Dan Hill

Dan Hill 1 month, 4 weeks ago on Rob Douglas: Who’s driving city policy?

I think the answer to your question Rob is Deb Hinsvark. Funny, I don't remember her name on any ballot. Or maybe it's Bart Kounovsky, and she's just doing his bidding. That might be appropriate if we had an elected full-time mayor, but we don't. Time for the other City Council members to start reigning this in. If they're being left out of the loop, they need to start kicking some butts.

The site at Pine Grove and the land swap with the hospital is the closest to a good idea I've heard during this whole police station drama. But this is NOT the way you make public policy, especially for major capital investment decisions.


Dan Hill 4 months, 2 weeks ago on Sen. Michael Bennet: Making our medicines safer

"It won't add a penny to our deficit..."

So it's free. Yah, another free lunch out of Washington.

Hold on a minute, someone is going to have to pay for the systems and labor to track these drugs. It's OK, the evil, evil, evil big pharmaceutical companies will pay, right? They won't pass this on in the form of higher drug costs.

OK, maybe they will. But don't worry. Medicare / Medicaid / Obamacare is paying for your drugs so they'll pick up the extra costs. But it won't add a penny to our deficit. Or your employer will pay for it in your health insurance. Too bad the extra premiums will kill any chance you'll ever see another pay rise.

I don't know whether the benefits of this new legislation outweigh the costs, but when its proponents are pretending that there are no costs, which seems to be the standard political approach these days, I am deeply, deeply suspicious.

It's time the voters stopped falling for this nonsense. Believing in Santa Claus (benefits without costs) is cute in a five year old, not so much in adults.


Dan Hill 4 months, 3 weeks ago on Alpiner Lodge in downtown Steamboat closes to re-evaluate future

Obviously they paid too much for the property during the boom. There's a lesson for others about taking what realtors say about property values with a does of salt.

This place must have been performing very poorly to close right before the ski season starts. Or perhaps they were up for a big expense (other than the roof) that they couldn't justify. Sad though to have another empty property in the middle of main st.


Dan Hill 5 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council approves controversial liquor license in resort area

Good decision. Scott Ford said it all, it's not the City's role to be picking winners and losers. It's especially true in a resort community. You don't create a world class resort experience by protecting incumbent business, allowing them to coast along...


Dan Hill 6 months ago on Ken Collins: Why are we surprised?

@Fred Duckels

The problem is not one man or woman. Our system of government is fundamentally broken. The American people have shown time and time again that they expect to get lots of goodies from government for which someone else will pay. The ACA is just the latest in a long line of programs based on this kind of thinking (of which the Repubs are equally guilty), where we redefine affordable not to mean reducing the actual cost of providing a service, but instead use it to mean reducing the cost to me by getting someone else to pay!

Politicians are no more able to resist pandering to this kind of thinking than a dog is able to resist chasing a stick when you throw it. If you want the dog to stop chasing, you've got to stop throwing the damn stick. If we want a different kind of politicians, we need to be a different kind of voters, ones who recognize that the beauty of our Constitution was designing a system of government that would mostly leave us the hell alone, not be our mommy and daddy.


Dan Hill 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Standoff ends in Steamboat early Sunday

Congratulations to the police for resolving this potentially tragic situation without anyone getting hurt.


Dan Hill 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Suzie C. Romig: Bad corporate policies

Suzie, no matter how much you disagree with their policies (and I agree, it's terrible wasteful - if the stuff is unused, there can't be any more liability in giving it away than selling it!), where's your evidence that this had anything to do with them failing?

if a company does something you disagree with and goes out of business, you'll conclude that must be why? If a company does something you agree with and makes money, I suppose you'll assume a causal link there too? But what happens when a company does something you disagree with and makes lots of money? Does you head explode?


Dan Hill 8 months, 1 week ago on Rob Douglas: Steamboat’s widget shops

But think of the children Rob! Should our little darlings see the word marijuana, or heaven help us a picture of some leaves, they will be forever scarred!

Talk about pandering to a vocal minority. A far more significant majority of Steamboat voters than you would ever get for most initiatives voted to legalize MJ on the model of regulating it like alcohol. So I suppose I'll be buying my hooch from Central Park Liquid Widgets (as opposed to the widgets you smoke) from now on.


Dan Hill 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Gary W. Junek: Considering pot shops

Substitute alcohol for marijuana and this letter could have been written in support of prohibition back in the twenties. There's nothing about MJ that suggests it can't be regulated like alcohol. I don't care if the person making too much noise at midnight is drunk or high or just an a-hole, the issue I want the police to deal with is the anti-social behavior.

Likewise, I don't care what you're smoking, but don't blow your smoke in my face.

Regulating any drugs is not a perfect solution, but it has far fewer truly dire side effects, like encouraging organised crime, than prohibition. We can't wrap the entire town in cotton wool so your little darlings won't ever be exposed to anything bad.

Finally, if we want to live up to this constant claim we make that America is a uniquely free country, it's time to start striking a balance between our dislike of some things and respecting what other people want to do.


Dan Hill 8 months, 3 weeks ago on Jake Miller: A place to play

I like cricket - it's an affliction, I was raised in Australia, so I can't help it :-) Those dinky little baseball fields just don't cut it for a good game of cricket. The community OWES me a great big cricket oval!

Here's an idea. How about people start paying for their own stuff (or failing that, at least hit up their own parents rather than complete strangers) instead of expecting the government to give it to them - by first taking the money from their friends and neighbors.