Richard Levy

Richard Levy 7 years ago on Routt County to discuss growth

Geez Fred, If I wanted to be mean, I'd say you sounded like one of those "Community Alliance no growth" types. LOL.

Welcome to the club


Richard Levy 7 years, 1 month ago on Let's Vote committee: Growth myths

While Community Alliance members may be working with Let's vote, our organization has not spent one penny nor used any of its resources to support Let's Vote.

The website good4steamboat has posted a blatant lie....

"FACT The leaders and the primary contributors to Let's Vote are “anti- growth”, even though all their names have not been publicly disclosed. The “Lets Vote” group is made up primarily of the anti growth faction of the Community Alliance. The Community Alliance did all the organizing, supplied most of their money, wrote the petition, created their messaging and advertising, and their letters to the paper; they have just allowed a couple of new faces to be their figureheads. The supporters, investors, and contributors of Good For Steamboat are all public information."

Its statements like this that put all developers in a poor light (yes there are some good ones).

Again, I swear that the Community Alliance is not involved with Let's Vote or any organized effort to influence the upcoming vote. Danny Mulcahy, Steamboat 700 and Good4steamboat should be ashamed of themselves for such dirty tactics.

Richard Levy, VP CAYV


Richard Levy 7 years, 2 months ago on Commissioners to consider contract for South Routt commuter service

Greenwash: There is a "ride home" provision in the contract.

Sun: There are two Vanpools. Stagecoach to Steamboat AND a Yampa-Phippsburg-Oak Creek Route.

All: Commissioner Diane Mitsch-Bush knows all the details of this program. You can contact her at


Richard Levy 8 years, 2 months ago on Our view: Council at the bat

If they want to come, let them.

If the lodging industry wants to provide 50% discounts, go ahead.

If the Chamber wants to give away "Chamber Bucks" that's great.

But no way should the city give any money to bribe WSL to come to our fair community.


Richard Levy 8 years, 2 months ago on Ski area rewards carpooling with coupons

Its a nice touch. Small efforts by SSRC will be appreciated.

What about the hundreds of us that use the public bus and don't take up any of those precious parking spaces? That don't need to be shuttled by SSRC employees?


Richard Levy 8 years, 3 months ago on Rob Douglas: Affordable housing ordinance unjust

Commuting as a solution to our housing dilemma?

This was discussed when the IZ was being considered......

Surveys of those commuting to Steamboat have shown that many of them want to live here, not commute here.

Do you think the time spent on commuting is a positive situation? Do you want your teachers, police and fireman closer to town or further away?

Wouldn't it be great if a teacher could spend some time after school to work with your child and their educational needs? Or should they be bolting out the door to beat the traffic and getting home before the roads get any worse?

Do you want fire trucks to leave the station down a firefighter because they are stuck in traffic (or snow) outside of town?

Do you want these people part of our community or someone else's?

Yes, let's praise the mine for promoting carpooling. Are there other large employers with that many working the same shifts? Who else is paying $50 an hour so that their employers can afford to live where they wish?

As I stated earlier, many of our visitors (and tourists I have talked with) say that they love Steamboat because it is a real town. A real town has dishwashers, teachers and truck drivers participating in our civic and commercial activities. Our level of service is dependent on employees that are happy. Without these we are just another Disney World.

Where do all the commuter blogger proponents live and work?

Instead of shooting down our efforts, how about providing some real solutions ?

"Let the market supply it" - While some market rate attainable housing has been provided (and should be commended) , it has been far below the growing need of our community. 20 years of need and we are further behind than ever.


Richard Levy 8 years, 3 months ago on Rob Douglas: Affordable housing ordinance unjust

Wow lots of rhetoric, not much content....just what we expect from our hometown "newspaper"

Mr. Douglas calls Inclusionary Zoning "ill concieved". Are you kidding me? As both Scott Ford and Mary Brown point out the Affordable Housing issue has been ignored for 20 years. For all that time city council and the community said "not it". Opportunities have escaped us as our situation has gotten worse. Young families and professionals were documented as leaving the community they loved because they could not afford to live here. Finally with the help of affordable housing professionals and community support IZ was created by copying ordinances that already were in place throughout Colorado

The Development Community and Rob Douglas now say that the burden is so great as to be unfair. Why is it that One Steamboat Place, Wildhorse Meadows, Edgemont (and now the new Thunderhead Lodge) did not find our Affordable Housing policies too burdensome? Why is it that Affordable Housing policies did not stop Steamboat 700 LLC from purchasing 540 acres from Mary Brown for $25 MILLION?

Because all of these building developers knew that they could still make a ton of money regardless of the price tag.

What has changed? Of course we are now in a major national recession. Financing and buyers are hard to find. Do you think that we can fix this?

Because times are tough for development should we reduce our standards? Should we allow 6 story buildings on Lincoln Avenue? Should we eliminate building code requirements for quality electrical systems, sewer upgrades, architectural standards?

Do we want to create more of a commuting working class (like Aspen)? Affordable Housing is an infrastructure needed to maintain our sense of community and a key factor that makes Steamboat Springs an attraction to many of our visitors.

Until you come up with a better idea Inclusionary Zoning should stand!


Richard Levy 8 years, 6 months ago on Paul Hughes: Cut back spending

I'd have to agree with Paul. The City's reserves were created for times such as these. So if not spending some of these reserves now, when?

Step 1- cut the fat (including some community support) Step 2- ensure vital city services continue. Step 2a ensure that departments that "pay their own way" through fees remain fully staffed.