Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones 2 weeks, 3 days ago on City Council calls first dibs on free concert tickets, VIP passes

I wonder what Tony is really thinking by this action? I almost feel sorry for his decision. He is nuts to be kind to him. Much worst could be said. Tony please come to your senses and recant.


Stephen Jones 1 month ago on Dog patrol: Stepped-up leash law enforcement sparks resistance, debate in Dog Town USA

Interesting enough there are many Condominium complexes which do not allow any pets per their declaration. There are also Condominium complexes which do allow pets only for owners (not renters) but with strict rules. Wonder why that is? Guess might be easier to enforce a no pet rule than a pet violation rule. Wonder what the new rental development rule on pets will be?


Stephen Jones 1 month ago on Delegate to Democratic National Convention raising funds for trip

Doesn't the state Democratic Party fund their delegate's attendance to the national convention to insure they get this votes? Contact the Clinton Foundation!


Stephen Jones 1 month, 1 week ago on Dog rescue captured on body cam

Great Job Krista! Cory, your team is awesome! Many thanks for their tireless work, day in and day out!


Stephen Jones 2 months ago on City brings on PR team for major downtown improvement project

In addition to Brown, the city has also hired Blakely + Company and InterMountain Public Affairs to handle community relations and marketing for the project.

Did the City Council hire these folks or did the city manager's office hire these folks with or without consulting the city council? Who does this?


Stephen Jones 2 months, 1 week ago on Our view: Fix the planning, bidding process

Which department in the city government is responsible to negotiate all the city's projects and cover all the pertinent details prior to letting the project out to bid?


Stephen Jones 2 months, 1 week ago on Ed Miklus: Defeat air service tax

I think the Ski Corp. does care about Seniors. They are a viable base business to the Ski Corp. As with many "base business customers" in a business the provider always searches for ways to raise the gross margin of those customers. Just don't push too far! I guess I do understand that if you have a season pass at Steamboat you have acknowledged that you are not really going anywhere else to ski due to proximity of other Ski areas. Just too far to go. I know no competition. What I find puzzling is that the Ski Corp. has not offered any plans or at least communicated any plans to help bring folks to Steamboat via the airline program without a tax help. And year round! Of course Steamboat is not Vail, that is why we are in Steamboat and not Vail. But the Ski Corp. should be offering real deals to bring folks here without tax help. Is it that Intrawest does not have any money or the marketing folks are just not that astute. Steamboat is a great mountain and normally the snow is exceptional. It is widely touted so why can't the Ski Corp. make it more viable. What could the Ski Corp. do to bring more folks to Steamboat to ski from Denver, so their numbers increased and they do not rely on the Seniors and town folk and raise lift ticket prices every year? About time they answer.


Stephen Jones 2 months, 2 weeks ago on City Council defends makeup of city manager interview committee

City Council,
Do you realize you are digging a hole for yourselves by calling the panel a citizens panel by not having at least 50% regular citizens not business or civic leaders? Your actions of late re interactions with the regular citizen taxpayers are trending toward a very low ebb. (Remember the police report issue) Angst so early in your term as a city council does not speak well for your reputations. Consider taking another look at it. It just makes sense! Why go through this with so many issues?


Stephen Jones 3 months, 1 week ago on City, resort officials intent on boosting visitors' sense of arrival at Steamboat resort

Steamboat Springs — A group of resort leaders is working to ensure that future visitors approaching the base of Mount Werner experience a strong sense of having arrived in Steamboat Springs, both in practical and aesthetic terms.

Does this sound like a marketing discussion at a college campus? Why wouldn't the Ski Resort pay for this marketing effort?

Maybe I am missing something. If the Ski Resort wants more snowmaking or better marketing as folks drive up to the Ski Resort isn't the Ski Resort responsible to pay for this? Why not? Other than local taxes the Ski Resort is not responsible to pay for schools, so what is the problem?