Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones 1 year ago on Jack Gutschenritter: Obamacare blocks insurance profiteers

Jack, Ken, Martha, Kevin. It simply says a lot about a government and political party in the guise of fixing healthcare that they gut the working medical side. With distain of working together with the opposing political party to get real fixes step by step. Mid night passage and the then house leader's famous now words she likely eats every day "We Need to Pass This Bill to see what's in it! A disgusting situation for which all of America is now paying. Not to mention the lying going on in the administration. Life should not be this way. Folks on both sides need to find a way to work together. Great Jack you have the experience you site. Do not doubt others with different experiences. For profit companies are what has made America GREAT!

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Stephen Jones 1 year, 3 months ago on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church celebrates centennial

While we don't live in Steamboat all year long we are certainly blessed to be able to have Father Scott and everyone else there at St Paul's. A great caring community. Thanks so much and happy 100 years! Barbara & Steve Jones