Harvey Lyon

Harvey Lyon 2 days, 23 hours ago on Deirdre Boyd, Larry Gravelle and Jenny Shea: An opportunity to teach tolerance

Your title speaks to "tolerance" but the meat of the article is about protecting an defending (with our youth's blood) oppressed peoples being slaughtered.

It is a complex problem and decision. When is the safety of an individual being rounded up and slaughtered worth the risk of life of our children sent to defend?

"Tolerance" of other citizen's views and beliefs is a requirement to be a US Citizen. But at what point do we force this on other peoples. And one has to ask why can't they defend themselves much as what would become The US did in the 1700's when oppressed by Great Britain.

Vietnam started as defending a French Democracy population against a Communist desire. 50 k killed in that one. WWII, the same and "the jewish problem" was only a small part of the politics at the time even though it killed millions. Today we have delays and indecision regarding defending Christian Kurds in Iraq, defending Christians in Sudan and Muslims in Somalia and Yemen. As a population we are undecided which makes our Congress undecided which makes our President undecided which makes our policy undecided. What's better, medicaide or saving a population who's survival will not effect our daily Starbucks. Is it worth your child's life?

In the early 80's I had to make these decisions as millions fled S. Vietnam into a large sea in small boats. I had a mission as part of the Cold War but identified many boats with refugees. What choices would you make?

There are many great minds who have studied this quandary, the choices. Perhaps the authors, as they seem to very much enjoy the subject, would host some learned guest speakers on the subject as a lecture series at SSHS or CMC. Free for students and 10 to 15 bucks for Community. I'd be there.


Harvey Lyon 3 days, 22 hours ago on West Steamboat housing proposal evokes strong reactions

If my old tired memory serves San Diego went thru this many years ago. They required a "developer" to pretty much pay everything and build out a certain percentage of the houses as opposed as to just selling lots. The developer put in all the infrastructure, roads, sewage. water, etc and came up with three or four "models" with various interior options. Undeveloped lots were required to conform to the "standards" to a large extent as most developments are. The price of the "undeveloped lot" was largely determined by how well the developer did on the houses he was required to build. Was he neighborhood worth moving into?

There was also a requirement that property taxes have an add-on for schools, water/gas/sewage payments to that which the Community had advanced.

Foundations, load bearing and thermal efficiency regulations in Steamboat are significantly different than SOCAL but building a large number of similar houses with just sufficient enough exterior change to keep things from getting too boring is what it takes for efficiency and cost control. It allows all sorts of off site framing and pre-manufacturing, volume purchases of interior fixtures.

I believe we need to convince folks that the "affordable" individually designed and built "starter home" no longer exists and hasn't for a long time. But there are options out there that make millions and millions of folks quite happy in the "pre-planned community ..... tract housing mode".


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 22 hours ago on Routt, Moffat tax valuation dinged by reduction in valuation of Hayden Station power plant

Pretty simple ..... Diane Mitsche Bush and her war on coal , her supporters and everyone else are going to find out what happens supporting her ignorant "green" ideas. Hold on to your wallets/purses.


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 23 hours ago on Cindy Ruzicka: Swastika quiz question is troubling

In the era where we have Elementary School Teachers teaching our kids "Clinton Good .....Trump Bad" in the classroom ( bragged about it in a published Letter To The Editor) and that's found perfectly acceptable what would folks expect?

Schools should be focused on "reading, writing , 'rithmatic " thru 12th grade ..... period.

How many times have you walked into a store and the cashier can't make change in their head but they can certainly tell you how to solve the World's problems and are not shy about their views?


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 23 hours ago on Rabbi Mark Asher Goodman: Community on edge

"Understand that many people who are minorities — gays and lesbians, Jews and Muslims, people of color and many others — have experienced a wave of intolerance and hatred over the past six months."

Rabbi, I am unaware of this, please expand on your statement with facts.

My guess is this is just politically motivated "hearsay" and Rabbi or not, pure unadulterated crap.


Harvey Lyon 1 week, 4 days ago on Dylan Roberts: Stop hiding, Scott Tipton

Guess I'm wondering if Mr.Roberts moved back to the Steamboat Area following his graduation from Law School. If not then I believe the law states he is a resident of wherever he hangs his hat as he's no longer eligible for absentee residence in the 3rd Colorado Congressional District.. As a lawyer he would know that "misrepresentation" is a violation of ethics. Frankly I don't know what he did after Law School.

Could it be he's just a rabble rouser who hasn't realized the election is over and Hillary didn't win?

Personally, with his 15 point win of the Colorado 3rd Congressional District I believe Rep.Tipton is representing my concerns just fine as he votes almost daily to repeal regulations waterboarded on us during the past 8 years. Keep at it Mr. Tipton!


Harvey Lyon 2 weeks ago on Unresponsive man hits parked car in Steamboat parking lot

Back to the 70's I guess. Steamboat's motto then was "Soft Snow, Hard Drugs, Casual Sex" and one had to xcountry ski to the hot springs....LOL


Harvey Lyon 2 weeks, 1 day ago on Kevin Copeland: Your "Dewey" didn't win

Trump Tweets and Democrats March. That beats the heck out of "The Arnold's" success as The President's Physical Fitness Coordinator. Trump has people all over the World getting outside and getting good exercise and all he does is send a tweet after taking a shower! Damn he's good!


Harvey Lyon 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Steamboat Springs City Council members hoping more residents will apply for open council seat

Folks should know that Scott Wedel lives in Oak Creek, not Steamboat Springs. And he is very verbose as to his opinions and has that lefitist attitude that he is totally right in all his opinions, his fecal matter is not odoriferous and you should accept his opinion as God's truth in fact.

For cryin out Loud Scott, who runs for City Council for health care? Health care is totally worthless unless you come down with something serious that you didn't know you had before you ran for City Council.

Just be Civil.