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Tyler Goodman 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Tyler Goodman: Partisan differences

Kirk - My point is that we're never going to get anything done unless both sides come to the table. And yes, among other things, I am trying to point out the president's own partisanship.

Just because the ACA was passed by a supper-majority congress, signed by it's standard ring bearer, and up held by the supreme court as a tax doesn't make the whole thing a good idea.

Also, the election last fall was hardly a referendum on Obamacare. The American people reelected a strong opposition to the president as well.

Scott - If you think a clean continuing resolution of the current spending doesn't represent the legislative agenda of the Democrats then there's a lot more that we need to get straight.



Tyler Goodman 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Tyler Goodman: Lack of leadership

The soil is very fertile for a party in the middle and the timing couldn't be better. Only thing we need to figure out is what to call it; any suggestions?


Tyler Goodman 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Tyler Goodman: Lack of leadership

Since I composed this over the weekend, we have had some positive developments in the Syria situation. Coming from an offhand comment by Secretary of State Kerry it could be an opportunity for the international community to compromise (again coming from an off the cuff remark as apposed to an official proposal from the White House). More details continue to emerge as the situation is highly liquid but this could be a way to get something done without sending our boys and girls to war. The President's national address tonight will be interesting as to how he intends to play out the proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons under international control.


Tyler Goodman 12 months ago on Steamboat City Council to have choice of 4 building sites for new police station at October meeting

Why isn't City management releasing the other two additional locations? If we're going to get this decision right then we need to know all of the alternatives. The public has been pretty clear the Rita Valentine location is out of the question and the downtown location is less than ideal.


Tyler Goodman 1 year, 4 months ago on Federally licensed gun dealers in Routt County wary of doing background checks for private sales

My god, did our state leaders think their new laws through at all? What a cluster and waste of time. Given the enforcement issues it sure does give a heavy amount of credence to the argument that these new laws missed the mark (by a wide margin). All they will bring is headache for law abiding citizens.

I applaud Sheriff Wiggins words as he hit the nail on the head: violence in our country has to do with a lot more than just guns. It's a bummer our newly elected state representation apparently doesn't realize that.


Tyler Goodman 1 year, 5 months ago on Omar M. Campbell: Letter to Obama

Mr. Basbinski,

“One who does not know his history is doomed to repeat it”

Even though Washington’s words were written in the late 18th century it does not mean they have no reverence today. He addressed fundamental elements of our federal government that still exist: the party system, public credit, foreign alliances, and military establishment. Although the actually machinery of these elements have changed through the years they still start and end in the same natural law the constitution is based in. The debt of the first generation of the union could have passed to the next generation as debits could (and will) pass from today’s generation to it’s next.

Your memory is apparently very short. Currently congress is fairly well balanced. However the two years after the 2008 elections: it wasn’t, one party dominated. What happened? We got a huge new government entitlement of which nobody really understands except for the fact it means higher taxes; paralyzing the capital that gives this country it’s strength. Not to mention it had little to do with the actual crisis of the moment. The separation of powers (which Washington talked about) kicked in and what happened: a butch of people got elected in 2010 with the mandate to stop what was happening. The president refuses to acknowledge this union was designed in a manner that his opposition will almost always be nearly as strong as he is. It’s time he reconciles with this and makes it work.

To your last point, the single fact that information comes from Wikipedia does not immediately discredit its accuracy. There are in fact lots of people checking the site for accuracy and truthfulness. With a high profile event as this we can take the information with a degree of confidence. In case you still don’t agree, here’s a link to Washington’s farewell address:


Here you’ll find the same points referenced by Mr. Campbell that ring stingingly true in our democracy of today from a source you’ll hopefully respect.



Tyler Goodman 1 year, 5 months ago on Steamboat Springs urban renewal group plans $240,000 in landscaping at Mount Werner Circle

A nicer base area means more visitors; more visitors means more revenue for local businesses and higher property values; successful businesses and higher property values means more tax revenue for local government and schools. Try taking a step back and looking at the entire picture.


Tyler Goodman 1 year, 6 months ago on Rescues spike in backcountry near Steamboat Ski Area

Hmm, this is very interesting…where did I recently read an exposé on Steamboat’s slack and backcountry? Sometimes ignorance is the best tool against unqualified people being in areas they should not be.


Tyler Goodman 1 year, 9 months ago on Steamboat Cloud works to bring cohesive Wi-Fi to downtown

This is an awesome amenity to offer guests and will be a selling point to take advantage of when being compared to other ski resort towns. Ski Corp and surrounding businesses would be smart establish the same type of cloud network in the base area.


Tyler Goodman 1 year, 9 months ago on Local law enforcement officers: Vote 'no' on Amendment 64

Number one reason to decriminalize marijuana in the US: putting the Mexican drug cartels out of business.


Many have overlooked this part of the issue. Prohibition doesn't work when such a large part of society engages in the activity. We've heard these same three arguments from the law enforcement community before and frankly they just don't stand up anymore:

  1. Chicken or the egg. Which comes first: drug seeking behavior or marijuana? Studies have also shown decriminalization decreases underage use. At least if it’s regulated we can implement underage use programs much the same as alcohol.

  2. Societal costs are already there; why not collect a healthy amount of tax revenue to help decrease the costs to society.

  3. This is 2012; I’m pretty sure we could erect an effective regulatory structure fairly quickly using alcohol and tobacco regulation as a framework (especially with all the tax revenue slated to come in). In fact, it would be an opportunity to have much more effective regulation than alcohol and tobacco. Medical Marijuana regulation is insufficient as the industry is this quasi-legal facade for recreational use. We need to either embrace recreational use or continue to wage a losing war of prohibition; not this halfway in, halfway out gimmick called medical marijuana.

However, addressing federal policy should be a first stop in addressing the issue rather than an amendment to our state’s constitution. As stated in the Pilot’s piece, it’s much harder for legislators and regulators to prefect regulation and taxation if it’s not in the revised statutes.