dave mcirvin

dave mcirvin 3 days, 23 hours ago on Ciao Gelato saying 'arrivederci' Wednesday

like Doug said, loss of "an institution..." and THE community gathering spot (AND the to die for salty carmello). There is not a classier couple in all of Routt Co. We take all of our out of town visitors there to consume some tasty treats but primarily to meet this great family.

We'll be there on wednesday evening but we won't be taking any free treats. Rather, we should be accumulating towards their first months rent for their new store front.


dave mcirvin 3 weeks, 3 days ago on City of Steamboat Springs considering cuts to winter bus service

sharpened pencil...is it too early to consider dumping the 0.25 percent sales tax to supplement the winter air service and instead direct it towards the bus service?

(ignoring the logistics and clearly not the first time this has been raised) and/or charging 25-50 cents (not including seniors, kids, adaptive individuals) for routes off of the main line of Lincoln?


dave mcirvin 1 month, 1 week ago on Steamboat City Council approves operating plan for winter air service program

Michael, it would be nice but as we all know, we're pipsqueaks in the corporate-hedge fund world.

Last season's numbers are skewed since the west coast had such poor snowfall last season.
If it wasn't for that, last season's flight totals may have been far worse. (Numbers may be far worse this coming season if the expected moderate El Nino portends an average snow season for us but a bounty year in the San Juan's and Sierras).


dave mcirvin 2 months ago on Tyler Goodman: The vision of a bike town

bike town USA....until there becomes a series of cycling fatalities, not sure there is enough room, $ and will/favorable voices (maybe those driving vehicles AND the cyclists as well) to build/warrant a Telluride-like bike path up 129 to Clark.

first things first, let's outlaw thumb tacks (yes, I'm almost kidding).


dave mcirvin 2 months, 1 week ago on Our View: Steamboat bear regulations falling short

C.S., I totally agree. The commercial side of things may be more difficult but your measures are a good start.

S.W., track the bears...their dens are in the hills surrounding town (likely-mostly outside the city limits on private and public property). Once the snow flies are you going to put them up in your abode for the duration of winter once you track, locate their den and evict a boar, pregnant sow and/or one with young cubs.

In endemic bear locales, it isn't rocket science as many other more proactive communities have proven. Careless treatment of garbage, garbage bins, dumpsters, open windows of food filled homes and automobiles is the only substrate required.

One of the unexpected gems of SS is the regular viewing of the wildlife and migrating birds.


dave mcirvin 2 months, 1 week ago on Our View: Steamboat bear regulations falling short

Thank you, Tom Ross. The onus remains on our city council members to become motivated into action before next bear season and the inevitable Aspen-like bear-human action.

Easy solution is what Aspen did (years ago) with mandatory "day of pick up" bear proof cans backed up with heavy fines. Our bear proof bin (purchased by us) has withstood 3 successful bear attacks just this year. (The hardware to modify existing non-bear proof bins must be less than 5 bucks). Durango is midway through a 3 year study in which they provided bear proof trash cans to 900 families. Numerous other Colorado and Wyoming resort towns have proactively addressed this issue way before SS.

Not sure either company can easily change their pick up times...Aces High picks up our trash and recyclables 4-5 hrs after waste management picks up our neighbor's trash on the same day....makes for a potential bear (fox, coyote, crow...) buffet.