dave mcirvin

dave mcirvin 3 days, 15 hours ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

...speaking of scabs and wounds.... we could build a $34M Rec Ctr AND name it Stbt 700 but that might be better placed at the old 7-11 site

someone has mentioned Trader Joe's (ave. footprint is 8-12K sq ft)...tho pretty competitive market (no pun intended, honest) Albertson's/Safeway, Kroger/City M, Vitey Cottage & Bamboo.


dave mcirvin 2 months ago on Brockhoff addresses sexuality after event

like Michael Sam, pretty courageous Belle. 90% of us (roughly 5,000 of the 50,000 attending a sporting event at Mile High) can only imagine the adversity that you've faced in even the civilized world...it seems evident that Russia (or at least Vlady) and Uganda are not yet worthy of moving forward into the 21st century.


dave mcirvin 5 months, 4 weeks ago on Howelsen Hill, Catamount to allow snow bikes on cross-country trails this winter

that settles it, I'm buy a pass at Catamount Lake for both skiing and fatbiking for a 'twofer'. BTW Brock, Essam and the O.P. boys built me a great fatbike.


dave mcirvin 6 months, 1 week ago on Launch of new health insurance marketplace already changing lives in Routt County

gubmint bad, free market good... not quite so.

shopping on the exchange last week I've thrashed my old 'free market' health ins rates by 300/mo, while keeping my current pcp and with a 50% lower yearly deductible (2.5K from 5K).

but by far and away, one of the best single achievements of the PPACA is that out of reach health insurance premiums for many are now more in reach. IMMO (in my medical opinion), the PPACA and it's future improvements may be as successful as the medicare and social security programs.

thanks Lynn.