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Harvey Lyon 2 days, 16 hours ago on Thoughtful Parenting: April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

OMG, can you believe this? A federally funded bleeding heart liberal organization thinks they know better how to raise kids! THE GOVT WANTS TO RAISE OUR KIDS! And they probably got this self serving drible published for free. Thank God for the "legal limits" they have to endure!

Yeah, we lost 2 kids in Routt County, but it had nothing to do with yelling, restricting priviledges or cancelling thier activities.

These folks would make you believe that one should always sit down and have a nice long logical discussion with a kid who has no more sense than a one year old golden retriever!

And these folks want you to call them every time you think you see something going on, not knowing the rhyme, reason or previous history.

Yep, 2 kids, a shame, but how about the 6000or so other kids in Routt County. How about those kids experiencing a bit of yelling, firm talk, cancelling dates, taking away their car and their driving priveledges?

Christ, we live in a world where kids are sueing parents because they tell a 16 yr old girl she needs to be home by 10pm!

They claim 100's of call a year, to justify their positions in life. They right articles like this to encourage more calls.

You see a problem?......Call 911

Anyone want to match parenting experience.....give me a call. It isn't an easy job and lots of times it isn't "rosey". But teaching a child self discipline, focus on their studies, keep things in prospective and freedom and material things come from self sacrafice and hard work IS HARD WORK and not always pleasent. And, as each child's different, they require a different way of parenting.

Good save us from the "do gooders" of the World who believe they have all of the answers!


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 16 hours ago on As Steamboat continues to cope with tragic deaths of 2 children, local officials push child abuse prevention

While its tragic.....the fact of the matter is "a woman's choice" and "the resources of the parents" have always been critical to their ability to procreat and a species to survive.

I'm sure many folks will disagree with me but I don't think thats always a bad thing.


Harvey Lyon 5 days, 22 hours ago on Omar M. Campbell: Changing America


I don't believe the majority of the stocks are owned by the wealthy....that's poppy cock. Pretty much anyone having a 401k owns stock. Pretty much anyone with a Union or State Retirement plan owns stock. Pretty much anyone with a life insurance policy, a homeowners policy, even an auto insurance policy owns stock. The better these investments do the lower their rates.

Many major corporations have held off growth investment in the face of uncertain economic and regulatory policy. And just last week a 8% shareholder of Walgreens initiated a shareholder initiative to move Walgreen's Corp Headquarters overseas due to tax policy here.

Under Obama most corporations have increased their bottom line by becoming more efficient, laying off people and cutting R&D. They have not increased their top lines of gross income nor made investments for the future.


Harvey Lyon 1 week, 1 day ago on What could go where Staples is leaving?

Lets see:

  • High transportation costs to get goods to market.
  • High sales tax
  • above average property taxes
  • 12, 000 year round local residents, about 24, 000 partial/vacational.

Guess we'll see. Seems like a lot of folks are "awlfully proud" of their little Steamboat, which is a nice place......but the fact of the matter is most of the full year residents are pretty "tight" on their spending.


Harvey Lyon 1 week, 6 days ago on Brad Meeks: Statement on district policy

Sorry Folks! Drugs, including MJ, messes up adolescent's minds. It destroys their ability to understand complex concepts and math. This is a proven fact!

I don't want drugs associated with school and I certainly don't want drugs being sold on school property.

I trust my elected RE-2 School Board and Dr Meeks to make the correct decisions on issues like this and I trust that they have given full consideration to all the issues.

If you guys feel differently then I suggest you run for the School Board next time around. Put your money where your mouth is so to speak!


Harvey Lyon 2 weeks, 5 days ago on Community Agriculture Alliance: Deep snow in mountains, dry farmland down below

In other words, My Peppler wants all of our water and truly believes the water is better spent on him. But he doesn't wish to deal with the shoveling. His crops are more important than ours (hay, etc).

As far as I'm concerned he can build a pipeline to the Missouri?Misssissippi Rivers (shorter than many gas/oil pipelines) and pay $3/gallon. Weld County is and always has been "dry farming". Maybe I'd feel different when I start seeing drip irrigation, brown lawns and gold courses and front range water restrictions.

Shooting wars have started over water and for much less reasons than Mr Peppler espouses.