Harvey Lyon

Harvey Lyon 1 month ago on Lisa Mason: Leash laws oppressive

I'm sorry no one's quoted Shakespere here "release the Dogs of War"....or as Homer Simpson said "Unleash The Hounds"....LOL.

Christ, if you want the benefits of living in a City then you have to put up with the fact that not everyone loves your dog(s) or kids. Just a basic fact of City Living. Get over it.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 1 week ago on More than 100 pounds of marijuana was seized from Johnson residence

Well, lets see, its walking like a duck, its quacking like a duck.......sure sounds like a home grow theft is the motive for murder.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 1 week ago on John F. Russell: Remembering that games are about more than the score

Good philosophical article John. And you're entirely correct for part 1 of a 20 point article.

Shooting hoops, playing catch, bumping it around on the putting green are all fun and great opportunities to talk about all manner of things and develop friendships that last a lifetime.

However I believe that competitive sports, which have been around since man was man, are much more complex and serve a much deeper purpose.

As your children get older and progress I look forward to hearing of your memories, impressions and philosophical thoughts.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 1 week ago on More public parking now available in downtown Steamboat Springs

"Hats Off" to the City on this!

One can park their car there and if they drink too much they now have the option to take a taxi home!

Looks like a win-win and a good decision in my book. :)


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

I laughed so much during dinner last night I cried. Here I am paying Property taxes to CMC so I can have an assistant accounting professor from Regis come all the way up here to make weather predictions 35 years out and tell me how I need to change my business.

I am so frikin' stupid to allow this to happen to me its funny.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Megan Walker: Clearing the air

John, are you talking about the project in Canada? I've heard that, though very expensive, is achieveing much better results than expected and is even being used as a "fracking fluid". First project of its kind and basically CO2 neutral.


Harvey Lyon 1 month, 2 weeks ago on Regis professor says business must be sustainable

Hummmmm.....we have an accountant now predicting the weather 35 years out. What the heck, I'm sure she's as good as anyone else given the ability to forecast weather that occurred even 5 minutes past.....LOL

If we have that many forest fires there will be enough particulate matter in the atmosphere to lower global temps significantly. A couple of nuclear exchanges (hey Iran will have them by then) and/or a volcano or two and we could well be 10 degrees cooler.

Did my CMC property taxes just go towards this presentation?

All concerns can be solved by voting for the Democratic Party......LOL Just ask them.

All that said, "wate not want not" has always been a good rule of thumb.