Ben Beall

Ben Beall 12 months ago on Parts of Central Park Drive to close Monday

Lee, Alpine Bank and the One Alpine Plaza building have an access directly off of Pine Grove Road just to the east of the Central Park/Pine Grove intersection. The curbed island at that location will be temporarily removed to allow access in and out of those parking lots.


Ben Beall 1 year, 1 month ago on Forest Service soliciting public input

Neither the comment field, nor the email that is provided within the article are actively accepting comments. I just get an error message and a undeliverable message respectively.


Ben Beall 2 years ago on Lori Keefe: Arnis benefit a success

and most importantly, thank you to Lori for putting it together! Get well, Chris!


Ben Beall 2 years, 1 month ago on Our View: City, Yampa Valley Housing Authority partnership a win

Scott, the merits of this particular project aside, would you concede that bottom line may only be part of the overall equation?


Ben Beall 3 years, 6 months ago on Our View: Vote 'no' on Amendment 66

So the Steamboat Pilot Editorial Board would like to micromanage the needs of education across the entire State rather than leave it up to school administrators and elected school boards to determine what is best? Seems like tying the hands of the experts to me. Your logic regarding constitutional amendments also fails me. How can the State rectify poor past constitutional language without a constitutional amendment? I too am cautious of constitutional referenda however the current effort has been done via extensive discussion and compromise to correct a past amendment pushed by special interest.


Ben Beall 4 years, 1 month ago on Major school finance bill a mixed bag for Routt County educators

Scott, Trying to read between the lines, and not being too familiar with the the current school funding formula, am I hearing that RE-2 residents may be paying lower property taxes in relation to property value than those paying taxes in other districts with lower property values? Of course, Routt residents and our visitors also pay the 0.5cent sales tax for the Fund Board monies. It would be interesting to try to compare the overall tax burden of the Routt County resident in each of the three districts SOROCO, Steamboat, and West Routt (factoring in the sales tax) in comparison to other areas in the state in terms of: overall burden, as a percentage to their property value, and as a percentage of median income. You have mentioned severance tax a few times and how that plays into the funding mechanism. Would this new bill pull more severance tax away from the counties that it is intended to compensate for energy impacts?