sportzmama 6 years, 4 months ago on Hot springs employee robbed at gunpoint

Unbelievable!! I hope the employee is alright. This kind of crime continues to rise, so obviously people are still feeling pretty strapped.


sportzmama 8 years, 7 months ago on Do you think the current economic turmoil will hurt the tourism industry and sales tax revenues this winter in Steamboat?

After spending the summer on the front range and seeing ALL of the for sale signs and NOT being able to find work, I strongly believe Steamboat will be impacted. The families that always had a little extra money are now in a position where they are barely hanging on. I believe Steamboat needs to heavily market to the international traveler. While the World economy is shaky at best I think if we shift the marketing strategy a bit we should be able cushion that blow a bit.


sportzmama 8 years, 9 months ago on Dan Hulslander: Roundabout risky

I come from the Loveland/Fort Collins area on the Front Range and we've had round-a-bouts for years and to be honest with you I've never seen an accident at one of them. I too was very hesitant about them but now after getting used to them, I actually prefer them. there's no waiting to turn left anymore, which UPS has found decreases fuel costs.

Give this some time and don't grumble until you've given them a chance.


sportzmama 8 years, 9 months ago on Triple Crown could stay

baseballfromKS - I came to Steamboat as a Triple Crown softball player and ended up moving here and will never leave. The people who say they do not want TC here are the same people that chear in the winter when the streets are crowded, the supermarkets full, condo properties get destroyed. Their pie in the sky notion of Steamboat is just that - a notion. There is a population of people that live here that are family oriented and we "get it" that this is a tourist destination and it is going to be hectic. I say bring it on! That means our economy will be healthier and those of us who have to work 1-2 jobs just to live here can all thank the stars for your visits. I hope you enjoyed your time and believe me there are plenty of folks who want you here.


sportzmama 8 years, 10 months ago on Taulman to lead high school

wordsedgewise - I have to totally disagree with you. Mr. Taulman was and continues to be the shining star at the high school. I've had the opportunity to work with him in several different capacities and have found him to be a wonderful human being and a great administrator. He is a bit strict, but in today's society, someone has to be! I wish him the best and know he will do a wonderful job !


sportzmama 8 years, 10 months ago on Triple Crown could stay

Holy cow people here you go again blaming all that's wrong with Steamboat on Triple Crown! Get over it already. The traffic is bad in town ALL THE TIME - wait til next summer when they have to improve Hwy 40 through town - that's not TC fault.

I agree with the poster that stated Steamboat welcomes families in the winter, just not in the Summer. It's just getting insane around here that's for sure.

TC has brought a lot of summertime revenue to this community and as usual you will not recognize that until it's gone. Remember the car show?? People are still talking about that lost revenue that has not ever been fully recovered and we lost that event 10 + years ago!!!

There are other things to worry about in this community like filling up the Food Bank and making sure our workers can afford to live here!


sportzmama 9 years ago on Will the end of adult slow-pitch softball games change your perception of Triple Crown?

yes, I'm very disappointed in this community. For many years my softball team came up here to play and we brought our families. It's really the only opportunity a lot of us normal blue collar type folks would get to come to such a beautiful place and bring our kids to enjoy what the mountains had Tto offer. We would always enjoy a gondola ride, floating down the Yampa, 4 wheeling at SLO, AND playing some pretty amazing softball.

That era is now gone for a lot of families on the front range as well as folks form other states, due to the SNOBBY, yes I meant it in all caps people in this town. I've lived here for over a year now, and am just so disappointed in this community. So many of you have the Boulder attitude of not in my back yard and it's sickening! "Then move" is what I'm sure a lot of you are saying and believe me, I'm thinking about it.

This is all so sad and disappointing. I hope you're all very proud that you've ended the fun of hundreds of families. I don't blame Dave King for getting out of here. There are plenty of other communities that will welcome the revenue Triple Crown brings in.

You will never understand that the Winter visitors are just as bad or worse than the summer ball playing visitors. I would think in this time of recession Steamboat would welcome any sales tax revenues they could get.

Bring on more snobby wine tasting events etc. that normal hard working people can't afford to enjoy.

Maybe Steamboat could change their name to Aspen II or something?? Who knows?


sportzmama 9 years, 1 month ago on Triple Crown needs assurances

Question: Does Interwest get any kind of tax incentive? The reason I ask is that the face of the Mtn. is rapidly changing and everything we held dear up there is either going away or changing drastically. I'm just curious as to whether they are getting ANY breaks from the city for that re-development - of course they are!! What they're doing up there WILL NOT for the most part be for any locals here, and traffic??? Where were you all winter? When it takes 4 tries to get through the light at Pine Grove - there's traffic.

Keep an open mind people. Just because TC is bringing something to this town besides Winter Sports, doesn't mean it's all bad. Was anyone bad mouthing the CEO or Interwest the way they've been doing to Dave King? Just a question.......


sportzmama 9 years, 1 month ago on City officials, King to discuss future of Triple Crown

WOW, I've been away for awhile! Did anyone stop to think the council might be going to FTC because, ummm maybe there's a TC Board Meeting, or??? You do not know why Dave King isn't coming up here. I doubt it's because he snapped his finger and it was done. Try to be intelligent in your blogs, or it just makes the population here look un-informed. I for one will be very very sad if TC leaves Steamboat. I agree that the population it brings is as family oriented as the population we get here in the Winter. Steamboat is a great summer baseball/softball destination spot because of the temperature and lack of humidity. It also makes for some fun for players as the ball flies further up here in higher higher altitude. So all of you TC haters - what about the fact that Wonderful Interwest has AGAIN raised Season pass prices to over $1,000 for the "Ultimate" pass? Why aren't they being crucified? This is not just a ski town anymore - we should embrace that diversity - which, by the way this town has a hard time doing.

Don't bring in any more wine festivals, or music series that the normal resident can't afford!!!


sportzmama 9 years, 1 month ago on Triple Crown up to bat

I take offense to all of you who are being so very rude here. Do you remember when the condo was totally destroyed? Well that happened from SKI visitors, not Triple Crown visitors. I live here now, but I've been coming here for 14 years as a Triple Crown athlete and I personally take a great deal of offense to what you're saying.

Bring other venues to town? Like what? The wine festival is out of reach price wise for most locals and visitors alike. My mother in law who make a great deal of $$ came up for the wine festival last year and was so shocked and disgusted with the price points that we didn't attend any of it.

I agree the parents can get out of hand at times, but have you been to the Tugboat in the winter? Slopeside? I think y'all are willing to forget about the problems the ski visitors cause, and maybe because you see it as traditiion???? They act just as bad as summer tourists do. Ask any bar owner in town!

This is a sales tax based revenue town, so we need the $$ in the summer in order to sustain us til the winter.

I wish all of you could have gone to the Parks & Rec. commission meeting on this subject then you'd know that Triple Crown is trying to be a good corporate citizen here. They do a lot for the communities they "displace" in the summer. They have helped with equipment for our baseball leagues here in Steamboat as no one else will step up to the plate and the kids are using old eqipment, because after all, it isn't a winter sport so there isn't as much support. Stop all the hating people. Just because there are sports opportunities here in the summer and not just the winters anymore doesn't mean we all can't work together!!! GET A LIFE!