Dan Hill

Dan Hill 4 months ago on City Council weighs in on plan to replace old child care facility

"Why being in a more visible location was rejected in preference for the flood plain wasn't explained."

Simple. Other people's money.


Dan Hill 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Lift ticket tax for public transit raised at City Council meeting

First rule of holes: If you find yourself in one, stop digging. If we really have this massive backlog of deferred maintenance then we need to stop building new infrastructure and adding to the problem.

What is the logic by which purchasers of lift tickets (don't kid yourself that Ski Corp is somehow going to pay this tax) should be the only ones to fund transit, or anything else? If there's a case for new government programs, make the case to the voters and then raise the general level of taxes to fund them.


Dan Hill 4 months, 2 weeks ago on City to recoup half of home loan balance from former city manager after short sale

I hope the City scrutinizes the personal financial affairs and habits of future City Manager candidates very closely. If you can't manage your own finances responsibly, how can you be expected to manage a City budget of tens of millions of dollars?


Dan Hill 4 months, 3 weeks ago on City Council halts pot shop's move to more visible location

Did these Councillors forget they were elected to implement the will of the people? We voted overwhelmingly to regulate MJ like alcohol. Yet here they are adding another layer of subjective criteria over what a liquor store would face. Listen to the reasoning and they sound like total busy-bodies, people who think they know what's best for everyone else.


Dan Hill 4 months, 3 weeks ago on School district considering budget cuts

Scott Wedel beat me to it, but my first reaction was "where is the option to cut administrative costs?"

If the current small class sizes are so important, as we've been told in the past to justify more spending, why is cutting teacher numbers and having larger classes being put forward now? To scare us. "Oh no, we can't cut teachers, so we must have more money!"


Dan Hill 9 months ago on Steamboat Ski Area will offer top-to-bottom skiing on Scholarship Day

"But as long as the stubborn ice layer that showed up last Scholarship Day doesn't return, skiers will probably not remember there weren't as many acres to ski on."

I skied about five acres last year before calling it quits, so it won't be hard to top!


Dan Hill 9 months, 3 weeks ago on Steamboat school board discusses next steps following bond failure

Given that the School District seems to have a track record of buying land it isn't really sure it needs (Steamboat II, Whistler), rushing to buy another piece would be absolute folly.


Dan Hill 9 months, 3 weeks ago on New Zealand beats Australia to win Rugby World Cup

I bet you enjoyed writing that report, Julian!

I have to admit, the All Blacks were deserved winners, but the Wallabies didn't disgrace themselves.


Dan Hill 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs City Council opposes school district's $92 million bond proposal

If it wasn't already blatantly obvious that the $92M plan was half-baked, and the process unnecessarily rushed, this is compelling proof. How many other glaring holes will we find when we dig a bit deeper? Time to step back, take a deep breath, engage properly with the community through a process that feels more like a shared journey than a forced march, and come back with a more realistic and less grandiose plan that the community can support.


Dan Hill 10 months, 2 weeks ago on Tiana Buschmann: Proposal an investment

We can't adopt a less ambitious and expensive plan that addresses the immediate capacity needs because, shock, horror, we might have to go back to the voters in five or ten years time? Really? Why would that be a problem, unless the proponents are afraid the projected enrollment growth won't come to pass, and realize we never really needed everything in the $92M plan...

To risk being stuck with having spent tens of millions of extra dollars on school infrastructure we don't need (and be saddled with the ongoing maintenance costs as well) is breathtakingly reckless.