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Harvey Lyon 4 days, 15 hours ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

I laughed so much during dinner last night I cried. Here I am paying Property taxes to CMC so I can have an assistant accounting professor from Regis come all the way up here to make weather predictions 35 years out and tell me how I need to change my business.

I am so frikin' stupid to allow this to happen to me its funny.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 16 hours ago on Megan Walker: Clearing the air

John, are you talking about the project in Canada? I've heard that, though very expensive, is achieveing much better results than expected and is even being used as a "fracking fluid". First project of its kind and basically CO2 neutral.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 18 hours ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

Hummmmm.....we have an accountant now predicting the weather 35 years out. What the heck, I'm sure she's as good as anyone else given the ability to forecast weather that occurred even 5 minutes past.....LOL

If we have that many forest fires there will be enough particulate matter in the atmosphere to lower global temps significantly. A couple of nuclear exchanges (hey Iran will have them by then) and/or a volcano or two and we could well be 10 degrees cooler.

Did my CMC property taxes just go towards this presentation?

All concerns can be solved by voting for the Democratic Party......LOL Just ask them.

All that said, "wate not want not" has always been a good rule of thumb.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 23 hours ago on Megan Walker: Clearing the air

Costs for electrical power are up about 25% (adjusted for inflation) for the States that have passed renewable energy standards (RES), Colorado about 15% as a whole, since 2008. despite those price increases having been artificially held down by subsidies, rebates and maximum annual rate increase laws. The money comes from somewhere.

Current scientific thinking is, if we really buy into this catastrophic global warming thing, then we need to look at geo-engineering. This involves many things but basically it involves technologies that absorb CO2 (trees) and reflect solar energy (artificial clouds and minute high altitude particles). Alas, save for planting trees these technologies remain just theory with very little R&D going on.

Either way, Colorado isn't going to reach 30% or even 20% RES by 2020 without ruining many resident's lives and the law should reflect reality not pipe dreams.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 23 hours ago on Megan Walker: Clearing the air

CA's problems start with the basic honesty of its politicians having politicized the issue. CA gets 40% of its power from outside the State, pretty much 100% coal. They publish their standards and achievements based on "In State" generated power so their current 17% renewable claim in actually 17% of 60% .... or about 10%.....and they've been at it for a long long time. Combine that with the need for huge de-salinization plants under construction that require gobs and gobs of power, and the fact that over $2 billion spent on new solar generation is only producing 40% of projected (not enough sun, too much dirt), the hate of nuclear and....well its a mess. Power costs are huge hurting business. Energy subsidies for the poor are causing trouble.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 23 hours ago on Megan Walker: Clearing the air

Well I'm all for clean energy in vast amounts. However just "wishin' it" don't make it so.

I'm watching Arizona with their various plans for distributed photovoltaic (rooftop solar) experiments. As it stands right now, depending on the power company and regulating authority, one can pay between $5 and $50 per month to have rooftop solar supplied by a third commercial party and get a net-meter deal. Or one can rent out their rooftop to the power company for about $30 per month credit on the electric bill. Or one can go "off grid" where you have a two position circuit breaker, solar or power company with no reverse meter.

Also watching CA which is a complete mess trying to meet 15%.


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 4 hours ago on Megan Walker: Clearing the air

Correct me if I'm wrong but there are still many solar panels available for sale in Craig. Please feel free to purchase one Megan.


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 18 hours ago on Small town, big marijuana business

OBTW, commercial MJ grow ops is the single biggest consumer of electrical power in Colorado. I'm thinking they should be all about solar and wind energy complete with financial dedication to the "cause".

I believe the term "organic" as it relates to MJ growing should include 100% renewable energy as a requirement. Think folks should write the Organic Dept of CO AG. Yes we have one of those and it is self funding :)

MJ is also a HUGE consumer of water, much more than corn. So much so that California is really having to spend a lot of tax payer's dollars hunting down previously left alone growers as they're draining streams without regard to lawful water rights.

I don't think solar greenhouse grass is gonna work in CO commercially. Seeds started today in a solar green house won't be harvestable until mid-July according to the Washington Post.....and that's in DC. They figure $500/plant for electricity/water/fertilizer and $500 for equipment. I wouldn't know, I struggle with tomatoes....LOL


Harvey Lyon 1 week, 2 days ago on Dave Peregoy: Historical atrocities


As one of the most gifted and blessed Nations on Earth we have a moral charge to prevent slaughter and genocide.

I agree with you about limited resources, specifically energy (oil) and I believe big changes will be coming as the US becomes less dependant on foreign oil. I also agree with you that we should not be taking sides in racial and religious disagreements.

However, this does not remove our moral charge to prevent slaughter and genocide until a time that cooler heads prevail in a conflict.

ISIS (and Hamas in the Gaza Strip) is more a virus than a religious or natural resources conflict. It seems to be be based on the age old tradition of conquer, enslave, take power and riches from others. And it can only exist where the immune system has been previously compromised. The only answer is to exterminate it and look for a vaccine that will prevent it from causing illness in the future.