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Harvey Lyon 5 hours, 15 minutes ago on Erin Biggs: Sessions' appointment disturbing

Erin Biggs orgnized a "fund raiser" awhile back for the North Dakota Pipeline Access protesters. She got many restaurants, whom I no longer frequent, to support financially. North Dakota has spent over $4 million on the Protests and the County has spent over $6 million. Obama contributed ZERO. The local hospital has spent some $2 million as it seems most do not have insurance or ability to pay. The EPA and ND Environment are very concerned about the trash and human fecal matter polluting the very river they claim to protect come spring thaw, appears the biodegradable johns don't work at 20 degrees or below.

Since Biggs eliciting funds over 600 people have been arrested for violence and property destruction including lands and property of the local Native Indians. So many have been arrested for felonies that the Governor of ND had to sign a bill allowing lawyers not registered in ND to defend protesters as there aren't enough lawyers in ND for this type of violence. The protesters are slaughtering Indian Cattle and cutting hard to grow trees for firewood..

The owners of the land want the protesters gone and are filing suit to have them force ably removed.. The head of the tribe concerned wants the protesters gone. They are tored of having to feed a care for them. The mayor of Cannonball wants the protesters gone. The citizens of Bismarck want the protesters gone. No one wants them there.

Erin Biggs is an Anarchist of quite limited intellect and should be put on a bus back to California. I am quite disappointed that the Steamboat Pilot would publish her drivel and would encourage advertisers to take this "yellow press" behavior into account.

If you doubt me, please read Bismarck Tribune.


Harvey Lyon 4 days, 8 hours ago on Jenette Settle: ACA repeal would cost jobs

I hear what you're saying. But please give me one good reason why I should pay for someone elses health insurance who had the same public schools and opportunity to excel that I did and blew it off?

Just one!


Harvey Lyon 1 month ago on Skiers could face fine for rescues in backcountry


If you go "Back Country" and don't take a guide don't figure on folks to bail you out. There are plenty of European models.

The point of my post was S&R organizations are getting sued for not going out and looking for folks "overdue". And folks "overdue" do not necessarily need help from S&R. And in my experience S&R shows up to help based on some 3rd party call, is not requested by Party, then sends a $10k Bill.

I have zero problem with someone who wants to charge down a back country hill be it on skis or bike. But have little tolerance assuming his/her risk as a tax payer. Likewise,I don't like to see S&R having to cycle for every 3rd party reported potential injury.

There needs to be a legal release and pre-planned / authorized guidance that protects S&R as well as folks that are fine with the risks they are taking.


Harvey Lyon 1 month ago on Skiers could face fine for rescues in backcountry

Seems a good policy BUT! Don't respond unless the folk needing rescue is the one who calls for help or someone with him/her calls and requests help will swear the person is unable to request help him/herself.

We live in a World where folks call 911 for nothing as well as a World where search and rescue responds with a $50k response on a call just asking information.

My experience is it costs $20k to call 911 and $50k to call Search and Rescue and they respond even if you're quite clear you're just asking a question.


Harvey Lyon 1 month ago on Our view: Closing the housing gap

The "graying community" currently pays a good chunk of our school system.

Just another snowflake dope smoking liberal socialist plead for other people's money to solve the problems those without willingly brought on their selves.

Policies set by Obama and SS from lumber harvest to building codes to planning costs make housing expensive.

Wages set by employers, faced with their own serious challenges of expensive employee care and feeding support requirements make higher take home pay impossible.

Just keep up the good progressive dream and keep passing those regulations.....LOL


Harvey Lyon 1 month ago on Summer visitor survey showing decline in biking numbers raises eyebrows at Steamboat Springs City Council meeting

I'd say that ski resorts have a wealth of info as to the number of dbl blacks, single blacks, blues and greens that maximize typical visitor interest. If that's the purpose.

That said, there probably should be a couple of bike trails that result in serious injury or death if one goes beyond one's ability. But make them buy a search and rescue tag as well as a flight for life membership to ride it.