Michael Bird

Michael Bird 2 days, 18 hours ago on Police chief misconduct accusations cast cloud over police station project

Personally I am still concerned about the lack of a discussion or comments by committee members about whether or not a new station is needed. Their goal should not be limited to location,cost, and design but FIRST and FOREMOST - is it needed? We cannot assume that this is being done.


Michael Bird 1 week, 2 days ago on Police station committee members are selected

I truly hope McArthur is not the only member to question if a new police station is really needed. It must be the first order of business.


Michael Bird 2 weeks, 1 day ago on City sees strong interest in police station committee

Even though City Council voted a new Police Station is needed, I sincerely hope the citizens committee FIRST determines a need before plunging into the other factors such as location, design, cost ec. Determining a need is critical and can avoid wastening a lot of time and effort. Just because Council wants a new station does not mean the City needs one. Maybe one is needed or maybe not.


Michael Bird 1 month ago on Steamboat City Council to discuss police station committee on Tuesday

HOLD IT ! Did I read it correctly "creation of a citizens committee to build a new police station".I hope not. I hope the purpose will first be to determine IF we need a new police station and only then proceed toward building a new one. About twenty years ago, I was part of the City's Impact Fee committee. We were told to develop a fee schedule only. After six months meeting weekly, a comprehensive fee schedule was presented to City Council. When asked about the need for the fees, the Council was agast to hear we were against all increased fees except a water/sewer increase as we didn't believe other changes were needed. We were never asked to determine the need either at the start or during the long process. The "new" schedule was not adopted nor were water/sewer fees changed. We were voluneers so there was no cost to the City and it didn't get an unwarranted fee increase. Of course.about ten years later the City paid (I think) $25,000 for an identical study. Fees were increased. Again, a need must first be determined and not just a desire.


Michael Bird 1 month ago on Steamboat airline program officials making progress on switch from unreliable turbo-prop service to and from Denver

Is the LMD board obtaining discounted tickets for Routt County locals whose tax $$$$ subsidize these flights ? Or do we again end up with too many zero revenue empty seats ? I bet you already know the answer - not a chance. Feasible yes. Financially responsible absolutely. Undeniably the right thing to do.


Michael Bird 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Ken Collins: On Keystone pipeline

John Weibel - FYI - Warren Buffet has publically supported the construction of the pipeline. I do appreciate his insights although I haven't decided on this issue. Neutral until I gain more knowledge.


Michael Bird 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Citizens committee could greatly impact police station project in Steamboat

Maybe I missed it but I haven't seen anything ( or at least not much ) about the question as to whether or not we actually need a new police and/or police-fire station. It seems only a few of City staff have strongly desired it. Personally, I'd like to see a Pilot survey asking do you want the City to spend $_ for a new police station ? or $___ for a new police/fire station ? It seems the moment we begin to improve economically government entities must begin spending regardless of real need. Yes, some delayed items should be addressed but how about holding off on new projects until the recovery has existed for several years and City savings accounts have been replentished. Whatcha think folks ?


Michael Bird 1 month, 3 weeks ago on State Rep. Mitsch Bush talks to constituents in Steamboat Springs about health insurance costs

If SBoat's hospital were part of United Healthcare's, Humana's, or other insurance companies networks, prices would be negotiated creating lower costs and thus lower premiums. Local MDs are members of these networks. Individual and group policies through these companies could be compared to exchange premiums but won't be available until our local hospital is a member hospital. Is it the insurance companies or the hospital who have impeded this option ?

In addition, the US House of Reps under the Democrats, refused to allow States to obtain bids for pharmacueticals ( Medicaid ) thus guaranteeing HIGH prices for needed drugs. Pharma wrote every word of the ACA drug section as shown on 20/20 TV thus ensuring HIGH ACA premiums. No competition means too high prices thus premiums.

Finally, one must look at the actual claim expense of an area. For many years, the ski accident expenses and other illness expenses caused health insurance companies (Hartford, American Commumity, etc) to leave Routt County and the western slope. Maybe Colorado should be treated as one rating territory.


Michael Bird 2 months ago on URA plan goes back to Steamboat City Council on Tuesday night

Steve Lewis - First - a correction of a typo. The address is 402 Oak. Several years ago we had to install a new sidewalk. We didn't redevelop, modify, or change anything. We have maintained the property - painting, landscaping, dead tree removal,but that is all. To answer your question - if you don't have a sidewalk, install a sidewalk and that might aid your neighbors to also do their part instead of waiting for other peoples' $$$ (taxes) to do what they should do as responsible property owners. Doesn't it boil down to respect for clients and others - especially the handicapped to provide a safe area on which to travel. If they don't have that sense of responsibility, ask City council to update the law to require all property owners to install their sidewalks. I don't believe you'd be alone. Our section cost about $4,000 so cost is not a factor as there isn't a building that is valued under $500,000, is there ? About 1%- one time. Mainstreel kept pushing for sidewalks but wanted others to pay- Huh? So nothing was done and it all could have been done years ago.


Michael Bird 2 months, 1 week ago on Airline board recommends boosting Houston summer flight to daily schedule

AGAIN the Routt County taxpayers will not have the benefit of "special" fares to help offset the costs. After all, zero revenue is always best seems to be the motto. Empty seats also seem to be a goal. After all, why give the locals a break and increase revenue by filling empty seats ? And this absolutely could be done.