steamboatsteve 6 years, 11 months ago on Steamboat Springs’ gymnasts Maggie McElhiney performs a leap while practicing for this weekend’s EAG

Hi all,

I'm Steve Murray, the girls coach at Excel. I think this story missed an important point about the beauty of Eagles League gymnastics in Colorado versus USA Gymnastics.

Eagles league gymnastics is not about upper level gymnastics and winning and glory. Sure, those kids get an opportuinty to try gymnastics skills and a level that they are working on for the next USA Gymnastics season and stretch themselves skill ways.


Eagles and this meet is so much more about the little kid getting one of their first opportunities to perform in front of a crowd and have a "boat load" of fun doing it without worrying about making a mistake. It's about their first competitive leotard, it's about having fun and just trying. It's about going to McDonalds afterwards and laughing and giggling with their family and friends about all the funny faces they made when they tried to do their routines and forgot a bunch of them along the way.

Eagles League gymnastics is for the middle school age kid that just wants to do gymnastics on a seasonal basis. Coming in with their friends and starting up practice after the mountain closes, practicing one, maybe two days per week for a couple of hours at a time. The great majority of kids at this meet from Excel are from the recreational and beginner competitive level teams that come in one day a week for 1 to 2.5 hours.

Eagles League competes early April through mid June, perfect for the athlete looking for Spring sport away from mud season.

Come and watch for a bit, this one is for everyone that loves to see kids go out and try and enjoy themselves.


Steve Murray