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dave mcirvin 1 month ago on Dog group to unveil 3 concepts for Rita Valentine Park improvements

we appreciate the efforts of the citizen committee.... many of our friends love it, however, we almost never utilize RVP (too crowded, too hot/exposed, too dry and too many aggressive dogs-IMO. And yes we pick up after our dog...btw-the huge off leash park in Evergreen was just eliminated, primarily due to humans not picking up their dog's do). IMO, the rabid enforcement of the city leash laws in the non-congested (barely within the city limits) and at the few swimming areas for the dogs has yet to be emphasized.


dave mcirvin 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat Ski Area price hikes sting seniors

any comments from our city council members? AND skicorp would just like to say thanks.

City voters approved the tax by a 61 percent margin in 2011 for a period of five years. But the LMD board, anticipating that its reserve fund will soon exceed $7 million, opted not to seek renewal of the tax in the November election.


dave mcirvin 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Heavenly view ruined by off-leash dog: The Record for Sunday, March 12, 2017

precisely. I applaud the time consuming efforts by many members of the citizen committee. It appears the primary thrust, vocalized by over a hundred community members (many outraged) attending the inital autumn meeting in Centennial Hall last year, has largely been thwarted and partially replaced by more tangential pet issues (yes, intended).

Compared to every other community that we have ever lived in, SS has relatively few aggressive dogs (cue Cesar the dog whisperer, largely less uptight-easy going human owners...) and very few violent dog-dog & dog-human incidents. (IMO) The primary issue remains: Are the currently enforced, zero tolerance, city-wide, leash laws appropriate for non-congested & outlying areas that fall barely within the city limits? Besides the fiscal justification of the 2nd Animal Control officer (FTE), what event(s) prompted the current SS pet police state? (and not all tongue 'n cheek) Does the SS wish to be considered, by families visiting from the front range, among the most dog unfriendly communities in the Rockies? (ski town USA, tree town USA, bike town USA....uh, fill in the blank).


dave mcirvin 3 months, 4 weeks ago on Our view: This little ski area needs more marketing

yes, indeed.
wasn't aware of this year's freebie day. why not a winter season long bannerhanging over Lincoln stating the hours and rates?


dave mcirvin 4 months, 3 weeks ago on City of Steamboat Springs files lawsuit against developer, property owner over neglect of historic barn

If NOT too cost prohibitive (whatever the hell that may be), I'd like to see the barn preserved (sans green roof color) and relocated on the Grand Knoll...w/ holiday light display all winter season long and at the top of a NEW daytime sledding hill and small event venue during summer?