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dave mcirvin 1 week, 2 days ago on Talking Green speakers weigh financial benefits of solar panels

Pleasant and informative presentation/seminar.
Thank you to the sponsors, YVSC, speakers and some forward thinking, solution seeking citizens taking the time to brush up and sip some delicious, local, dark brew from Butcherknife. Currently, we are considering the purchase of some of our electric power @ the farm in Craig. The current Solar Investment Tax Credit expires on 12/31/16 (weighing fossil fuel subsidies, elections & electrons do matter-IMO).


dave mcirvin 1 month ago on Free-roaming horses symbolize centuries of the untamed history of the American West

Terrific article Tom and Agree, Rob. I'm not a horse person but we have visited Sand Wash Basin (and the sanctuary in South Dakota) just to view the horses.

I'm no expert, but like the photo above, there appears to be an abundance of feed for them. Is the primary problem that the wild horses are competing with the for profit cattle and sheep (which nibble the growth to roots) ranchers as well as the indigenous elk and pronghorn?

Surely, there must be several other cost effective methods to neuter some of the horses to help maintain the numbers (not implying this is more than a partial solution).

For a real treat, go have sunday brunch @ Sharon's and view the stunning photos (Connie's?, thank you) of the Sand Wash horses on all the walls (there is a website to view new photos, nearly daily. some one else may post the link)..


dave mcirvin 3 months ago on Stewards of air service program planning public outreach campaign

the arriving flight passenger numbers have steadily declined over the past years, in spite of the cash infusion to Fortress-Intrawest. as part of the $50K propaganda campaign, please publish those numbers in graph form on the side of my reusable kool-aid cup. that way when cup is being emptied the graph appears inverted and the numbers look increasing good.


dave mcirvin 4 months, 1 week ago on Police chief tenders resignation

I do not have a horse in this game. I've had zero interactions w/ Mr. Rae and one interaction w/ Mr. Kleber. Mr. Kleber was very professional, sincere and helpful to a friend of ours, two years ago.