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dave mcirvin 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Steamboat's pot shops sold $6.8 million worth of product last year

those tax generating figures do not include the JOBS, JOBS JOBS (retail-local), grow related jobs (mostly local in the county) and revenue stays local since the stores/shops are locally owned (bricks and mortars establishments that pay rent-property tax generating).

perhaps a mix of roof mounted solar arrays will make it an outstanding green business.


dave mcirvin 1 month ago on Joe Meglen: Lincoln’s birthday

Wow, the lack of snow is really affecting some. "sounds better in the original German"- Molly Ivins


dave mcirvin 2 months ago on Trash haulers preparing for new era of bear-proof trash containers in Steamboat Springs

Excellent Steve Weinland.
Easy and available refuse substrate is the primary problem here. Comparing national park substrate availability (trash, unsecured food in tents, ice chests, picnic tables and inside vehicles) and municipal trash issues are not close to being the same. Growing up (and well before the overwhelming human density increase), our family camped every summer in Yosemite and Pinecrest.

The bear proof bin that my Wife and I purchased this past winter from Steve @ Aces High easily withstood 2 attempted bear assaults (not quite as dramatic as the old american tourister TV commercial featuring the massive silver back and a suitcase) during the first month in spring. (previously, we did not have weekly garbage pick up service but kept it secured, double bagged inside the garage, delivered/paid WM by the bag-never had any bear incidents).

On one occasion a boar did "inspect" our open bin but rinsed recyclables and moved on when there was nothing substantial other than residual scent. Bear proof bins for recyclables needs to be on the agenda as well. Thanks, Steve, Tom Ross and Sonja.
Dave McIrvin


dave mcirvin 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Tougher trash ordinance from city would require more Steamboat residents to buy wildlife-proof containers

new ordinances are long, long overdue and a reasonable approach. reduce/remove the substrate, enforce with significant fines to violators and the bear issue will soon improve.

Scott, (IMO) playing dirty harry/magnum force (and following bears to their dens in winter) aint gonna cut it without reducing the caloric incentive.

Durango, Aspen, Vail-BC and Boulder have long proved the new approach is a winner. thanks Sonja and Tom for leading.


dave mcirvin 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat hits its mark with Pro Challenge

(IMO) bring the cycling challenge on to SS....emotionally it is great having world class cyclists here for a couple days and the traffic seems no more onerous that a bad weekend during spring break in winter...when the snow is deep and the lines at the market are deeper.

(IMO) the price is (likely) worth it and doesn't nearly approach the same level as a proposed $34M rec ctr, field house or funding for some more kool-aid imbibing induced air tax.

lastly, how to keep the tack placing jerks from doing the same during the challenge?


dave mcirvin 3 months ago on Bears poach hot tub area at Steamboat condo complex

indeed, Pat West.
not rocket science. why aren't the central park merchants/tenants/landlord required to install bear proof bins and why isn't this enforced with fines (motivation) by city/CPW? in the upper Rollingstone Ranch GC area, we haven't seen bears (daylight) for weeks. why? they are dining @ Central Park.
like in Aspen, someone (besides the bears) is going to get hurt until there are motivated (fined) merchants/tenants/landlords? with the new city instituted rules (thank you for your leadership Sonja and Tom) this summer, have there been any fines levied?