus to Huge deficit, the failure to capture OBL, and so much more. If you want more deception, incompetence, and arrogance Mcame is the man for you.


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If "thinkers" like Paul are leaders in the Conservative movement, then its no wonder the GOP is wallowing. This op-ed is so full of demonstrably false spin, fear mongering, and outright hypocrisy I don't know where to begin. To be honest, i find it hard to believe an adult wrote it.

We can't, for instance, "summarily cut off" Paul for asserting that Obama wants to fight terrorists on the streets of LA and NYC, yet its clearly an unsubstantiated claim of the sort he rails against. His other adolescent attempts to smear Obama and his wife are equally baseless. The only thing he left out was the word "Elitest", which, much to the chagrin of the Rovian spin machine, simply won't stick to Obama.

As for Faux News, the official network of the "Terrorist Fist Jab", does anyone take them seriously? The Army uses an image of two soldiers "terrorist fist jabbing" in their new commercial. Does Fox know this secret terrorist communication method has infiltrated our military? Better let em know Paul, could be quite a scoop.

Under W's watch, Iran policy has been, big surprise, an unmitigated bungle. They are more relevant and more powerful than ever before, and W's arrogance and ineptitude have left the world thinking that Ahmadinajad is the reasonable one. You've got to be some kind of bungler to make a loud-mouth, kooky, ego-tripper like Mahmoud seem reasonable, but W has done it.

As for the Patrick Henry quote, is there any more apt phrase to describe W's approach to governing. Perhaps if he hadn't relied on wishful thinking, illusions, and shutting out the painful truth, he could've prevented 9/11 in the first place. Its not as if he wasn't warned.


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Rick's sports analogies are so off base i dont know where to begin. UT has a top tier athletic infrastructure, paid for by boosters and a successful mens program, which the Lady Vols have at their disposal free of charge. They are subsidized, you might say. W/O the world class facilities provided by someone else's nickel, i strongly doubt UT would dominate the way they do, regardless of the fact that Summit is a master motivator and a tactician par excellence. Further, the whole premise is that "second place is the first loser", which such a redneck, disrespectful, and out-of-touch assertion that its flaws should be apparent to any thinking person. Rick has made a habit of these bogus analogies, as evidenced by his previous comparison of Conservative principles and the Leadville 100. The LV 100 is laden with support infrastructure to help struggling runners, from food/rest stations, to the allowance of a "pacer" to run with a competitor. Yet, Rick spun it as an event where you live or die wholly upon your own, unassisted efforts, as he believes life should be. The people at the LV 100 know that, like life, sometimes you need a boost, and that shouldnt DQ you from the race.


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Want some mythology exposed? Lets start with the sbvor's own drivel. While exposing his own whiny and grudge holding nature, sbvor references being called out as "thuggish", implying that it was a liberal who called him this. Fact is, the person who made this accurate and timely observation about sbvor voted for W. Probably rules him out as a "Liberal". Goes to show that the nausea induced by sbvor's whiny, self-righteous and polemic approach to discourse knows no party lines. Keep playing to your ovine base, sbvor, no one else takes you seriously.


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Paul Pot? That is NOT a typo. That is ignorance. The self proclaimed expert on all things politico doesn't even know the name of one of the worst dictators of all time? Pathetic. Just another poser.


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That is such an inane request, I can't believe an adult human being is making it.

You want someone who vehemently denies the existence of God to point to an action by said non existent God?

The ONLY "evidence" of God is the Bible, which is supposed to be His/Hers/Its word. Yet the Bible is not sufficient to characterize Gods temperament? Absurd.

Of course, the list of bitter, hateful and prejudiced atrocities committed in the name of God is well documented and ever growing, but you no doubt sanitize that by claiming those are perversions of faith. In fact, those are the predictable consequences of faith.


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You know, i'm really not a HUGE fan of Zappa's work. Most if it is too avante garde for my mainstream ear.

However, Over-nite Sensation, Apostrophe, and Joe's Garage are brilliant.

He really was a singular musical talent. Gifted, intelligent, inspired, un-afraid, and entirely his own man.

Here's to Frank.


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The idea of a religious nutjob like yourself telling anyone to think for themselves is laughable. Your mind is as closed as they get.

That said, believe whatever you want, no skin off my nose. Just as long as you don't plan on flying any planes in to any buildings, like your oh so faithful brethren.


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Zappa was a zero?

Is that because he was a Grammy award winning musician? Or is it because he was inducted in to the rock and roll hall of fame? No? It must be because the city of Baltimore has named a day after him. No? Is it because Rolling Stone included him in the 100 greatest artists of all time? How about the fact that he was a prolific composer of Jazz and Classical music arrangements? Any of these right? No? Must be because he was invited by Vaclav Havel to be a consultant to the Czech government. Only a real zero would get an offer like that! Wait wait, ive got it, is it because, politically, he refered to himself as a practical conservative? No? damn, i was sure that was it.

Wait, im sorry...its because he died of cancer. Thats it. And if ive got your "logic" correct, people who die of cancer are being smited by the all mighty smighter. Damn, instead of all the yellow Livestrong bracelets, we should just wear ones that say "Die, Sinner"