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dave mcirvin 1 month ago on Dog patrol: Stepped-up leash law enforcement sparks resistance, debate in Dog Town USA

Stuart, hilarious and a good one!
I agree with you and with Bill Murray from Ghostbusters ..."[Dana is possessed] Dr. Peter Venkman: I make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people. [Dana starts passionately making out with him] Dr. Peter Venkman: Actually, it's more of a guideline than a rule..."

(IMO) most folks would lean towards the laissez-faire side of this issue (guidelines rather than laws/rules) and enforce-patrol those locales where there are "incidents" ("get off my lawn"-Mr. Wilson v. Dennis Menace), safety and a need.

But enough about this. We need to form a few more committees, hire some more consultants and obtain more citizen input about where to put the new police station.


dave mcirvin 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Bear issues again come to light

Once again we face the same issue (as aspen, durango etc) residential bear resistant bins and enforcement for the downtown commercial ones). retrofitted hardware/labor could be a great project for some budding entrepreneur (or the SSHS, scouts or?).


dave mcirvin 2 months ago on After a day looking back, Kennedy moves forward

Agree with Dan.
For the hundreds of kids, clients, Vets and their families & volunteers, you have been recognized as an 'above an essential asset' to the program.

We have all witnessed the impact of YOUR reassuring "you can do this" look to the frustrated face of a new adaptive kid or veteran.

We all look forward to your involvement in some of the on mtn winter programs next winter. ...can't imagine how the summer camp outs with the Vets and their families up @ Hahns Peak Lake will change. ..more mid week trips to Mary Jane coming this winter...


dave mcirvin 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Alvin Skiles: Slap in the face

ah. end of the seaon....waxing reminiscent of the '11 headline: Referendum 2B on Tuesday, a 0.25 percent tax increase that will help fund the winter air service program at Yampa Valley Regional Airport.


dave mcirvin 3 months ago on Forest Service soliciting public input

(IMO) Given long term forest land usage, it seems our community based USFS folks (and CSFS) have and continue to do a balanced and terrific job in prioritizing new and existing projects. thanks, folks.


dave mcirvin 6 months, 1 week ago on Kevin Copeland: Read up on climate

I believe in Science and I'm convinced that Climate Change is likely one of the top three long term concerns for the country and planet. IMO, the Paris agreement (like the Affordable Care Act) is likely only a good start.

Putting some $ where our mouth is-We just plunked down some $ to purchase 3.05KW of solar at the Solar Farm in Craig and hope to purchase the remainder (~40%) of our monthly electric power usage with the next phase (sounds like the ITC may be renewed beyond '16).
Better hurry y'all, they have nearly sold out (the 305W panels have already sold out).