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Harvey Lyon 3 days, 21 hours ago on Woman suspected of burglary, drug possession

"Dressers and drawers opened" .....sounds like she was looking for what to steal.

If I went into one of the homes I'm charged with protecting and found an active thief going thru the house I'd pull a gun.

She's lucky she didn't get shot.

As for Peter Arnold, give your name and number to the police and I'm sure they'd be more than welcome to drop off any drugged up home seeking folks on your front door step.


Harvey Lyon 3 days, 23 hours ago on Colorado Master Gardeners: Become a Master Gardener

But, but, but ...... what about Global Warming? You know, that evil thing which causes us to ruin State economies and put well educated law abiding people out of work.

At my place, in Steamboat II, we've had our first heavy frost on August 26th +/- 3 days since 1996. This year it was no different. And I've kept records in my daily planner. No change, no change, no change. ..... last 20 years.

If you haven't made preps to cover your summer veggies by then you'll lose them.


Harvey Lyon 1 week ago on Police to carry life-saving overdose drug

However Allen, your opinion, of and by itself, is not very valuable unless your logic convinces others. All it leads to is frustration.

On this issue you have a point. Should Society pay for those that make bad decisions? On first glance I'd say yes. But there is the fable of straw and the camel's back. At some point we run out of tax payers and the burden becomes too much.


Harvey Lyon 1 week ago on Police to carry life-saving overdose drug

Folks, I suggest ease up.

The facts are there is only so much room in a police vehicle and on his/her belt.

Naloxone/ NARCAN is expensive and has a relatively short shelf life.

There are lots of things that can save a person't life if only we had them at the time. However reality means priorities must be set.

Perhaps some of the seemingly fired up commentators here would like to form a citizen's board to determine what is readily available to a police officer, what goes with an EMT and what remains at the hospital or backup police forces.

Otherwise I tend to go with those folks who are professionals at this who say they'd like to have it available and its within budget.


Harvey Lyon 2 weeks, 3 days ago on Steamboat Springs School District drafts policy on medical marijuana use by students

I do live in "The Now". When medical marijuana becomes an approved AMA treatment with drugs and doses approved by the FDA then it can be administered just like any medical treatment. Until then its horse feathers and snake oil. And OBTW, the FDA, under one of the most liberal administrations in history, just voted to keep MJ a sked one drug, no known medicinal value and prone to abuse. But they certainly don't know anything, certainly not as much as you.

Just because the "pot heads" believe in MJ's medicinal properties doesn't make it so. And even then, side effects may outweigh the benefits. Brandy when you're cold makes you feel much better.

Like I said, go ahead and ruin your kids. Go ahead and take away their ability to do higher math because you think MJ is good for them. You can always say "Little Johnny was never very good at math" and ignore the fact that you gave him MJ because you thought it was a miracle medicinal treatment. We always need ditch diggers, oh wait a minute, we NOW don't need ditch diggers do we.


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 4 days ago on Rachael Shiebler: Driving in Steamboat is dangerous


I would imagine having drivers and passengers stop at lights and have nothing to do save view store fronts in quite beneficial marketing.


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Rachael Shiebler: Driving in Steamboat is dangerous


Describes cost estimates for sidewalk master plan. About $190 per foot of ADA compliant sidewalk. Personally I believe the estimate light by about $240/ft and will no doubt go higher as energy costs increase because making "concrete" is an energy intensive process.

Additionally, I don't believe the estimate took into account the environmental concerns of having rain/snow flow directly to creeks/River as opposed to filtering into yards. It could be that the additional "runoff" is required to go thru our sewage system which would mean a vast increase in capacity requirement.


Harvey Lyon 3 weeks, 5 days ago on Rachael Shiebler: Driving in Steamboat is dangerous

I was addressing the sidewalk issue solely. Speeders should be caught and ticketed and folks should learn to respect their neighbors and expect the unexpected on residential streets.

I don't see a US 40 Bypass anywhere in our future. Believe we did numerous studies and it was found that the vast majority of the traffic was local and as such would not use a bypass. The costs were also unreal. With our National Debt approaching $20 Trillion I'd expect "nice to have grants" will disappear.

Likewise with sidewalks in residential sections. Amazingly expensive plus environmental and snow storage concerns. The City was not laid out, drain systems planned and the roads not built with side walks in mind.

If its a big problem it might be worthwhile to look at alternating one way streets where half the street becomes a bike/pedestrian lane and traffic doubles on the vehicle lane.


Harvey Lyon 4 weeks ago on Rachael Shiebler: Driving in Steamboat is dangerous

I love the folks that moved here recently and all they want to do is change things to the way they were in the places they left.

Write the check Rachel and all you others. You want this and that and you want some one else to pay for it!

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