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Harvey Lyon 17 hours, 43 minutes ago on As Steamboat Springs City Council weighs Iron Horse sale, tight-knit community of tenants hopes to stay

This is how a "short term good deal" while the City decided what it wanted to do with the Iron Horse turns into AN ENTITLEMENT. Some views expressed implied this housing was their right.

Announce and publish plans to raise rates until they cover all costs including maintenance, repairs, property taxes, capital savings for eventual replacement and a standard business profit. Folks will find it easier to find alternative housing based on their individual situations. City Council has many folks schooled in development and real estate.

The only way employers will raise labor rates is when they advertise openings and no one applies for the position. Seasonal employers may wish to look at going together for seasonal housing as part of their compensation package. Multi-business projects and partnerships are quite common.

We have quite a few federally subsidized low income apartment developments around town already.

About the only Government sponsored housing that has worked, as far as I know, is Military housing ...... and that's a very complex discussion.....LOL


Harvey Lyon 2 days, 17 hours ago on Seminars at Steamboat speaker: Despite problems, Iran nuke deal is still the best choice

Scott, I'll defer to you on the films issue. However, as someone who spent 1979 thru 1986 in the Persian Gulf as a Naval Officer I can tell you that Iran's Military and Government is unpredictable, unreliable and not worth the breath that comes out of their mouths. Anyone who believes different id no different than that young woman who went to Syria to help folks. Raped for a couple of years then killed.

There is absolutely no reason to trust the Iranian Government's word and they have their population in virtual slave ship under penalty of death or life imprisonment.

The "deal" is only so important in the fact that the US Military is no longer in a position to project the necessary power to do anything about it. It has been cut to the bone if we wish to keep any wars on turf other than US soil. No worries about Iraq III, we can no longer do that. Ships, soldiers, equipment no longer exists. Our ships can no longer keep up with humanitarian issues such as "handclasp" (delivering supplies to religious humanitarian organizations on remote islands) nor can they meet NATO, SEATO or other treaty training obligations. We lose 85% of our junior officers as soon as their legal commitment is up due to being deployed 10 months out of ever 16. On a 10 month deployment they average 11 days in foreign port which is why "Join the Navy and See The World"is no longer an Advertisement.

Your National Defense has become quite weak if the goal is to make sure International differences that get physical are solved on someone else's soil.

It would not surprise me to lose a major US City to nuclear or chemical warfare in my life time, and I'm 58 and smoke.....LOL


Harvey Lyon 2 days, 19 hours ago on Gary Kalow: Rob is right but wrong

Rob, Through today Trump has not said anything that particularly offends me or brought up issues I have questions about.

  1. Why are we obliged to accept folks that entered our Country against our laws. Why do we accept folks that violate our laws and over stay their visas? The same laws that were both well researched and agreed to by Congress and the President?

  2. Why can folks fly to this Country and give birth to an American Citizen and then fly home all within 48 to 72 hours?

  3. Why should I tolerate that slave labor market of illegal aliens and at the same time be lambasted by The Democratic Party for low labor rates, the same party that says "illegal or otherwise all are welcome (as long as you vote Democratic)".

  4. Why is it against the law to collect and publish statistics on the immigration status of all who are arrested? US Citizen, Naturalized Citizen, Legal Alien, Illegal Alien? How the heck should I know if illegal immigration/ illegal aliens is a cause of increased crime levels without this info?

  5. Why is it against policy/law for school districts to collect the same information? All census info says Steamboat hasn't grown much since the 2000 census but now we need $100 million worth of new school facilities to educate kids that don't appear in official demographics?

To make logical decisions one needs to know the basic facts. and personally I am profoundly distrustful of Government giving me the info to make an informed decision mostly because immigrates, legal or otherwise, tend to vote 2 to 1 for the Democratic Party, and all the free stuff, until they're settled and start a business.

Clearly I'm not alone in my beliefs and Trump is expressing those views quite succinctly ...... also known as In Your Face.


Harvey Lyon 2 days, 20 hours ago on $92 million Steamboat Springs school construction bond will be on November ballot

If you want my vote I'll need to see The Plan, The Whole Plan and nothing but The Plan.

  1. Where is this growth coming from? Is it from RE-2 growth, cross school district growth or from undocumented immigrant children? What percentages? YES, it does matter, at least to me if you want a Yes vote.

Personally I haven't seen a whole lot of home building going on, even in a period of basically free money. So basically developers and builders are not betting on this projected growth....at least not from those who will pay rent or property taxes.

  1. There are tons of Federal programs available to help defer costs of educating "immigrant children".How are we taking advantage of them? What will the Fed be granting for this plan.

  2. The Legal POT law was sold by having a tax that went to school construction and maintenance. What can we expect from that?


Harvey Lyon 3 days, 17 hours ago on Thoughtful Parenting: Help wanted: Infant and toddler care in Routt County

Raised 4 kids here, 3 thru day care in Steamboat. Of course expensive and a pain to my former daily life. Missed bike rides, powder days, worked late to makeup,etc.

Some thoughts:

Where are all these kids coming from. Census 2000 and 2010 shows virtually zero growth. Not a whole lot of new apartments or starter homes built since 2010. No "baby boom" in NW Colorado I know of. Are they kids of illegal aliens? Hell, I don't know and no one in the know is talking.

Day care centers have tremendous regulation and tremendous training requirements imposed by the State based on many low probability "what ifs". High start up Capital expenditures and high labor rates equal high costs for folks basically looking for a baby sitter so they can work or enjoy why they came to Steamboat.

I'm not voting for one red cent until I get some good solid explanations.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 17 hours ago on Ken Mauldin: On overcrowded schools

I'm curious. How much would be covered by the "Pot Tax" which was supposed to go to new school construction?

Has that disappeared into "salaries, management and administrative costs"?


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 17 hours ago on Ken Mauldin: On overcrowded schools

The "Great Recession" was not unpredictable. Housing prices were going thru the roof, first noticed when the tax assessment valuation of my home was ridiculous. I noticed a lot of folks buying homes well above what I thought to be their "means". I looked into how hard it was to qualify for a mortgage and decided something bad was going to happen. I rearranged my portfolio(s). Got "trimmed" but not hammered.

I had no idea that Obama would bail just about everyone out and in the mean time increase National Debt well more than double. Folks kept their huge homes, their boats and their foreign high performance sedans. Life's good for them once again but storm clouds, serious storm clouds are just over the horizon yet.

Just look at Greece.


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 18 hours ago on Kevin Copeland: Response to earlier letter

The number of acres burned this year is in no way historic. The amount of money spent is as are the number of firefighters involved. Also the equipment involved is more expensive to operate (think 747's used in firefighting)

Areas that are burning are areas that haven't burned in many many years. And areas that are burning have population centers that need protecting that didn't use to exist.

The drought has allowed these fires to start easier and burn hotter covering ground quicker than typically experienced.

But actual square miles is well within averages.


Harvey Lyon 1 week ago on New I-70 mountain express lane expected to open by year's end

Gonna be interesting, one lane doing 40 and the other doing zero on a road where puddles, ice and snow often causes unplanned lane changes.......there aren't any dividers save a white stripe.

In my experience "traffic engineers" are only slightly more accurate than the weather folks where being right > 40% of the time ensures life long employment. ..... LOL


Harvey Lyon 1 week ago on ZEST: E3 Chophouse: A premier dining experience

We in Steamboat are blessed with a great number of outstanding restaurants and dining experiences and certainly E3 is among them.

But I'm confused. Is this an Ad? Is this an OP Ed or a new food critic report? It certainly isn't news and if I owned another steak house in Steamboat I'd be quite upset!