stunnedindaboat 9 years, 7 months ago on Sheriff Wall nixes elderly programs

It's not a lynch mob mentality, it is a caring for everyone (young and old) mentality. I was born here 46 years ago, my father worked with the Routt County Sheriff's Office in the 60's I did in the 70's, Gary Wall has his own agenda. Every candidate announced who they would choose for Undersheriff. He did not, why, because he would not have won if we all knew the ENTIRE truth. The Routt County Sheriff's Office is fast becoming the joke of the county if not of the state. I thank God me and my child live within the city limits of Steamboat so I know our Law Enforcement does want to protect the kids and care about the elderly. If Wall keeps cutting funds and programs that actually "protect and serve", every...every (young and old) citizen of Routt County, he or the Undersheriff could take a two week road trip to Canada and do some fishing, buy new furniture or get great decorative Moose items, sad.Our TRUE law enforcement officers who have worked their entire lives to serve and protect are being trashed by the "sudo" law enforcement at the Routt County Sheriff's Office. We know the new Sheriff wanted an office in down town at Courthouse for more public comment..huh...he won't even return phone calls??? Me thinks there are two other reasons he wanted to be at 5th and Lincoln. We need help, this guy has got to go! Just with the damage to the reputation of the county and the respect we all had for our hard working, dedicated and caring officers at the Routt County Sheriff"s Office who have left (in masses) and after the damage to the respect of the office alone in the last five months. If anything were to happen to me or my family out of Steamboat City limits I would deal with it and/or go to the State or City if I could. Please SAVE US FROM OUR SHERIFF..SUFOS!!!


stunnedindaboat 9 years, 8 months ago on County asks for clarification

I agree with officers on call to be allowed to keep their patrol cars at their homes to be used for emergencies. I don't think the vehicles should be used for personal business. We bought and paid for them, we pay the insurance, we pay the gas, we pay service and we pay for body damage. Notice the theme...we pay. We should have seen the writing in the "wall" in January when the Sheriff had his own private swearing in, from that day on the King went on his thrown. Well, only three and a half more years of this term, looks what's been done in less than six months!


stunnedindaboat 9 years, 8 months ago on Sheriff Wall nixes elderly programs

You know what it really scarey? We are only a few months in to a 4 year term with Wall. Look what he has done to the Sheriff's Office in a few short months. We're not Vail in the 70's. Experienced staff are dropping like flies, programs created and set up to help serve and protect our community are also dropping like flies. But on a good note we all have the honor of paying $3.34 a gallon for a fleet of vehicles to be used to run errands, go to the store, move furniture, road trips to other states etc.. We are paying for Wall and his attitude towards the community as a whole D.A.R.E. (kids) and now the elderly. How soon can we say "recall"!