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Michael Bird 2 days, 5 hours ago on Blight designation in downtown Steamboat Springs may pave way for urban renewal projects

Scott W - There is at least one more way to fund improvements but it requires personal responsibility and that is the property owners pay, yes pay, for their own improvements. No tax involved. As a downtown building owner, we paid the upkeep such as painting, landscaping and horrors of horrors - are you ready for this - installing a sidewalk.


Michael Bird 3 days, 14 hours ago on Steamboat Springs School Board is skeptical of city's urban renewal plan

In the past, I was informed by City offices that by law property owners are responsible f or the construction of sidewals in front of their property. We had to install a sidewalk (meaning pay for it ) at our building as did our adjoining property owners. So why haven't others had to do it if City law requires it ? We did it willingly to improve our property and to make it easier for our clients. Has the concept of personal responsibility completely morphed into Big Brother government must pay for my personal expenses ? Isn't there something seriously askew when wealthy building owners will not pay for their improvements including area improvements ? Is the Steamboat mantra now " the other guy must pay " ?


Michael Bird 1 week, 2 days ago on Our View: Don't worry, be happy and share the road

This would have been a perfect time to remind bicycle riders that it is ILLEGAL to ride on sidewalks within the City limits as the many signs placed throughout the City clearly state. Sidewalks are only for pedestrians so bicycle riders please obey the traffic laws.


Michael Bird 1 week, 6 days ago on Gregory W. Smith: We work for Colorado, Routt County

From the most current PERA financial report: The aggregate funded ratio is 64.2% State Division 57.5% School Division 60.4% Local Government 73.1% Judicial 73.0% Denver Public Schools 81.2% Health Care 18.8% Denver Public Schools Health care 20.2%.

For 2013, an assumed rate of return is 7.5% The amortization period is 60 yrs (State) or 61 yrs (School) with current funding.. With future contribution rate increases, it is 44 yrs for both. So what we have is totally inadequate contribution rate, excessive payouts, and an unreasonable assumed rate of return besed on comments from most financial anylists. And, if this Ponsi scheme fails, the taxpayers legislatively get stuck with any shortfall and guess how many non-public employee persons are members of PERA's Board.


Michael Bird 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Paul Bonnifield: Start of a golden age

I am always amazed at scholars of our Constitution who pick and choose what is or is not Constitutional. Our forfathers forsaw this when they ( they not just one but all ) saw the need for a Supreme Court to be the final decision maker. Only they have the Constitutional authority to decide legal conflicts. Not Joe nor any other living person. Sorry Joe - our Constitution excludes you and me. We can express opinions but have no authority as that is the whole point of the Supreme Court and our forfathers saw this. One can select whatever one wants from any writings but we are not the law of this land so we have no standing in law. And that is why the Federal Reserve or IncomeTaxes or anything else declared lawful by the Supreme Court is Constitutional regardless of anyone else's opinions..Nothing anyone can say can usurp this authority. We do have the power to change via constitutional amendments thtough.


Michael Bird 3 weeks ago on Joe Meglen: The state of our union

As Neil has stated above - apologies. The Warren Buffett email is FALSE. As reported many times, almost all emails that ask to be forwarded are false and are set up by spammers to collect valid email addresses. Factcheck or Snopes are two good sites to check before ever forwarding.


Michael Bird 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Our View: Shifting out of neutral

" with more and more smaller cars" it's time for our Editor to see an ophthalmologist for an exam.Subaru,Totota,Nissan, GM,Ford, etc have increased the size of their cars. Crossovers are not small. PUs are not small. Sit in a new Subaru Outback and it's now about the same size as a SUV Totota Highlander. Snow and ice reduce parking areas, lanes, and spots. So small parking spots would help Segways,Skateboards, bicycles, and who? Most know and knew that we don't have a parking problem, What we do have is a walking problem i.e. the willingness to walk several blocks to one's destination.


Michael Bird 4 weeks ago on Parking consultant says Steamboat Springs doesn't have a 'big' downtown parking problem, but challenges remain

If there is a parking problem, it should be addressed BUT there isn't one. Plain and simple. We wasted $400,000 on the study that ended with chaos on Lincoln - uselesss and expensive bump-outs instead of sidewalk ramps and changing traffic light timing at a small cost, reduced parking spots, dangerous right turns from side streets. And then 54K is wasted on learning what we already knew and getting an estimate that any of us could have given for free with the same accuracy taht the study provided = 0%. . When there is a problem, conditions will have changed and timely solutions will be available possibly at a higher cost but possibly at no cost. If the Iron Horse had never been purchased, we would now not be saddled with it and it was supposed to aid future housing problems. It didn't. .