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Stephen Jones 1 month ago on Lauren Dobell: It's time for a lift tax

HI Lauren,

Just to insure that everyone gets the facts the Breckenridge Vail Resorts lift ticket tax is only on winter lift tickets not the popular Epic Pass or season passes. This was a compromise in 2015. Thus not season passes, so far huh.


Stephen Jones 1 month, 1 week ago on Steamboat Ski Area price hikes sting seniors

Here is the Aspen Ski Pass Prices (2016-2017) . Notice the Silver Senior 70+ is only $479
Adult pass is $1799 Guess Aspen cares about their seniors.

2016-2017 Super Early Purchase By 9/9/16 Early


Adult $1799
Chamber $1299
Silver (70+)
$479 ⛷
Senior (65-69) $1299
College (18-24)

Child / Teen (7-17) $639

Steamboat Senior 70+ 2016-2017 ski pass $599.

Makes one wonder. Should note that the Aspen Silver 70+ pass never goes up


Stephen Jones 5 months, 1 week ago on Jim and Nancy Spillane: We will not close our eyes

Just wonder how many folks will post. Does it get it out of your system either way. God Bless this country that w can even do this.


Stephen Jones 7 months, 2 weeks ago on Parents won't be charged with crime related to child's death

May God Bless the Stiles family for the loss of their son. If anyone thinks this was anything but a huge accident then God Bless you too! You need help!


Stephen Jones 7 months, 3 weeks ago on Residents divided over universal health care proposal

The Colorado Care Program (Amendment 69) seems to sound so much like Obamacare that it should scare folks. Where are the definitive answers that so many posters have questioned? Nancy, you were so quick to respond to folks who posted early on but seems to have lost interest and not reposted to the last 36 posts since your last post. Personally I am not a fan of giving free health care to folks who do not work. I think there are enough ways the state could give employment to anyone willing to work to keep that concern from happening. Clear roads, do whatever, there is always a need, the state can find work. If folks would rather not work and simply take benefits rather healthcare benefits or otherwise, I do not have sympathy for them. I still have a problem of the 10% tax to pay for it. With no details and no real experience that your idea works it is doomed to fail. Listing so many other countries, not other states or even provinces in a country where the country does not have universal healthcare is a real farce. Please! I hope common sense prevails and it is defeated.


Stephen Jones 8 months, 1 week ago on Potential developers of Steamboat 700 site seek pre-annexation agreement

Since I am not familiar with the differences between this development proposal and the original Steamboat 700 developers proposal ...what are the differences?


Stephen Jones 8 months, 1 week ago on Dog meeting in Steamboat Springs goes off leash

The City leash law is not a difficult law to understand. It simply says leash your dog. It does not say except here or there or except this time or place. Simply leash your dog. So, folks, leash your dog. If you do not, expect if caught, you will get a ticket.

Next topic.


Stephen Jones 9 months, 1 week ago on Residents urge City Council to make Steamboat more dog friendly

If the city needs more special off leash areas go ahead and work to set them up. Otherwise enforce the current leash laws please.