slow_rider 8 years, 8 months ago on Triple Crown could stay

Baseballfrom KS I am glad that you are here as are many business owners with employees to pay and families to feed.

We live in a diverse community and there are those who do not need your business to survive who will not appreciate the impact that you or any other visitors to the town (or the construction companies or gravel trucks or freight traffic or even the ever increasing number of residents) create with regards the traffic that interferes with their "divine right" to empty streets and supermarkets. That is their dreamworld, but not our reality.

We know that you are here to play sport with your families in this beautiful corner or Colorado and hope that you will return home with tales about all the things you can do and see here in the summer. You are our life blood because we are a tourist based economy. Most of all we are a #1 family destination and what is important to me is that you came with your families to share what our families enjoy about living here. Keep it coming - there's a lot of Steamboat for everyone.


slow_rider 8 years, 8 months ago on Triple Crown could stay

Scooter, I offered my opinion because I live in the real world, with employees to pay and my own family to support. It may not be your world but I am free to share my side of the story - that is what community discussion is about. Triple Crown is important to us and in my opinion creates no greater impact than any of the other events that make up the summer calendar.

From a business perspective the Triple Crown organization does a great job of bringing people here who spend serious amounts of money in the valley for a family vacation that centers around a competition. These are families - same as we see in winter - and Steamboat is a great family destination. Long may TC continue to support our economy. Without TC this summer would be a tough one - don't bite the hand that feeds.

This discussion does not need your drug induced slurs. You need to accept that your point of view is not the only one that counts.


slow_rider 8 years, 8 months ago on Triple Crown could stay

We need Triple Crown in Steamboat and we welcome them. I would vote for any City Council that has the vision to sign them to a 10 year contract.

I do not wish to have to tell my employees that they have no job because the Triple Crown contract was lost but a certain narrow minded sector of the population who may not see the trickle down effect of dollars spent in this is jobs, amenities that we residents use, it is services that the City government provides for us; expenses that as residents we would have to meet by ourselves if we did not have TC.

Triple Crown is not to blame for the fact that we live in a beautiful town that people like to visit. We are all here for the same kind of reason and this is just part of the mix of living in a tourist based economy. If you don't like it move to Kremling!


slow_rider 8 years, 8 months ago on Crew bungles road striping

  1. Don't need to chip seal the road with the amount of paint recently applied.

  2. Are they chip sealing to really upset the cyclists?


slow_rider 8 years, 9 months ago on Jack Trautman: Not about stripes

I guess it's not always that easy to hear when the car is coming at you at 50+ mph. Car drivers (ones that don't ride) need to understand that the view from behind the wheel of that SUV or truck is way different to the one the cyclist sees. If you are so sure of yourselves take a ride down 36 : on a bike of course. Better still - try riding the route your kids would like to go to get to school....that can be an experience.

Your question is about as close to the issue as asking "why do motorized road users exceed the speed limit even though it is clearly posted at regular intervals along the roadway?". This is not the issue as people will do what they do....for the most part they do not ride like that (or dive like that) and that does not mean we should underestimate the value of people riding their bikes instead of driving their cars.


slow_rider 8 years, 9 months ago on Rob Douglas: C.R. 36 becomes Taylor Way

County Commisioners: In November this may come back to haunt you. Many in this community wish to see a more bicycle friendly community. You are not listening to the people who vote for you and this will make a difference come election day. Obviously, at this stage that is all we can say as on Friday you reaffirmed your decision to "stripe and be dammed".

People round here like to think that they can be treated fairly. We have been denied due process on this issue and your suggestion that we need to work on Bicycle Friendly poilicies (in the fall - or maybe after the election ...ha ha) highlights that you have no vision of how we may improve our community that I am interested in.


slow_rider 8 years, 9 months ago on Stripes cause strife

Tomorrow at 9:00am is the Cruiser Rally that takes a tour of downtown starting and finishing at the historic Courthouse. After the prize draw there will be an orderly protest ride out to RCR 36.

If this is an issue close to your heart please come and show our elected officials that a Bicycle Friendly Community is something that we want. Bike lanes (as wide as possible please) are part of that goal.


slow_rider 8 years, 9 months ago on Cyclists spurned

"Stop the Brutal Re-striping" those bumper stickers

Bring back democratic process too....well we know that we have to wait for that in November officially...but in Steamboat, lets demand that now!


slow_rider 9 years, 5 months ago on Teens fight underage drinking

Step by step the authorities will begin to control what goes on in our own homes. It sounds like this ordinance will give us less freedom to decide if we can educate our teens on responsible consumption of alcohol on our own schedule.

The reason why teens want to drink is because they know it is forbidden fruit. They see adults drinking, and they know that they will legally be regarded as adults at 18 (even though they cannot legally consume alcohol until 21) and curiosity takes over.

In Europe children are introduced to alcohol in family situations at ages as young as 14. This allows many years for kids to learn their limits under the guidance of their parents. In the US this goes on too, but increasingly parents must fear prosecution for allowing their children to learn control at home.

We have to accept that kids / teens will consume and focus on teaching responsible consumption.


slow_rider 9 years, 5 months ago on Proposals for Pine, 12th streets draw criticism

That would NEVER happen. Surely a historic structure as Towny's residence would surely be exempted from any controversial sidewalk plan....otherwise we would need an emergency moratorium - right?