Harry Thompson

Harry Thompson 2 years, 8 months ago on The pike predicament: How a fish creates thrills for anglers and headaches for habitat managers

Thank you for the well written article. However I am confused, perhaps the Pilot could ask the Colorado Parks and Wildlife how the pike got into Elkhead reservoir in the first place. I'm sure your readers would appreciate knowing.


Harry Thompson 2 years, 9 months ago on Several Yampa Street business owners oppose removal of parking spaces

Watching traffic and the parking situation this past weekend I was amazed that city council would even consider removing a single parking space. Slowing traffic was a great start, requiring every property owner to have a sidewalk would make sense. Cross walks on every corner would make sense. Having a police presence to keep some semblance of order would make sense.

Closing Yampa street to traffic, thus forcing more traffic on to Lincoln makes no sense. Traffic is only going to increase in the future, taking away alternative routes is ludicrous. City council should be looking for ways to make traffic flow and making sure that when someone wants to shop or dine downtown there is adequate parking. We need a common sense approach to these problems not someone's idea of utopia.


Harry Thompson 2 years, 10 months ago on Steamboat Springs City Council resolved to try and improve downtown parking

In Boulder there is parking close by if you are willing to pay. If you know your way around you can find parking garages and lots all around the Pearl Street mall. In regards to the underutilized parking at Howelsen and the rodeo grounds-have you been over there during the busy weekends when parking is most critical?

It is time to address the parking in downtown, it won't be cheap, but it is time. If Steamboat wants a vibrant retail district, more close in parking is needed, not less. It is time to build paid parking structures and stop pretending that having fewer parking spaces somehow makes it better.


Harry Thompson 3 years, 6 months ago on Harry Thompson: Consider a merger

It is happening everyday in this country. It can only happen in Routt County if the citizens are tired of the waste of taxpayer dollars and demand the change.

Government should not create jobs for the sake of creating jobs, but rather to fill the positions needed to run an efficient system-taking care of the requirements of the citizens.

Instead of looking for excuses, why not start looking for better, more efficient ways to run our government.