Gary Burkholder


Gary Burkholder 4 years, 11 months ago

Rob makes a valid point about the decline of patriotism and people not having skin in the game. I believe that the problem goes much deeper than that. I think that our society is in a complete moral decay. We have become a nation of moochers. Scott wants to find fault with anything Rob says and some of the rest want to blame Bush for all the evil in the world. Anybody who wants to down size our military needs to study pre WWII history. I don't believe conscription is the right cure but it is at least a suggestion of one possible fix. We could draft people into a police force to put down the riots that are going to happen when the unemployment checks and food stamps run out. If you don't believe it can happen here just watch what happens when a major ball game is won or lost in the big cities. Keep up the good work Rob. You need not regret lack of military service, because you have serverd your country well. Viet Nam Draftee


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