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dave mcirvin 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Curtis J. Comeau: Bear myopia won’t do

Curtis, extremely well stated.

It seems absurd that any action towards better securing residential trash from the bears has yet to be adopted (like in so many other Colorado resort towns). To retrofit trash bins may cost as little as 20 bucks but yet that seems to be too large of a hurdle for our city council (other than for Sonja).

We purchased a bear proof container from Steve Weinland that has thwarted a few morning assaults and we recently purchased some securing covers for our open, 18 gallon, Aces High recycle bins (Otto industries, outlet store, for ~$4 each, not including the shipping). It will aid to keep the magpies, crows, dogs and wind from our recyclables being strewn about. (Perhaps Steve @ Aces High may be willing buy the covers in bulk and sell them to his customers for a small profit).


dave mcirvin 4 weeks ago on The Day Steamboat Shook: Buddy Werner's death changed Steamboat forever

Joel, beautifully written...filled in so many gaps.
We gently tap his shoulder with a gloved hand the first trip up storm chair (if we can reach it, this season has been more at eye level-0.75 wire winter) each season to honor him, his family and their SS legacy. thanks.

Linda and Dave McIrvin


dave mcirvin 1 month ago on Hannah Kearney: "Thank you and goodbye"

Absolutely. H.K. exudes class and we adore her style in the bumps. She'll be zipping bump lines (only now, the irregularly spaced ones w/ albeit smaller ones, just like us wannabe mortals) for many seasons to come.


dave mcirvin 1 month ago on Former Steamboat police detective has strong words for City Council

Undoubtedly, this issue has and will continue to sully our town, our inhabitants and members of the PD/city gov't long after it has been completely investigated and a resolution has been rendered.


dave mcirvin 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Up to 2 feet expected in the mountains early this week

I'll believe it when I have to snow blow and shovel it a way....especially this season. So many, long term, locals have repeatedly lamented that the predictions of big to huge snow fall amounts almost never pan out and the expected 3" storm stalls and produces the deeper champagne. For summer wildfire threats alone, it would be nice to have the old guard mistaken for a change.


dave mcirvin 2 months, 1 week ago on Steamboat's pot shops sold $6.8 million worth of product last year

those tax generating figures do not include the JOBS, JOBS JOBS (retail-local), grow related jobs (mostly local in the county) and revenue stays local since the stores/shops are locally owned (bricks and mortars establishments that pay rent-property tax generating).

perhaps a mix of roof mounted solar arrays will make it an outstanding green business.