Harry Thompson

Harry Thompson 2 months, 2 weeks ago on City braces for costly Howelsen Hill repair bill

I know this will not be popular idea, but here goes. If you have an unstable hillside, stop putting more moisture in the ground. The hill ran for many years and produced a lot of Olympians and memories without snow making. Every time repairs are made and the soil is disturbed it becomes more unstable and prone to larger problems. By all means fix the problem or we might wake up and find the entire hillside, lifts and alpine slide in the parking lot.

Winter Sports Club should work with Ski Corp to have early season training on Mt. Werner and wait until the north facing slope of Howelson is naturally covered. Will shutting off the the snow making fix all the problems? I don't think so, but it will certainly help.

Also, Mr Reisman, there is no way practictal way to use the Howler without the lift.


Harry Thompson 5 months ago on Kody May: Enough about pot

Kody, Thank you, I personally am tired of seeing it in the paper, and hearing about it on the radio. I have heard numerous winter guests say the same thing. Steamboat puts its self out as family friendly resort and then has this b.s. constantly in the news.

Legalized pot will likely become the norm in most states and the novelty will wear off here in Steamboat. I would encourage our community and the media to consider the potential long term effects to our reputation. I hope the newspaper will go out of their comfort zone and report on some real news.


Harry Thompson 6 months, 2 weeks ago on Our View: City’s credibility takes huge hit

I've known Tony Connell and his family for many years. He has never shown anything but the utmost, admirable qualities and standards in his business and personal life. I don't know what transpired in this situation (nor do any of you), however I know Tony does what he thinks is right.

We have a very hard working, under paid and unappreciated city council, who try to make the right decisions to move our community forward. If you don't like current events go to the city council meetings and express your concern. Better yet the next election cycle is coming, step up and run.


Harry Thompson 1 year ago on Field house public-private agreement could be signed Thursday by Steamboat School Board

Look at the bright side of this issue. They build the field house now and they will pay hell trying to get any money for school related projects in the future.