Harvey Lyon

Harvey Lyon 3 weeks ago on Maureen Smilkstein: Another look at dogs off leash

My point was, even in expressed in poor humor was :

  • Just because you love your dog doesn't mean every one does. Especially if one does not know the dog.

  • Dogs off leash get shot all the time. Perhaps not in SS where we spend I'd guess $500k or more a year in dog off leash problems, but elsewhere.

  • When in public places it is considered good behavior to have you dog leashed. And for the "grammatically correct" (GC as opposed to PC), I have a very old keyboard that does unexpected things, kind of like a dog at large....LOL


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 1 day ago on School district demography report under review

Well as long as it is free. Folks in Steamboat Springs seem to want everything as long as someone else pays for it :)


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 3 weeks ago on U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet: Working to ensure a hunger-free summer for kids

I, for one, would prefer to see policies that foster well educated people and job growth that removes the necessity of Federal Government worrying about kids getting fed over the summer. But then again, unless parents are having to rely on the Federal Government to feed their kids they won't vote for the Democrats. That's the biggest portion of the Democratic Platform that is never discussed....... making folks more addicted to federal subsidies.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 3 weeks ago on Weed whackers launch campaign against chemicals

Scott, try an herbicide as opposed to a pesticide. That said, I bet your thistle doesn't have any bugs! LOL


Harvey Lyon 2 months ago on Murphy Roberts: Make America change again


Good to hear from you.

The reason we have the Second Amendment is our founders were afraid of Government running the people as opposed to people running the Government. The crap about hunting and target practice is just that. The second amendment is all about the ability to resist a tyrannical Government. And honestly, every day of every year our Citizenry looks to Government more and more to solve the problems they should be solving on their own.

You're a bright young man, well educated, etc. Make a list. On the left list those Countries where the Government runs the people. On the right list those where the people run the government. Be honest and do your homework.

I believe healthy dose of fear and skepticism is a very good trait when it comes to a citizen viewing their Government.

That said, you're consideration of politics and National policies at your age is a welcome addition. Please continue to stay involved and do the historical research to form a good opinion.There is little we do today that has not already been done by past civilizations.



Harvey Lyon 3 months, 3 weeks ago on U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet: Making air travel more family friendly

This is pure BS!

You don't hear a thing from this guy for 5 years, now he's up for re-election and panders to your "pain"!

We already pay $5 per "leg" of a air travel trip. A TON of cash. And what TSA does with those $$ is "classified".

The lat time I flew SouthWest I paid the extra to get "preferential boarding". I was at the head of the line for those that ...... get this ....... "Handicapped, travelling with small children, seniors or travelling with seniors, premier travelers, yada yada yada". I was about 81st on board which worked out fine for me but certainly reflects other things.

And Bennet wants to change that which is already available if you want to pay more for assigned seating such as United?

Sounds like a snake oil salesman to me......it will cure all of your ills......If and only if you vote for him.......LOL


Harvey Lyon 3 months, 3 weeks ago on Routt County commissioners say no thanks to parks district beyond Steamboat city limits

Well Jim, you are absolutely correct. Although I identify as a "Conservative" and Routt County seems to be more "liberal" in their voiced choices I've found they keep their wallet close to their vest only voting for the most worthy of projects that cost them their own money! :)