Harvey Lyon

Harvey Lyon 19 minutes ago on Highway 9 construction project nears completion

Nice picture of a $40 million dollar deer. FORTY MILLION DOLLARS for improvements to 15 miles of road that was in pretty good shape to start with. And I recognize that a wealthy private landowner paid part of it.

Guess its a better investment than Jeff Bezos pumping in $50 million/yr of his own $$ to keep The Washington Post operating thru the election.

But in all seriousness, with a $20 Trillion deficit I believe we need to do a bit more prioritization. The money tree is looking a bit wilted and there are very few with additional disposable dollars for increased taxes.


Harvey Lyon 22 hours, 33 minutes ago on More drivers starting to use city's electric vehicle charging station

Frankly when The Populance wants to pay 30% or so of the cost of a new car plus pay for all the energy required to go to and fro it doesn't bother me. But please don't whine when there's not enough $$ to plow your road, maintain your bike path or prep your softball field.


Harvey Lyon 1 day, 1 hour ago on Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

So, over two years ago, well over, Congress subpoenaed Sec Clinton's schedule record fro the week before and after Benghazi. DoS said those records don't exist, can't find. Round and round it went until a few weeks ago a Judge said "find them or someone is going to jail".

Guess what, they show'd up. Apparently they were filed under 2010, not 2012......LOL


Harvey Lyon 1 day, 6 hours ago on Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

It would have never occurred to me to hire trouble makers and instigators to go seek fights at Trump Rallys and then have the entire media ready to blame Trump for inciting hate. I'm just not that kind of a person but do recognize a very effective combat tactic when I see it.


Harvey Lyon 1 day, 7 hours ago on Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

All the details aside, one has to truly admire how the DNC has mastered the the "Dark Arts" of politics. From fund raising to voter registration to media control to judicial proceedings they have lambasted the RNC at every turn. I'm not saying this is a good thing as I'm a firm believer that honesty and integrity is absolutely essential long term. But one can only admire, in its rawest form, how the DNC has covered virtually every base in their quest to control the US and her citizens.


Harvey Lyon 1 day, 20 hours ago on Chuck McConnell: Trump will make America great again

Slanderous comments Tim. Unaware of any accusations much less prove. Guess perhaps you have inside information such as being a serial adulterer yourself?


Harvey Lyon 5 days ago on The changing cost of doing business under ColoradoCare

Well for retired Military who receive medical insurance as part of their justly earned pension this would be a significant motivator to settle some place else.


Harvey Lyon 1 week, 4 days ago on School finance 101

"Government" is about setting priorities. I haven't had time to study the CO budget for 2017 but I expect a lot is going to health care and other "social" programs. And one can not overlook the fact that the Governor and State Legislature is pretty much Democratic Party.

If "The People" wanted more State Tax dollars to go to schools then more tax dollars would go to schools. Without "The People" forcing this then more tax dollars will go towards programs that keep "power" with the Party in charge where they spend it to get folks "addicted" to Government handouts. In other words folks can't survive without Government subsidies and will give up their rights and self pride to get fed by their representatives. Ask yourself, how many of you rely on Diane Mitsch Bush to vote for increases on Medicaid, SNAP and Obama Care? What would happen to you if the Government just said "Get A Job"?

The best way to get people off welfare is Education. And I hate the term "Welfare", prefer "Temp assistance". Yet we tolerate the current CO Government who does everything possible to redirect traditional funds from State Education to social programs on the quest of making folks "addicted" to their handouts like a dog begging for dinner guaranteeing you'll vote for those that "give you what you need". How does that differ from a drug junkie?