steve randall

steve randall 1 month ago on Possible city tax on Airbnb, short-term rentals tempered in Steamboat Springs by legal realities

Seems lot of cities collect the taxes. I use VRBO all over the world....most seem to be collecting the tax. My rental manager in RI collects the local city taxes and provides me with a w-9 at the end of the year. Not like Steamboat re-inventing the wheel. Can't say I like the tax....but it happens.


steve randall 2 months ago on Newly-created downtown residential lots hit the market in Steamboat Springs

Maximizing their investment....the sense of entitlement we have in our community is surprising given our ranching heritage. If you can't afford housing because you do not make enough money, move to where your skills are more valuable, or develop skills that our local economy will value. Life's tough many of us left our birthplace to build a better life, just something you do as a productive adult. This sense of entitlement also applies to our local businesses. When they lose the labor pool that lives here 4 to a room maybe they will start paying a livable wage.


steve randall 2 months, 2 weeks ago on Steamboat Springs will continue to lose its middle class if elected officials don't act on housing, committee warns

Taxing and redistributing isn't the answer. Worker shortages resulting in higher wages might help. Otherwise do what the vast majority of Americans do, move to regions that pay a living wage. While I love seeing young families in Steamboat, if we as a community are not willing to pay for their services thru higher wages, I don't think we need an inefficient government agency to do it for us thru taxes.


steve randall 2 months, 3 weeks ago on Arnold Barn's fate remains in limbo after Steamboat Springs City Council passes on relocation proposal

Waste of taxpayer money. If private citizens can raise 40K for a drug dog then interested parties should set up a fund for Barn restoration. This is another example of the city getting involved with private developers and not fully understanding the contracts they signed. Amateurs.


steve randall 2 months, 3 weeks ago on City of Steamboat Springs files lawsuit against developer, property owner over neglect of historic barn

Going to spend more money arguing over the barn and in the end it will just collapse. Its been in disrepair for over 25 years and now its a valuable historical landmark. If local citizens are willing to privately fund a $45K drug dog then you would think the citizens of Steamboat would rally some funds to save this barn if they felt it was important.