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Rick Pighini 1 year, 2 months ago on Democrat incumbent Mitsch Bush defeats McConnell in state house race

I saw earlier in one of the posts that someone said the price of gas, when Obama took over, was $1.88/gal. That is kind of true. But the reality is from May of 2008 thru July gas prices hit a all time high. The price for a gallon of gas in July of 2008 was between $3.75- $4.12. Then once the financial markets collapsed in October the price dropped dramatically to $2.50 and below. This fact took a lot of money from the average American, which probably helped contribute to the financial down turn. I know my company was hit hard by this spike in fuel costs. It took away a lot of cash flow for the upcoming winter. We were not prepared or ready to get it in on our billing. Who's resopnsible? All of us, Supply and demand that's who's responsible. Not a good or true assessment of any President. Oil companies produce more oil when there is money to be made and close them up when there isn't. Example, Baggs Wyo.


Rick Pighini 1 year, 3 months ago on Democrat incumbent Mitsch Bush defeats McConnell in state house race

The borrowed money from China has made politicians, their families and friends rich for decades. Look at what borrowed money has done to the stock market. Don't confuse the fact that borrowed money by the govt doesn't make a profit. The question is who profits from the borrowed money. All the companies making weapons, they've profited from govt borrowed money. The people voting themselves everything are those in government. They profit, we watch and work to pay for their mansions cars and planes.


Rick Pighini 1 year, 3 months ago on Making it their way: Casey Earp: Local government guru

Yea Casey, good to see you here. Your one of the kids that made me want to be a coach. I remember when your were 14 and saw me at the space station. You told me that you guys needed me on the ice and I've been there ever since. Thank you. Our city is lucky to have you on its team.


Rick Pighini 1 year, 5 months ago on Top sports stories from the past 25 years of the Steamboat Today newspaper

Let's not forget about the steamboat girls U19AA hockey team that won three consecutive state championships. 2010,2011 and 2012. Almost all those girls are playing some form of college hockey.


Rick Pighini 1 year, 5 months ago on Gene Cook: Great fishing demise

Some of the best fishing I've ever had was on the Mt Werner rd side of the river during the fourth of July weekend when tubers were everywhere. I don't know why but I caught a fish behind every rock. But I think all the big fish eventually find their way up to the tail waters of the catamount dam. That's literally the best fishing in the world up there. You need a eight weight rod and within a couple of hours your too tired to fish anymore. Maybe we need a fish weir or dam after the chuck Lewis area so we are not helping the rich catch all the fish we are all buying.