Harvey Lyon

Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 3 days ago on City Council halts pot shop's move to more visible location

Personally I'd wait and see who gets elected as President. A change in enforcing Federal Laws might just change business plans in CO.


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 5 days ago on New CMC fund aims to improve college readiness, offer scholarships

Further more I believe that if "little Johnny or Jill" isn't performing up to the standards the teachers believe they should be. and I don't care if its K-12, then the kid and the parents should be called into the principles office. And if that doesn't change the problem then they should be called before the School Board.

Think about it. The School Board is our elected representatives and spends our money. If a kid is usurping our taxes then who better to explain that to them? This is no different than what Colleges do when kids are on academic scholarship and they fail to maintain a agreed upon GPA.

Kids need to keep their "Eye on the Ball" as to why they are in school and parents need to reinforce this or pay for the education themselves.


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 5 days ago on New CMC fund aims to improve college readiness, offer scholarships

My feeling is if they didn't "get it" in their first 13 to 14 years of free education then they need to go out there and find what life is like for an uneducated person who can't make change faster than a cash register. Nothing like shoveling ditches or mowing lawns to get the point across.

After they "become motivated" I'll talk about "helping them" with tax dollars.


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Cost to replace child care center at Howelsen jumps to $543K

Well ya know, you pass regulations for what seems like a good idea with no thought to the cost. Must have this and must have that. Must be designed this way and account for .01% of the population just in case. Turns out ya just can't build it and meet the laws you passed. Democrat versus Republican. Just sayin'


Harvey Lyon 4 weeks ago on Resilient Routt County tax base likely to carry on through Peabody Energy's financial crisis

Get real! The loss of property taxes and other taxes will be felt in increased taxes for those that remain. An additional burden on those that live here and wish to operate a business. More taxes and less customers sort of thing to maintain the same roads, schools, water, sewage, parks, etc that we already have. Not improvements mind you, just maintain.

And you folks continue to vote for Diane Mitsche Bush........have at it....LOL


Harvey Lyon 1 month ago on I-70 snow tire bill defeated in Senate

I think even Democrat leaning folks are getting tired of "do nothing laws" that just increase the cost of compliance in doing business.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Dylan Roberts: I'm proud to be with her

Dylan, I'm sorry that you support a candidate that, in my day, would have put my life in more jeopardy than it already was.

I recognize that your folks have provided you a wonderful life, provided you, and continue to provide you a superb education. And I'm proud to know you and have my children associate with you.

But please understand that large portions of the World don't agree with our standards of life and liberty. They would kill you in a heart beat.

And any "feel good" or "gentle" thoughts of HRC in either not protecting or releasing information that is deemed "classified" puts lives like mine in grave danger.

Hoping you change your mind.

Harv Lyon


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Matt Tredway: Climbing Mont Blanc, Chamonix

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I love the Chamonix Valley, Mount Blanc and Argentier. Amazing hiking and skiing. Oh yeah.......shout out to The Office Bar! :)